AmazonBasics Retractable USB cable

This past weekend, as I packed for a road trip, I crammed my overnight bag full of clothes, toiletries, gadgets, and cables for all of my various devices. My side pocket looked like a robot spider had spun a USB web. It was a mess.

AmazonBasics’ Retractable USB Cable would have saved me a lot of hassle. It stretches to two feet in length, but when closed up, fits neatly into small compartments so you don’t have a tangled mess to deal with when you unpack.

The cord is Apple Certified to charge and sync with all iOS devices.

The plastic case houses two feet of cord inside with the USB and Lightning end sticking out on either side. You can adjust it to varying lengths, or extend it fully.

The cord itself is very thin so the entire length can fit snuggly into the small housing. However, Amazon user reviews note that it is still very durable, even though it is thinner than most USB cords.

The Lightning connector head is thin and Amazon claims it works with nearly all cases, though one user notes that it does not fit inside the Lifeproof case’s

AmazonBasics Apple Certified Retractable Lightning to USB Cable is available on Amazon in black or white and ranges in price between $13 and $15, depending on your color choice.


    Nice gadget, but in my opinion it’s crap.

    • Morgan Freeman

      I agree. It’s nice, but it’s crap. In other news- the sky is blue, but it’s really pink. Tuna is a fish, but tastes like chicken. Paint is wet, but really it’s dry. Daytime is bright, but really it’s dark. iDownload blog is a really great site, but in my opinion it’s crap.

      • SIMON

        I will help you understand. I like this gadget, but I fear that it isn’t satisfactory quality. If you have such a desire, expand that thought as you want. You can also beautifully describe the image. I don’t care about it. And finally… Morgan Freeman is great actor, but you’re only cheap philosopher. In other words – local troll. Totally agree with your last sentence – with your participation here, IDB actually may soon be crap. Meanwhile I wish you all the best, or not. EOT

      • Morgan Freeman

        LOL and just who are YOU anyways? Go play in traffic, child. The internet, and thus the world, has nearly been ruined already because of you kids. It could have been such a great thing.

    • eXoguti097

      Yeah I’d rather not have the bulk..

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    If both ends of the cable were thicker and of better quality, I just might consider something like this. But seeing as both ends are very thin and prone to fraying within 2 months of use, I wouldn’t buy this.