Opportunity is knocking, and you get to set the price on making your developer dreams a reality. With the Incredible iOS 9 Developer Bundle, the tools and understanding are yours to build a lucrative career as a developer in the world of iOS 9, Swift and Xcode. You’ll work through 96+ hours of training on your way to mastery of a wide range of hands-on programming projects, and pay what you want for the course collection.

Through the tutorials, you’ll build a suite of iOS 9 apps side-by-side with your instructors, grasping the unique user experience and needs for each platform as you master tools including tvOS, TVML, Swift, SpriteKit and more. You’ll code Apple Watch apps from scratch, build games and apps for Apple TV and more as you work through 8 training courses worth over $2,000 combined.

With the Pay What You Want model  you have a huge opportunity to make your mark building amazing, innovative apps – and kickstart a lucrative career in the process. Get the Incredible iOS 9 Developer Bundle now to invest in your future as a developer.

  • miras

    So for 9$ i will get bundle that costs 2000$?

    • White Michael Jackson

      Can someone confirm what he ^ said? Cause thats a steal. And I wanna buy it

      • Blip dude

        Got last years deal, but after a while, the Spam email just got way out of hand. So consider using a different email address. Even unsubscribing didn’t seem to work.

  • Springles

    DO NOT USE THE 10% FIRST TIMER COUPON. Apparently using that coupon means you “pay less than the average” and will not get the full bundle. I have an open ticket concerning this and is willing to top up the extra for the full bundle but there is no option for that. I feel cheated. Any recourse if I air this out here?

  • Arianit Zogiani

    Just bought this and I can confirm this is real! JUST FOR 9$ you will get all these courses and the templates.

    • siddique

      videos are not working </3

  • siddique

    Attention :Its Scam , i bought this course but there is no videos to play </3 ..really i did not expect this from my favorite blog IDB </3

    • Arianit Zogiani

      I honestly didn’t try to open all videos but I tried few and they opened for me. I can try tomorrow and post an update about this.

  • siddique

    Attention :Its Scam , i bought this course but there is no videos to play , i did not expect this from IDB </3

    • n0ahcruz3

      Apparently not only iDB also BgR have this posted…