Springtomize 3 settings

One of the most popular ways to customize your iOS device is the Springtomize tweak. With the ability to drastically modify the UI, Springtomize allows for modifications like the number of dock icons, status bar clean up, animation changes, and, my personal favorite, icon label manipulation. I absolutely hate icon labels and for several iOS generations, Springtomize saved the day.

There are a lot of questions about when the tweak will be available for the recently jailbroken iOS 9. I was able to chat with the Springtomize developer, Filippo Bigarella, this afternoon.

Springtomize 3 update

Most importantly, Filippo will no longer be directly working on the Tweak himself. As the original developer, of course he best understands the underlying code base and will provide oversight for the update. Although, he mentioned to me, the update is in good hands. According to Filippo, a close developer friend and friend of the jailbreak community is now responsible for the code.

Filippo is taking a break on the Springtomize project to pursue studies at his university and has other commitments that are preventing him from participating in current tweak development.

Filippo mentioned the tweak will remain in its current third generation state, with the forthcoming release providing a compatibility update to Springtomize 3 for iOS 9. No additional features are expected to make an appearance. However, in its current state, the tweak is highly robust. For a full break down of features, read Jeff’s complete review or watch the most recent video above, highlighting previous iOS 8 compatibility.

Springtomize 3 for iOS 9 is expected to release within the next few weeks and the current developer’s name is intentionally omitted to provide the solace needed for such an undertaking. The update will be free to those who already own the tweak and a $2.99 download for first time users, via the Bigboss repo.

Naturally, stay in touch with iDB, as we will let everyone know when the update is ready for download. For complete instructions on jailbreaking iOS 9, be sure to follow iDB’s dedicated tutorial. Once jailbroken, check out the crowd sourced list that is compiling updated tweaks.

  • 9to5Slavery

    We want noannoyance, noslowanimations, CCQuicKPro, Polus, Nitrous!

    • Eyal Rotem

      Polus is working , just update activator to the latest beta

      • Chris Ryan

        where do u get the beta? its not in rpetrich’s repo anymore…polus sends my iPhone 6 to safe mode every time.?

    • William Melendez

      No slow animation is available on Cydia for ios9. Did I mention the 6s is a beat on that ! Wow

      • I have Speed Intensifier installed on my 6S, because it was the first one I saw compatible with iOS 9, but I will say I’m very happy I stumbled upon it. It runs much smoother than NSA ever did and it also has more features.

        The 6S is just blazing fast with it enabled either way though. I have mine set to 3x Speed, as I think it looks the best with the 6S Plus. What speed do most of you use for these type of tweaks?

      • SIMON

        Thanks for sugestion, Speed Intensifier works very nice.

      • Always glad to help out a fellow Simon! 🙂

    • Scott Werner

      Noslowanimations work download from dev repo

    • Favna

      Get NoAnnoyance from pNre’s beta repo: repo.pnre.co

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Springtomize is a huge huge huge necessity. Did I mention…um HUGE!

    • I keep telling myself I need it too, but I’m finding other tweaks I have found are working better, if not equal, to the ones on Springtomize3.
      I am currently using: FolderEnhancer, BetterFiveIconDock

      • Steven

        Agree with you. Last thing I need is to resize my icons to make them smaller. Any idea ? Oh and also hide the bluetooth icon in the status bar so i dont need to see it when my watch is connected. I like the clean look.

      • I use Protean and HideMe8 for the status bar icons.

      • Steven

        Cool, will try them out. What about resizing the icons? Any idea on iOS9 ?

      • Seth Messer

        also curious about icon resizing. wish i could get back 6 icons in the dock.. at a smaller size. that was about the only thing i used springtomize for.

      • No sorry
        We just will have to wait I guess~

      • SIMON

        Everything’s right but what with resize these fkng big icons if I want to be happy with my beautiful wallpaper?

      • Upscale and Littlebrother resize them slightly. But it’s really not the same as a resizer though

      • SIMON

        Thank you but not working with my 4S.

      • Sorry to hear that.. I tried them out on IOS 9 and it works for me. If it has to do with the repos though, Upscale is not on the official ones. You can try other repos to install it. If you weren’t able to get Littlebrother, they recently updated it on the official repo and it should work now.

      • Sorry to hear that.. I tried them on IOS 9 and it worked for me. If it was the repos though, Upscale is not on the official ones. So I recommend installing it on other repos. They recently updated Littlebrother on the official repo so it should work now.

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      Not quite.

  • Andreas Bundgaard

    I need VibrateControl to work!

  • Scope

    I need an app switcher tweak that combines the toggles and stuff. I refuse to upgrade untill I see someone drop that

    • Steven

      Polus or CCsettings? Both work on ios9

  • besrate hogsa

    this version of springtomize video is for ios 8
    why not wait for springtomize for the ios 9 version and then present the video
    this could be very confusing for new people

    • Chris

      If you read the article you would know it’s only being updated to support iOS 9, no additional features are being added.

      • besrate hogsa

        Yes i read the article
        My comment is strictly about the outdated video
        Not to be argumentative but if there is no new features added to springtomize why post the video version of ios 8 at all?

      • Chris

        To show those who may be new to iDB or jailbreaking what kinds of functionality is offers.

      • besrate hogsa

        Like i said in my previous comment
        This actually is more confusing to new people who happen to have ios 9 jailbroken
        that said you do make a good point

      • Chris

        With the name of the article being what it is, I don’t think it’s confusing.

      • besrate hogsa

        After all it is only a compatibility update.
        If you thought the article by itself was sufficient then posting an outdated video for the upcoming version doesn’t help the new iDB visitors

      • Chris

        I still don’t see how the video is a problem, it was recorded at the time of the Springtomize 3 release which is still accurate given there is no version 4.

        You need to see it from another point-of-view.

        I’m new, have no idea what Springtomize 3 is, but am curious about its upcoming update. I read the article and proceed to watch the video review by Jeff showing off its goodies.

        You need to have the mindset that not everyone knows what it is.

      • besrate hogsa

        This isn’t about my mindset
        let’s just agree to disagree
        and i stand with my comments

  • иιιвι åуιкυмå

    This is the main reason why I haven’t jailbreak. One of my best tweaks

  • Courtney Macfarlane

    Anyone know a good tweak to resize my Icons on iOS until Springtomize is updated?

    • Try Upscale or Littlebrother.

      • Seth Messer

        these tweaks don’t actually let you resize icons to varying sizes (dock or springboard). springtomize has the ability to let you resize dock and springboard icons from 10 – 95% of original size. really handy (coupled with the ability to put as many as, i think 7 or 8 icons in your dock).

      • I know they don’t allow you to resize them to your liking. However they do resize them at least slightly. In my opinion, it is pretty good alternative in the meantime till Springtomize gets updated.

  • RedSymphony

    I just wanted cover flow that’s all don’t think any other tweak does that to my dock I could be wrong

  • Tommy

    i want littlebrother and bigify to work for iphone 5s :/

    • They recently updated Littlebrother so that it could work on IOS 9

      • Flash

        Is protean compatible yet ?

      • It says it is not compatible yet on the Bigboss repo but if you install it with other repos such as Biteyourapple or Hackyouriphone, it should work.


    Springtomize for iOS 9 avaliable in xarold and hackyouriphone repos.

  • VTer

    Ugh, been checking everyday. Still waiting for Springtomize 3 for iOS9 to be released. By far my favorite and most needed tweak. Getting really antsy and haven’t been hearing any chatter about the progress/status. Hope its coming really soon!

    • SIMON

      As I said two days ago:

      Springtomize for iOS9 is available in Xarold and Hackyouriphone repos.

      • parsicham

        As of today, both of these repos have Source Warnings indicating illegal distribution of copywritten work. Is there an alternative, legal repo Springtomize iOS 9 is/will be available on? Please advise! Thanks!

      • SIMON

        You’re right, both of these repos have Source Warnings, but if you purchased previous versions Springtomize legally, I think it isn’t a problem. BTW I found this Springtomize in Google, it’s for iOS 8 version patched for iOS9.

      • parsicham

        I purchased a previous version legally via Big Boss repo…my question is then, is this a legitimate version of Springtomize for iOS 9? Why wouldn’t it be released via Big Boss as it was originally? And also, if these are legitimate sources, why hasn’t iDownload Blog covered them yet? Sorry for the slew of 20 questions! Just paranoid! Thanks, Simon!