BytaFont 3

Good news for all of you custom font lovers out there: BytaFont, the jailbreak app that lets you install custom fonts on your jailbroken iPhone, is now updated for iOS 9.

BytaFont 3 supports swap mode for iOS 9, new font weights and more. If you’re at all keen on customizing the iOS fonts used throughout the entire iOS interface, or within specific apps, then BytaFont is a jailbreak app that worthy of taking for a spin.

BytaFont 3 iOS 9

Here is the full change log for BytaFont 3:

  • Swap Mode for iOS 9
  • New wights supported in Tweak Mode: Semibold, Heavy, and Black
  • Cydget support has been dropped: to customize the Lock screen you may use the Tweak Mode

The Tweak Mode mentioned in the change log is a separate jailbreak tweak that allows you to skin the font on your device without replacing system files. Like BytaFont itself, TweakMode is a free download.

Once you install BytaFont 3, you’ll find a new icon for the app on your Home screen. You can then use the Swap Mode or Tweak Mode tabs to customize the fonts on your device. Cydia contains tons of fonts to choose from to use in concert with BytaFont. In fact, Cydia contains its own font category that you can use to search for fonts under Sources → All Sources..

BytaFont 3 is a 1.6MB download, and can be found free of charge on the BigBoss repo. Do you like to customize fonts on iOS? If so, share your thoughts on BytaFont down in the comments.

  • mariocampie17

    How can you get the new emojis in iOS 9.1 using the new bytafont?

    • ink

      i think, it’s still using the bytafont 2 until they update the emoji for bytafont 3.. hehe

  • Now I just need “Vag Rounded iOS 9” and I will be all set! Roboto is a good substitute in the meantime though.
    Only tweak I can think of now, that I’m missing and needs to be updated to iOS 9, is CallBar.

  • Neel Parikh

    I am new to byta font. Can anyone explain difference between tweak and swap mode? Which is perfect for normal use?

    • If additional customisation isn’t necessary, simply install Bytafont. That’ll give you the option to change three sets of fonts: iBooks, Keyboard and System. That’ll be enough to make a big change.

  • Nick Kaminski

    Someone help!!! Immediately after downloading BytaFont 3 all off my emoji keyboards stopped working! If I tap the globe the emoji lists will show up but ever everything is blank. If I try to use an emoji I just type a blank space.

    • Gibran Page

      Same thing just happened to me. Does anyone know how to fix this ?

  • Still needs work I guess, downloaded Fonts will only show up in BytaFont 2 ..
    Before installing BF3 I uninstalled BF2, also my wanted font, after installing BF3 I installed Chinacat and then it installed BF2 again! (comes with the font)
    (working on 6s plus)

    Tried to get Chinacat into my whole system as I always had since my 4s, but with BF2 it only seems to work in some App’s and Lydia..

    No problems Jeff?

    • Chris

      BytaFont 3 is working perfectly, the fonts you use need to be updated before they can be used.

  • avd98

    I want that wallpaper, now.

    • dpacemaker

      Install Livewallenabler. In the description download the wallpapers that correspond with your phone. Then you will have live lock screen wallpapers found on the 6s & 6s+. The live function only works on the lock screen.

  • dpacemaker

    He could just install Livewallenabler.

  • Nick Kaminski

    BytaFont 3 is the only thing installed now and I did the restore under the swap tab. Still no emoji. That was the first thing I tried last night and tried again just now. Very, very frustrated.

  • Nick Kaminski

    I even tried restoring my phone to a backup from yesterday before this all happened. That only made things worse.

  • Nick Kaminski

    Has anyone figured out how to get back the missing emojis?!?! This is so frustrating and I really don’t want to have to lose my jailbreak cause of this!!!

  • Nick Kaminski

    Update: If someone sends me an emoji it is also blank. What the hell???

    • neno best

      The same!!! For me emojis are three dots !!! If I uninstall all bytafont , NO EMOJIIII !!! ALL BLANKKKKKKKK!!! PLEASEE HEEELLLLP!!

      • Nick Kaminski

        It took me a couple days but I just figured it out a few minutes ago. Uninstall anything and everything related to BytaFont. Then install ONLY BytaFont 2 and use that to “restore from BytaFont backup”. Once you do that and respring, your Emoji’s should be back. Then you can delete BytaFont 2 and install 3

      • neno best

        I am going to try ; thanks 😉

  • Gustav

    I just downloaded Bytafont3, installed it and downloaded a font (muli – which was compatible with byta3). Then after installing, i enabled it via Bytafont3, but then I could not open the messages app. Since then I tried to enable the “default” font, still can’t open messages. What do I do?

    • Gustav

      Also, I can’t enter iCleaner. It just quits immediately. I’ve tried to remove Bytafont3 and everything related, still can’t open.

  • AndreG

    Bring back Gabrielle Font!! It’s missed

  • Gustav

    Problem, please help!

    After installing Bytafont3, my messages app crashes (when MessageCustomizer is enabled) and my iCleaner crashes. Even when using basic fonts, and even if I uninstall BytaFont.
    Ive tried to uninstall everything, and I still have The problem.
    Anyone experienced the same problem?

  • Alx Zach

    F********** , the damn backup font doesn’t change back to iOS god damn font. I installed the original iOS 9 font but it doesn’t change my Keyboard font. If there is a way to revert, please advise. Uninstalling didn’t help either. At all.