Targus Versavu Folio Case for iPad Air 2

When it comes to protection for Apple’s tablet, there is a number of options. You may want a waterproof case so you can read by the pool, or a rugged case so you can take it on hikes. A nice folio is great for heading out to a business meeting.

Targus’ Versavu is a folio case that is all business. It protects your iPad Air 2 from scrapes and bumps while providing a classic look. This model also features a rotating shell so you can flip your tablet into portrait mode.

The case is made from padded PU leather with an exposed stitch, which is a nice look for the executive in you. The tri-fold design covers the iPad Air 2 front and back, while the hard shell that the tablet fits into is designed to keep the corners and edges from accidental scratches.

There are cutaways and holes to expose all ports and buttons, including the back-facing camera so you can still take pictures and videos.

Targus Versavu Classic Rotating Case

When the front cover is flipped over, the folio becomes a stand for the iPad Air 2. The hard shell features a rotating connector that allows the user to turn the tablet from landscape to portrait. It rotates 360 degrees for full use.

The inside of the folio cover also has three groves so you can stand the iPad Air 2 in different positions for watching movies, browsing the Internet, and typing on screen.

The Targus Versavu folio case for iPad Air 2 is available on Amazon for $47, where it has a 4.5-star rating.

  • AsomoItalimo

    Thule Atmos for Air 2 is still the best, I wonder why iDB didn’t feature it.

  • leart

    beautiful and looks very protective

  • In México you can find this same cases since many year ago for $15 and are ugly and bulky

  • vbtwo31984

    This looks exactly like tons of Chinese cases that you can find on eBay for $5.

    • leart

      NO, this one covers fully the device, not just the corners, and for 5 $ you get what you pay for, i purchased one for 4 dollars time ago and regret it, money to the toilet

  • Blip dude

    I got something like this back in 2013 when the iPad Air was released. But I was lucky enough to pay $0 instead of $40+ and since I upgraded to the Air 2, I passed this on to my mother who currently uses it and continues to work great.

  • Leguro

    Looks like shit. Also I never understand the circle part that shows the Apple. Who cares about bragging about an Apple device? Just protect the damn spot.