Tether 2

Tether is a new $0.99 jailbreak tweak from Philip Tennen and Evan Luther, and it’s pretty awesome. I like this tweak, not so much for what it does, although that’s handy as well, but I like it for its originality.

By using a 3D Touch gesture on the Home screen, you can invoke the Tether interface. Tether’s interface consists of a clock-like glyph with a line extending from it. As you drag your finger away from the point of origin, you’ll see a small time readout spell out a future time. The further your finger is away from the origination point, the further in time your tether will be.

When you release your finger, you have the option to set up an Alarm, Reminder, or Calendar event at the specific time that you selected. If it all sounds  little confusing, it’s because it’s much easier to explain by watching it in action. With that in mind, have a look at our hands-on video walkthrough for all of the details.

Once you install Tether, it starts working immediately. There are no options to configure and no preference panels to visit.

If you have a 3D Touch enabled device, simply 3D Touch on a blank portion of the Home screen to invoke Tether. As you drag your finger, you’ll feel the haptic feedback emit from the iPhone. If you’re using an older device, no need to worry; a simply triple-tap-and-hold gesture will get you going.

Tether is one of those unique tweaks that’s easy to love due to its originality, but I find it useful as well, especially for setting quick Alarms.

If you want to try Tether, head over to the BigBoss repo where it can be had for $0.99. If you can, I recommend that you support developers that aren’t afraid to try out new things. What do you say?

  • PatientlyWaiting

    Pretty awesome, I’m tired of purchasing tweaks and then they don’t get updated though :


    • Tri

      Cough – ALYMPUS – cough

      • multiplex…oh..*cough*

      • PatientlyWaiting

        funny this is the tweak I also had in mind. I would pay 20$ for a upgrade to this tweak as it covered so many others I wouldnt have to download, also it worked flawlessly and I used it everyday.

      • Bugs Bunnay


  • diggitydang

    Not bad but don’t think I’d use this… I’m so used to doing it the traditional route that Id forget to do it this way (similar to 3D Touch which I always forget to use on my 6s).

    That said, I’m now craving an orange, after that video… Hahaha.

  • Lordrootman

    Help i just add tsprotector 8 repo but nothing shows up no tweaks at all what an I do ????
    I need some tweak to bypass DISCOVER APP JAILBREAK detection flex2 doesn’t work thanks

    • johnnathanmad

      Take a screenshot, my discover app doesn’t promp no jailbreak detected

      Edit: I see under the touchID settings correct?

      • Lordrootman

        Are you on iOS 9.0.2 ?
        Are u using Touch ID?
        Yes I can used the app
        But I can’t used the Touch ID
        On iOS 8 it use to be the same so I was using tsprotector in other to use Touch ID

      • johnnathanmad

        Yes I’m on 9.0.2, I’m getting the same error when trying to enable touchID. I was looking at the flex patches available but they are out dated.

        I will try doing it with flex if not I’ll create a deb

      • Lordrootman

        Alright thanks bro lemme know if you got any solution

      • Lordrootman

        Hey I bought tsprotector 8+ on cydia and it works great
        I’m able to use Touch ID on discover card now thanks
        Try it out

      • wswalex

        I have Xcon… maybe that helps u.. (i dont use flex)

  • Manor

    No iPad support?

  • fiiiiine

    I just use email (Mailbox and Spark) for reminders. If this could create an email to myself and set the time, I’d buy it 🙂

  • pretty creative but it doesn’t get any easier than siri for me

  • Brian May

    Lol!! For the last four years, whenever I see an app/tweak named Tether, I get that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that I better hurry up to the App Store before it’s too late. Lasts for about a second and a half.

  • PatientlyWaiting

    This tweak needs work. I did buy it just to support devs but it will not let me create an alarm for a small amount of time. Say 10 minutes. Also when I create one for in the morning or something like 6:30AM even though it says 6:30AM it ends up creating it sometimes for random times around 6:30AM like 6:39AM… I have to be up at that time or I’m late…

    • PatientlyWaiting

      This also disables using ios 9 multitasking where you swipe from bottom left with force touch.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Watch apple try to copy this…

  • Paul

    Why call something tether when it doesn’t actually have a tethering function?

    • Alexandre Isurugi

      Tether also means a rope, or chain.

      • Whiskey Del7a

        It actual just means link. Ropes and chains are just examples of things you can use to tether items.

      • Alexandre Isurugi

        Hey look, it’s Mr Last Word! You stalking me or something? Bored at work?

        “It actually means link”
        Yes… That’s just another synonym. What’s your point???

        “Ropes and chains are just examples of things you can use to tether items”

        So… One might say that a rope or chain can be a tether? Which is what I said?

        Go on have your last word. Be a dick, you seem good at it.

      • Whiskey Del7a

        You called Paul out and got it wrong.
        For example, a mac is a type of computer. this does not mean that a computer is a mac. just in the same way that a rope is a tether, not that tether means rope.
        You suggested I was the type of person to waste time crawling giz all day, So i glanced at your (public) disqus feed to see how hypocritical you were.
        Turns out hypocritical and full of incorrect criticism to other users.
        Go ahead. Have your last word.

  • Sharukh Mastan

    Why does it support iOS < 9 ?

  • Alexandre Isurugi

    For me this tweak created some lag when opening apps. I notice there was a very slight (but enough to be annoying) delay when opening an app from the home screen. Once inside the app, everything is fine.
    I uninstalled Tether and immediately the problem was gone (I had tried multiple reboots/resprings before that so for me Tether is the culprit)

  • Vic Levanh

    awesome tweak. but ****Warning**** on my iphone 6s ios 9.0 on springboard its delay on app opening its about 2s delay you can see app icon turn to little dark before open not much but its noise me. after removed all my app can start normaly in 0s delay.