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According to a new report by 9to5Mac, Apple’s upcoming iOS 9.2 software update will enable support for Arabic in Siri.

With last year’s iOS 8 update, Apple has paved the way for Siri in Arabic with Arabic support for iOS’s Dictation and QuickType keyboard features.

The full support for Arabic will allow local users not only to converse with Siri in Arabic but search for local places and businesses and more.

9to5Mac writer Mark Gurman speculated that implement Arabic support for Siri in iOS 9.2 might have something to do with a recent opening of a pair of flagship Apple Stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

A video included below shows off a few examples of Siri in Arabic.

The iOS 9.2 software update, currently in beta, will bring enhancements to Safari’s View Controller used to render webpages in third-party apps.

Other new features in iOS 9.2, aside from bug fixes and optimizations, include support for AT&T’s NumberSync technology for Wi-Fi Calling on Macs with OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 (even when the iPhone is turned off) while possibly enabling support for the new American Express Apple Pay partnership for users in Canada and Australia.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Manor

    I wish they would add Hebrew support

    • Mohammed Ghzayel

      where is your country i dont know the hebrew language but know the arabic language leve idownloadblog to hell

      • Fede777

        It’s Israel.

      • drake995

        haha “leve idownloadblog to hell”… boy that escalated quickly

      • Mohammed Ghzayel


      • Amit

        He knows, he just chooses not to acknowledge its existence.

      • Mohammed Ghzayel

        *Palestine (:

      • Manor


      • Mohammed Ghzayel


      • Amit


      • Mohammed Ghzayel

        hahahahah 😛

    • I wish they did..

    • Allah Akbaaaaar

  • Hi

    As an Arab, am I the only guy who found the grammar a bit messed up? And also since when is an app called a layer?

    • Ikr.. Much like Google translate style

      • Hi

        Yh. I meen how hard is it to hire some native Arabic people to make the Arabic Siri?

  • Satyam Panchal

    I wish they add Hindi language for Indians 🙁

    • siddique

      Wwe is coming to india so siri will too :p

      • Satyam Panchal

        I wish xD

  • siddique

    Late but Very important step by apple ,,, as a global report Saudi arabia is largest sale market in mobile phones ..

  • miras

    Man voice by default… Some States of some Countries will be very happy


    • Laith Omari

      definately no! you don’t deserve it i guess.

    • Eikast

      There are over 300-350 million Arabic speakers. Hebrew is the language of about 9 million people (according to Wiki). So it may take a while.

      • Eyal^S

        That doesnt mean anything, do you actually know the number of people using iPhones that speak arabic? i guess not 300 million people, but the % of people using iPhone in israel is quite big and I agree that we’re still a minority but if google had the time to do it so can apple.

      • Eikast

        I can assure you that there are more arabic speakers using an iPhone than hebrew speakers in the world (there’s approx 13-14 million Jews worldwide, not 100% of them are hebrew speakers). I’m not saying that Apple should never accommodate hebrew speakers , I just stated why they supported arabic speakers before hebrew speakers and that it may take some time.

      • Eyal^S

        Dont get me wrong I absolutely agree with you.
        I’m just saying that people are buying iPhones to use the wonderful apple user experience if something like siri is not useful then it makes the situation very annoying and unfair. With the type of a company apple is I guess adding Hebrew support isn’t that difficult for them, that’s all that I want to say.

  • iPhoneWINS

    and 9.2.1 will fix some of the

  • Daniel Zarin


  • MiRO (Marwan S. Abdulqader)

    OMG the sound of Arabic siri is awful

  • f1ght3r

    Siri, how long before my bomb detonates?

    • Jayy

      Really? Smh

      • MKB4k

        Lol what did it say?

      • Jayy

        something about “siri when does my bomb detonate” or something dumb like that…

  • Sohail Wahab

    Arabic is so much similar to Persian (Dari), I’m waiting for Dari Afghanistan Siri support

    • tariq

      Farsi would be cool (:

      • Sohail Wahab

        No offense, but i don’t like Farsi. It’s like the British form of English. Iran made Persian a little complicated. Dari is neat and clear. It’s easier to understand.

  • عمل جيد

  • frozenbee

    does it also support iPhone 6S? because mine 9.1 is fkin lagging

  • I wish they add Mayan Language soon.

  • johnsm

    sounds like a terrorist

    • Sohail Wahab

      Commenters! We have a racist guy over here.

      • Rahimo

        We can forgive him!! He is blind on the bigger picture: THE TRUTH

    • Rahimo

      You have a bad picture about Arabic people, and muslims in general!! Trust me they are not terrorists! Islam is the religion of peace, and those guys you see in TV with long beards and killing people are NOT muslims at all !! Plz don’t judge innocent people!! Take my advice and dig deeper into the truth about islam!!

      • johnsm

        So honor killing is ok?

      • Rahimo

        no!! killing is not and never was an honor!! it’s not ok!!

  • Good thing But still need some work to improve it

  • Rahimo

    It is great to have Siri in Arabic!! It is satisfying but it needs some more work!! Especially with pronunciation!! I love apple!!

  • neoamaru

    Predictable comments… #JustSaying

  • Jassim Bunashi

    There’s a programming bug in arabic Siri in 9.2 where you can unlock your phone just by saying to Siri: ”unlock lock” in arabic as it brings up your applications to open and unlocks your lock..dangerous issue.