icarApple has hired Nvidia’s director of deep learning, Jonathan Cohen, Re/code reported today. As is its wont, Apple declined to comment but news of Cohen’s hiring has since been officially confirmed via his LinkedIn profile, in which he states that he’s been with Apple since earlier this month.

The publication speculates that Cohen might be joining Apple’s autonomous car project in unknown capacity. As you know, Apple is rumored to be developing an electric or autonomous car, dubbed Project Titan.

Nvidia has been developing various technologies and chips for autonomous vehicles, based on its GPU know-how. During his tenure with Nvidia, he’s run the company’s deep learning unit since 2008.

For those wondering, deep learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that strives to train computers to process patterns in large reams of visual data. Apple, too, uses deep learning algorithms for Siri, Maps and voice recognition so it’s entirely possible that Cohen’s work for the Cupertino giant will be focused on these services rather than the rumored car project.

“Lately, Nvidia has used the technique for cars,” Re/code explains, adding the graphics giant sells its GPUs to carmakers which use them to power cameras and radar that enable vehicles to drive autonomously.

“This is a big hire for Apple,” Chris Nicholson, co-founder of deep learning startup Skymind.io, told the publication. “Nvidia’s GPUs are being used to power auto-pilot systems in cars, so the implications are pretty clear.”

Source: Re/code

  • Instead of hiring Nvidia for their stupid car, why not have them design graphic cards for the Mac?

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      Asking the real questions
      (I thought the same)

    • Hi

      Or for the iPhone/iPad/iPod, i mean come on apple

    • Vince Reedy

      lol, i saw the headline earlier and said the exact same thing

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  • :D

    Will the cars be autonomous?

  • White Michael Jackson

    Is poaches the correct word there? Just asking? Dancing is my first language.

    • Morgan Freeman

      It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, you’ll always be Michael to me.

  • Morgan Freeman

    “As is its won’t…” -Christian Zibreg

    U wot m8?

  • Anonymous

    Im excited to see if apple can pull it off and make a fully autonomous vechile.

    • George

      You have high expectations for apple, people always do this and then they get disappointed.

      • N&LH

        why people get disappointed ?

      • George

        When we see rumors like TV streaming services and iPhone without a home button.

      • N&LH

        Well, sometimes rumors are annoying. Especially, 1 or 2 days before a product / service launch

    • @dongiuj

      Well, as Google and Nissan have pretty much done it already then I’m sure other companies won’t find it as difficult to pull it off from now. Apple still has another 4 and a half years or so (according to articles on iDB), it should only get easier for apple to produce one.
      If it is a autonomous car, I won’t be getting in one on a public road.