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Apple appears to be cracking down on digital scale apps in the App Store that take advantage of the 3D Touch pressure-sensing feature in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, with at least one such app having been rejected on the basis of “misleading description”.

Ryan McLeod, the brains behind an iPhone 6s app called Gravity, wrote in a Medium post that Apple actually took issue with the concept of scale apps per se, deeming such apps inappropriate for the App Store.

UPDATE: Ryan McLeod reached out to iDownloadBlog with the following correction.

“Apple isn’t cracking down on 3D Touch scale apps in the App Store nor have they removed any,” he wrote. “Gravity was never in the store to begin with and the apps currently there have not been taken down.”

On his app rejection, he wrote in the Medium post that “We were—and still are—bummed to say the least, but we understand some of the reasons Apple might not be allowing scale apps at this time.”

On the other hand, the App Store is home to dozens or so scale apps, most of which are prank apps, really, designed “for entertainment purposes only.”

The developer speculates that Apple might have rejected his app from the store for claiming it was a real working scale.

“We understand that Gravity makes odd use of the API and 3D Touch sensor but know there are many published apps that use the iPhone’s hardware in novel ways,” he wrote.

For those wondering, an array of 96 pressure-sensitive sensors behind the backlight of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can detect a maximum weight of 385 grams, which works out to about 0.85 pound.

Here’s Gravity in action.

Yesterday, my colleague Jeff wrote about a similar app for jailbroken devices, called Plum-O-Meter, for comparing two or more objects at once using 3D Touch to see which one weighs the most.

In my personal opinion, Apple has every right to remove 3D Touch-based digital scale apps from the App Store. While Gravity and similar apps are no substitute for the real scale, the bigger issue here is potential damage to the cover glass, 3D Touch pressure sensors and actually the whole display assembly.

Apple does not want to deal with cracked screens and broken iPhones due to users irresponsibly placing heavy objects on the handset which exceed the the phone’s maximum possible force.

Are you in support of Apple’s reasons as to why it won’t be allowing scale apps at this time?

Source: Medium

  • burlow

    broken screens aren’t covered under warranty, i’m sure apple would be happy to fix your screen for a fee

    • Rowan09

      True but people will blame them for allowing the app to be on the AppStore.

      • Maxim∑

        They denied it because the app would only work on the 6S/+. Apple said 3D Touch specific apps aren’t allowed if they cannot function at all without force touch.

      • Rowan09

        Got you

    • M_thoroughbred

      Someone will come up with a frivolous lawsuit and the media will then start that crackgate headlines

  • tiltdown

    I think It’s a right move to reject it.

  • Ducky

    It’s a good move to reject them, so many people fall for these stupid “put your phone in the microwave to give it a battery boost” pranks, imagine the amount of Idiots who think they can stand on their phones to weight themselves or other heavy objects.

    • Alexandre Isurugi

      Those kind of people deserve to break their phone, if you ask me…

      • I gotta agree with that! Ha

  • Micrones

    Perfectly good decision. how reliable would that have been as a scale anyway.

    • Alexandre Isurugi

      did you even watch the video? He places a weight of 100g and the app detects it as 100g (with an error margin of about 1-2g). This is more than accurate enough for a device like this. If you want better accuracy, you buy a proper scale.

      • Micrones

        Easy mate…
        I watched the video, irrespective it is still not accurate. take it or leave it.

      • Alexandre Isurugi

        accurate for what? it really depends what we’re talking about here… whether you’re just weighing an apple, or trying to cut coke.

      • tim cook

        I just need ballpark accuracy for that and can pad it with baby powder.

      • Blacklight: Retribution


      • h4nd0fg0d

        Rekt ftw!!!

  • Alexandre Isurugi

    “Apple does not want to deal with cracked screens and broken iPhones due to users irresponsibly placing heavy objects on the handset which exceed the the phone’s maximum possible force.”

    umm of course they do!!! You have to pay to fix a broken screen, or get a new phone. Apple would LOVE that.

    • In this case, breaking the phone while using it for its intended purposes would be apple’s fault and they’d have to pay.

      • Alexandre Isurugi

        Good point. But then what is “intended purpose”? what’s the difference between putting something too heavy on the screen, and pushing too hard with your fingers? Interesting…

  • naveen

    u don’t… ur competitors will..
    Bad idea from apple to reject this App…
    there are so many stupid apps in istore which needs to be removed first ..
    this was far more legitimate app ..

    • samyg

      If the Huawei phone can sell half of what the 6S sells in a week, it’ll be a big deal. No one cares about weighing stuff on their phones.
      BTW, what do you do with all the extra time you get by writing ur instead of your?

      • Gregg

        Hilarious! But, really, this is a blog, not WSJ… 😉 u r 2 picky 😀

  • tariq

    as long as the app provided a Warning before the app launched, I think it would of been a good app. (warning like: “don’t weight anything beyond a certain weight?” or “damages to screen may occur” IF there was no warning of any kind, I think apple made the right decision here

    • thunderqus

      Seem like a good idea, but It might also cause confusion as well, as users wont know the weight, that’s why they downloaded the app maybe? and 385g isn’t heavy enough for users to realise that it will break there expensive iPhone.

      • tariq

        yeah, i understand that, but there are many ways to add a warning. Like “slowly place the item on screen, if screen turns red, do not continue releasing pressure on spoon, remove it immediately. I know many people will ignore the warning and go full stupid mode and put something heavy on screen, but thats just not being responsible as a person. I do not own an iphone, but this app would still make a phone more entertaining from my opinion.

      • Tim

        385g is the threshold that the sensors can pick up, not to say that’s when your screen breaks. I just put a 1kg weight on my screen no problem.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    He should’ve just put it that it was for entertainment purposes

  • Franklin Richards

    Don’t blame them. There are enough idiots in the world who doesn’t know how glass works.

  • Innovative and great idea for an app using your own hardware in ways not fathomed by the manufacturer. Reminds me of time when Apple was the company on the other side of the 1984 Commercial, and not now in it.

    • George

      How is this innovative exactly? It was already done before the iPhone 6s release so I don’t feel bad for these developers at all.

      • Innovative in the sense: hell yes I would like to use my 6+ as a small scale. Why not? It’s my phone.

      • George

        That’s silly this is apple they have always controlled your experience.

      • Anonymous

        There’s a tweak for that!

      • Alexandre Isurugi

        that’s why you jailbreak. Or buy an Android instead. You may not like it, but you DO have a choice.

  • Trent

    Because Apple doesn’t wanna be notorious for drug dealers using iPhones for selling drugs. THERE!

    • tariq

      As sadly as that sounds, that actually makes a lot of sense lol

  • nonchalont

    There’s no need for a scale app and Apple has a right to. Want to weigh something? Get a real scale that is more accurate and has a higher weight capacity.

  • Boaz van Veen

    CYDIA PLEASE! developpers need to finally discover cydia.

    • Stemro

      In the article they mention that there already is a similar app on Cydia.

      • Boaz van Veen

        its not for jailbroken devices. its for xcode/developpers.

  • as28564444

    Just call it what is is “Weed -o- scale”have a splash screen with an disclamer regarding use for small amounts of weed !

  • JayDee917

    And this is why Cydia exists…

  • Don Walker II

    It worked great for me, I used it in the airport to make sure my checked luggage was under 50 pounds! Phenomenal app!

  • :D

    How accurate is it?

    • Andrew

      Within ~3 grams (~0.11 oz).

  • tim cook

    Most people like myself would only deal with ounces and grams 😉