Logitech’s Ultimate Ears Boom is a compact, durable wireless speaker made to provide a 360-degree sound design, with up to 15 hours of battery life. Add powerful and clear midrange & treble, with a strong low-end, and you’ve got a versatile little blaster that’s well worth the price tag – especially when you take 25% off, for a total of $149.99 that’s $50 cheaper than Amazon.

The UE Boom sports a special “acoustic skin with plasma coating” which makes it water and stain resistant. If it gets dirty, wash it off! Yes, running a speaker under water is going to take some getting used to, but the entire premise of the UE Boom is to provide excellent sound you can take with you everywhere you go (even in the shower). It’s going to have to endure the lifestyle of its owner, so it needs to be tougher than the average speaker. And it is.

A portable speaker that supports Bluetooth and wired connections, the Boom allows you to connect with your cell phone, tablet or laptop with remarkable ease. Wirelessly connect another Ultimate Ears BOOM speaker (not included) for powerful sound (requires Ultimate Ears BOOM app, download required). Waking up to your chosen Spotify playlist or favorite Pandora station is simple when paired with the UE Boom, as it can link with your phone’s alarm clock to provide the best musical start to your day. As an added bonus, you can connect the Boom with multiple devices to take turns sharing songs, so your friends can get in on the playlist party. 

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