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Following the release of the tvOS Golden Master earlier today, Apple is now inviting developers to begin submitting their app submissions for the new Apple TV, which should be available by the end of next.

An email sent to developer reads:

The App Store for the new Apple TV will soon be available to customers around the world. To prepare, build your apps and games using Xcode 7.1 GM, which includes the tvOS SDK, and test them on tvOS GM seed.

The email links to the  Apple Developer Center where the company offers an overview of the requirements as well as basic guidance for submitting tvOS apps.

In an interview at the WSJDLive conference on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook casually announced that the new Apple TV will be available for order on Monday, October 26, and will ship by the end of next week, giving Apple about 8 days to approve tvOS apps.

This leaves plenty of time for Apple to approve apps for this new platform that its made available to developers.

Source: Apple

  • Finally! Can’t wait to see what developers do on this platform.

    • Xee

      Hopefully lots to open up the system. Problem before is that it was too restrictive and closed, so never really took off and why most like me didn’t bother to buy.

  • schoeberlt

    Actually I can’t update Xcode, it does simply nothing.

  • Niclas

    This might lead to a jailbreak of the aTV!

  • Micrones

    Releasing new apps for tvOS is the only thing that makes this new ATV worth purchasing, so it will be interesting to see what sort of apps will be available at some point.
    Plex or any similar apps on ATV that allows streaming from a server is what i am so looking out for

    • Chris

      VLC and Infuse have already promised apps, they didn’t say whether it would be on the day of the aTV 4 release or not though.

      • Micrones

        Those are some of the key apps that will make the new ATV good, the options to finally ditch my media player and better if they can play all video formats.

      • Niclas

        Plex has also promised one…

  • That_Fruitarian

    I’ll be ordering asap!!!

  • Andres

    Will there be a time warner cable app? I’m about to buy a tv and I’m between a Samsung and Sony. Samsung has tv apps including twc, but Sony has android tv which doesn’t have twc app (Sony is also less expensive). Would like to get the Sony knowing that Apple TV will have twc app. What do you guys think?

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  • is that really true ?

  • Very good information for developers, thanks.

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