MTerminal Change Root Password alpine

Good news for all of you Mobile Terminal fans, or for anyone interested in easily changing their jailbroken iOS device’s root password. Saurik just pushed an update for PAM Modules on Cydia, which was a prerequisite for terminal access.

All you need to do is go out to Cydia and update to PAM Modules 36.1. Cydia should automatically prompt you for the update, since this package is installed by default. Once you update, you can download Mobile Terminal, or any terminal emulator on Cydia that you prefer.

PAM Modules

Update to PAM Modules 36.1 to enable terminal access

I personally prefer MTerminal, which is a stripped down and lightweight emulator. It’s my go-to terminal emulator for all of my jailbroken devices.

How to change your iOS 9 device’s root password

It’s always a good idea to change your device’s root password from the stock password, alpine, to something more unique that only you wil know. Here’s how to do so:

Step 1: Open terminal

Step 2: Type passwd

Step 3: Type the default iOS root password: alpine

Step 4: Type your new password.

Step 5: Type your new password once more to confirm

MTerminal Package

My go-to terminal emulator on Cydia

Do you use terminal emulators on your jailbroken device? If so, which one if your favorite?

  • tim cook

    tisk tisk…

    • George

      Can I be your boy toy Tim cook?

      • CymraegAce

        Willing to take one for the team eh.?

  • tim cook

    Butt of course.

  • askep3

    Crashing on my 6s

    • ECLE

      same here 6s+

  • czarczarczar

    Jeff , you have a tutorial for adding an emulator ?

  • Scope

    Anyone know of A wifi bypass tweak such as CleverPin or the like which works on iOS 9? Also for anyone wondering QRC for WA partially works on iOS 9 now. The dev has started the update for QRC.

    • Tarek Al Shawi

      there is a tweak to bypass wifi passwords?

      • Tweak that bypasses passcode on specific wifi networks.

      • Jayy

        So you’re telling me I can, I mean someone can access my neighbors wifi? That’s so wrong, whats the name of the tweak so I can stay away from it? lol

      • Inseltraeumer

        No, it’s just a tweak that disables your device’s passcode while it’s on a specific wifi network. Kinda pointless since Touch ID, but if you don’t have Touch ID …

      • Jayy

        ah okay I see

      • Passcode for your phin not for wifi

      • Jayy

        oh okay, I thought that was a thing for a second.

  • AJM

    You describe the changing of the STANDARD USER (“mobile”) password, not the ROOT password. To change the root password as well:
    Type: su
    enter default password: alpine
    Type: passwd
    Type new password and repeat

  • CymraegAce

    The ‘official’ MobileTerminal tweak crashes upon launch on my 5S.. However, MTerminal works as expected.! 🙂

  • Al Fresco

    I installed MobileTerminal (iOS7) first and a bunch of other dependancies were installed along with the main package. After launching it and seeing that it crashed, I uninstalled this package, but only the main package was uninstalled. Does anyone know if I need to uninstall erica utilities etc. as well? Or are these also dependancies for MTerminal?

  • Kubaton

    For the record, the updated PAM package fixed terminal access for 64-bit devices. It worked before the update on 32-bit devices.

  • Ras Gabba

    Still don’t work, Mterminal crashes when opened