HTC One A9 ad image 002

HTC and its latest One A9 flagship smartphone have been accused of copying the iPhone 6 design and its much criticized antenna bands on the back (HTC, needless to say, begs to differ).

But now, the ailing Taiwanese handset maker has taken things to the next level with a brand new advertising campaign that revolves around the tagline ‘Be Different’.

In a 90-second commercial posted to HTC’s YouTube channel, a young and hip runner is portrayed in a dystopian-like world where everything is white and clean, unified and supposedly Apple-like. To make it perfectly clear who the Big Brother is this time around, HTC’s hero can be seen kicking a bunch of white apples, apparently to stand up to the Man and make a point.

Here’s that ad.

Is this commercial going to inspire some smartphone owners to “Be Different. Be Loud. Be Inspired. Be Free. Be Brilliant,” as the tagline suggests, do you think?

  • Danny Ray

    I think this author wrote this from his iPad and downloaded it to his Mac, then called some of his other isheep friends with the same exact phone and ringtone to read it .

    • igorsky

      “Hi, I’m Danny Ray..I log onto blogs related to Apple products to make fun of Apple products and its users. This makes me feel better about myself!”

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        Hello, I can’t see why are you laughing so much 🙁

    • rockdude094

      Correction: he did all that with just one device

    • Satyam Panchal

      Hi I m Danny Ray I don’t know why I m stupid

    • Chindavon

      Hello, I’m Danny Ray. I can’t figure out how to change my skid mark tighty-whities. But I sure do know how to comment on Apple articles. I’m so cool.

  • Sofakingstepwit

    Part of me likes this. HTC is obviously desperate and they obviously copied the iPhone 6 style design and old Apple ad. They’re just leaning into it going all the way. I’m going to give HTC credit and assume they know exactly what they’re doing. People get so religious about phones so this bound to stir up some controversy. They’re just trolling. I really like the Apple kick. This ad does not make me want an HTC phone that was basically stolen from Apple’s design lab though.

  • Polar Hacker

    Is it just me, or does 0:33 sound like Daft Punk?


    Funny ad on HTC part but The phone still doesn’t make sense to me it doesn’t have the specs to compete with any flagship or the iPhone. The price is not a budget price either.

  • Bangali

    I liked the ad..haven’t seen the original so can’t compare but as a standalone it’s pretty kool..

  • That felt.. kind of awkward.

  • Keaton Burleson

    I mean even without some similarities, this is a really cheesy commercial. Camera cuts, multi-replays, there is even a love affair. Plus the music sounds like some of the generic music on a Samsung phone.

  • :D

    And how exactly does the phone help you do all those things?

  • NeftyCorrea

    get sued lol

  • Rasheed

    You got to have some balls to mock 1984 Apple ad.
    No storytelling, bad camera cuts, plus they mock Kanye West “Runaway” video and the movie Twilight.

    • anustart

      #you’re #neitherareyou

  • dudeimmexican

    I love this ad

  • askep3

    It’s like saying use a calculator instead of a PC just to “be different” haha no I’ll stay with my “mainstream” iPhone, it’s popular for a reason.

  • Man, seriously. They can’t show up a campaign about being different showing a ripped off design.

  • Jason Jones

    “Hi I’m Danny Ray and enjoy changing my ring tone daily. Btw, can anyone help me figure out why my phone reboots every 2 hours?”

    • Bob Smith

      My iPhone 6 reboots more often than my old, crap android phone

  • Omar Ruiz

    I think it’s funny how when they first cut into the “be different slide” after showing the apples, they directly show off the “thin metal unibody” that looks exactly like an iPhone. What a way to be different…. Lmao

    • There will be someone saying that Apple copied them first, this I am sure. But this ad is just ridiculous. I can’t get it seriously.

  • What. The. Heck?!

  • Jake1047s

    No it’s let’s be the same but move our camera and add different music

  • Dan

    Poor HTC, one foot in the grave already. Too bad, they surprised everyone with the HTC One (M7).

  • MrE23

    The irony is thick with this one.

  • rockdude094

    I liked the M7 a lot.. but this made me lose respect for htc

  • Satyam Panchal

    In realty htc copy Apple dear htc and there fans go n search iPod touch 5g

  • Fanboy 

    Sales are about influence and emotion. That’s why companies are starting to create ads like this that obviously have absolutely nothing to do with the product they’re selling. But if the ad can influence you to feel a certain way by the end psychologically you want the product whether you realize it or not. HTC still sucks btw.

  • “Be Free” by Google ™

  • Leopoldo Pereira

    Be the same as . Ok, get it!

  • Danny Ray

    Ahh I must have upset the heard sheep