siri ad

Apple on Tuesday posted a new iPhone 6s commercial, highlighting the hands-free capabilities of the just-released smartphone. The ad stars Bill Hader, the long-time Saturday Night Live actor who appeared in Apple’s “Backstage” video at WWDC this year.

The spot demonstrates how users can tap Siri to read and respond to emails using voice commands, with a bit involving the well-known “foreign prince wants to help you get rich” scam. As you can imagine, it’s pretty entertaining. Watch the 30-second clip below.

Apple has been ramping up marketing for the iPhone 6s, as it prepares for the upcoming holiday quarter. Within the last two weeks it’s released four commercials for the handset, showcasing features such as 3D Touch, hands-free voice commands and its all-new camera.

What do you think of the latest iPhone 6s ad?

  • Merman123

    When people ask me if Apple is really superior to Android, I too look at them and say


    • nyangejr


    • DopamineAddicted

      Best comment

  • Trevor Salmon

    I love Apple’s marketing. They make creative commercials and don’t have to bash on other competitors.

    • Jayy

      “I’m a Mac”

      • Maxim∑

        didn’t know it was 2006!

      • Jayy

        I only brought that up because its all fair game in terms of companies bashing other companies. Apple did it, Samsung does it, all phone carriers do it. I understand that “I’m a mac” campaign is from 2006, but I only said it to make a point!

      • Trevor Salmon

        It’s marketing now. I realize it was different years ago but I like where they are now with it.

      • Jayy

        Yeah I like it as well, I only brought that up cause they weren’t always using that approach.

      • John

        Actually, the “I’m a Mac” series wasn’t bashing A COMPANY rather it was pointing out the failings of an operating system.

      • Jayy

        Yeah you have a point now that I think about it, Samsung goes as far as belittling iPhone users. Apple never took it that far!

      • John

        I think the thing that annoys me the most about Sansung ads is that they go after Apple, like we have an ad in Australia at the moment for Samsung Note 3 (I think) and it has a guy watching a movie on one of those “old iTablet things” and how by watching the movie on that, the user won’t appreciate the special effects as much.

        Kind of low, really.

      • Jayy

        For me it’s that they go after the consumer vs just the rival company making it seem like we are idiots for choosing anything other than a Samsung device specifically targeting iPhone users.

      • Martynet

        They are not bashing competitors in I’m a mac. PC is not a competitor, is it? There is no mention of MS windows in those ads. Also those ads are just pointing out simple facts about PCs.

  • JulianZH

    how come hey siri dont need to plug in?

    • nyangejr

      Hey Siri untethered

    • jaws

      Siri’s a bad a** mofo now

      • George

        Took 3 years to get there.

    • Rook HD

      You just came out from an apocalypse bunker, didn’t you lol

  • James G

    Not a fan of this ad. But I do like Bill Hader and my iPhone.

  • Rook HD

    I thought this was the guy from Dexter. I was like why he looks so young in this ads. Turned out this is a different guy

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. I was waiting for “where do I hide a body” or something.

  • Pulkit Maloo

    they could make an ad of him eating the sandwich and taking a live photo
    It would be awesome to relive that moment

  • DevXav

    Bleh.. Ads, ads, ads and still no iPhone 6s in Brazil..

    Come one Apple, you can do better..

  • andiebrust

    And how is that ad hilarious?