Welcome to the future, where you can buy your own high-quality virtual reality headset for $70. The Homido Virtual Reality Headset is a headset that’s been cleverly designed to use your iPhone to transform videos and games into fully interactive virtual reality experiences, taking a fully-immersive leap into the future of entertainment. At 30% off  your own virtual reality headset is impressively affordable.

Homido is a wireless device, using your smartphone to give you total freedom of movement while custom-made adjustable VR lenses offer the most immersive feeling possible. Three different settings can adapt to far-sighted, near-sighted, normal vision, while any iPhone or smartphone fits into the front. Combine 3D & 360° head-tracking for a whole new video and gaming experience, while exploring the Homido Center’s 300 different app options.  

Get all of it for just $69.95 for a limited time. That’s 30% off Amazon’s price.

  • Nimatullah Mati

    HELP PLEASE! I’m trying to login into my snapchat and it says that we’ve sent you a verification code and I’m not receiving any, I’m searching for the solution all over the web and its been 4 hours that i can’t log in. any one with a solution??

  • workin

    Anybody tried vr? I played with google cardboard(copy, dodocase $10, fits most any brand cellphone) and you’ll definitely get nausea and it looks neat.but there are no real apps or games or any content. Just some demos and an emerging spherical photo fan base.

    • I’ve tried it with a similar headset. The effect isn’t as strong as I thought and there aren’t too many VR apps at the moment. Like you said, most are just tech demos and mini games. There was one that coupled the VR gameplay with MFi controllers which sounds like a good idea, but the app was buggy and felt more like it was still in alpha.

  • iPhoneWINS