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Apple CEO Tim Cook is one of the few people in the technology industry who have an uncanny insight into the future of technology so little wonder his vague hints at his company’s next moves are being carefully scrutinized by pundits and examined for meaning.

When it comes to the automobile industry, Cook has once again deflected iCar-related questions, refusing to acknowledge the existence of the company’s rumored electric car, dubbed Project Titan.

That, however, didn’t stop him from teasing that the car industry is at an “inflection point for massive change” during his interview last night at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live conference in Laguna Beach, California.

The executive hesitated to discuss much about the rumored Apple-branded electric car project that should hit the market before the end of the decade and instead switched gears to talk about the power of software in today’s automobile industry.

“When I look at the automobile, what I see is that software becomes an increasingly important part of the car of the future,” he said.

“You see that autonomous driving becomes much more important,” Cook continued, adding that “it seems like there will be massive change” in that industry.

For the time being, Apple is focused on improving in-car iPhone experience with its CarPlay software—“We want people to have an iPhone experience in their car,” he said—teasing that at Apple, “We look at a lot of things.”

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“Our model is to reduce that list to a few,” Cook said. “We will see what we do in the future. I do think that industry is at an inflection point for massive change, not just evolutionary change.”

Other tidbits from Cook’s yesterday talk with The Wall Street Journal editor Gerry Baker:

  • Apple will be taking pre-orders for the new Apple TV beginning next Monday, with first shipments expected toward the end of next week.
  • Apple Music has convinced approximately 6.5 million users to stay with the service as paying subscribers and currently has 8.5 million more customers on three-month trials
  • The health aspect of the Apple Watch “has a long product road map ahead.”

Cook wrapped up his fireside chat with Baker by stressing that Apple’s focus on innovation has not wavered following the death of Steve Jobs.

“Steve formed Apple to change the world. This was his vision. He wanted to give technology down to everyone and empower everyone to use it,” the CEO explained.

“He wanted to take it out of the glass house, the corporations, the rich people that had the technology. That is still our drive.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal

  • nonchalont

    Mr. Cook is a good business man.

    • Anonymous

      Ill probably get alot of heat for this, but i think cook has done a better job at apple then steve did.

      • nonchalont

        Lol, lot of people would agree with you. Steve picked a good predecessor to follow his vision

      • derp

        Follow his vision? lol?
        Tim Cook did everything Steve Jobs didn’t want to do and Apple is better for it. He opened up iOS, went large on the iPhone and expanded Apple into other areas. All the things Jobs was against and was causing Apple to stagnate.

      • Micrones

        That is debatable actually but we shall see.
        Personally until the product is released, Apple has been a bit lackluster these days and indeed Tim Cook is a business man and sure knows how to hype a product, guess he learned from the best.

      • Franklin Richards

        Without a doubt Tim Cook is the better businessman. But he isn’t quite as visionary as Steve Jobs.

      • tariq

        I am gonna disagree, I think Steve did a better job. But I am not saying Cook is not doing a great he is doing amazing, but I just think Steve was slightly better. Just my opinionnn

      • He’s a good leader in the sense that he will follow the data, people wanted bigger iPhones so he okayed bigger iPhones. I’d like to see the process they go through when demoing new tech like 3D Touch. Tim would probably leave it up to the engineers to develop into a useable technology. I do think they should have released 1 Apple Watch instead of the overwhelming mishmash of models and straps. They should stick to simplicity/minimalism.

  • mav3rick

    Massive change:
    “Your car was just update to icarOS7 with new flat drive mode.”
    “icarOS7.0.1 was just pulled out after discovering that it disables the brakes.”

  • @dongiuj

    F*** am I going to have a self-driven car (that is if it will be a self-driven car). Also, cars have already been hacked from all the software gadgetry so far, so….NAH. Leaving my life in the hands of some software developer/programmer? You must be having a laugh.

    The only vehicle that apple should make with all its software thrown in it should be for disabled people/tourist attractions. For example, at a “pineapple park” with lots of lovely little facts about….pineapple or, with its own designated driving lane, “Hollywood celebrity tour” or at an Olympic event or something like that. Or even public transport, again with its own designated driving lane. Otherwise apple has a little under 5 years (going by report/rumours) for the majority of the world to be fully ready for self-driven cars with very limited problem reports.

    Besides, who will be responsible for vehicles that cause accidents due to software problems? Apple? I can’t see that happening. The insurance premiums will probably skyrocket too.

    I know Google and Nissan are way into their self-driven cars and I know Nissan has already got a non fully integrated self-driven car on the market (it’s advertised going along a long sweeping bend), my brother even has a “semi” (if that’s what you call it) self-driven Volvo (it just dribbles down the road in slow traffic keeping a “safe” distance from the vehicle in front) but seriously, a majority of people want to drive their cars.

    Now, I hope I’m wrong with everything I said and I probably am but if apple is going to mass produce a car for everyone to buy then it had better be something really special with all this media/rumours flying around and by Tim Cook’s comment just quoted in this article.

    I’m really interested, as a car enthusiast, to see what apple actually come up with. I hope it is something REALLY revolutionary for a driver to continue the “driving” experience.