Activator 3D Touch Shortcuts

Earlier today, we reported that Ryan Petrich had updated his beta repo, and with it, the Activator beta for iOS 9. The update brought overall compatibility to iOS 9, but more interestingly, it brought about a new feature called Application Shortcuts.

In our previous post about the iOS 9 compatible Activator beta, we briefly touched on the new Application Shortcuts, but in this post, I’d like to dive in a little deeper to show you exactly what these puppies can do, and why they’re so cool—even for older pre-iPhone 6s devices.

In a nutshell, Application Shortcuts let you access the shortcuts that are normally only available to 3D Touch capable iPhones on the Home screen, merging them with Activator gestures. The result is a super-cool feature that will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the iOS 9-enabled Activator.

First of all, I need to briefly explain how 3D Touch works with compatible apps on the Home screen. On 3D Touch-enabled devices like the iPhone 6s, certain apps feature Home screen shortcuts that let you access specific parts of the app directly using a 3D Touch gesture. A 3D Touch gesture is performed by pressing on an app icon on the Home screen to reveal the 3D Touch shortcuts menu for the app in question.

For example, if you 3D Touch on the App Store app icon, you’ll see two options: Search and Redeem. Tapping Search will take you directly to the Search tab, and tapping Redeem will take you directly to the gift card redemption page. You can learn more about 3D Touch in my post here.

App Store 3D Touch

Now that we have that established, let’s talk about Activator’s new Application Shortcuts, and what it does. In a nutshell, it allows you to perform Activator gestures that tap into the 3D Touch shortcuts. For example, I could assign a triple press of the Home button to go directly to the Search tab inside the App Store app. I could also assign a tap and hold of the App Store icon itself to take me to the Search tab of the App Store.

Application Shortcuts Activator

Application Shortcuts basically allow you to link directly to specific portions of an app using any Activator gesture of your choice. In other words, this is a powerful new feature that’s certainly worth your attention.

Better yet, Application Shortcuts work on all iOS 9 devices, not just devices that feature 3D Touch. This means that the new Activator opens up these 3D Touch shortcuts to all jailbroken users, even if you don’t have a 3D touch capable device.

That’s powerful, and an exciting new chapter for one of the best jailbreak tools of all time. Be sure to watch our video demonstration above to see the Application Shortcuts in action. After you watch, drop us a line down below with your thoughts and opinions.

  • Chris

    One thing to note is this doesn’t let you create new shortcuts, it only lets you bind to ones that have being registered already.

    • TheDarxide

      There’s a “Build” command in the upper-right. I’ve already built a command for Camera+ to start in “Macro Mode” and bind it to “press and hold” application icon of Camera+.
      So a normal press will start Camera+, but a press and hold on the icon will start in Macro Mode. Tested on IP6 and working well.
      The “Build” mode will take some getting used to though.

      • Chris

        What I meant was native app shortcuts, you can’t create a 3D touch shortcut via Activator, what you’re describing is a gesture shortcut to an app shortcut.

      • TheDarxide

        Ohh, you’re absolutely right there.. maybe Forcy will eventually have that option in the future… now that would be cool.

  • Bjones331

    Too bad it only works on iOS 9 and not iOS 8.4

  • Jake Platt

    I am seriously hoping someone soon releases a tweak that iPhone 6s owners can take advantage of exclusively because every other iPhone model has been getting a lot of love from devs.

    • Morgan Freeman

      Ahh… feeling a bit left out with your new phone are ya? Feeling like it’s really nothing special and just more of the same old same old? Don’t worry, Jake. It’s a plateau. It happens. Just enjoy your new phone for what it is and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. And for god’s sake, don’t try be one of those ‘one uppers’… nobody likes those guys.

      • Jake Platt

        How do you draw the conclusion that I care what anyone else thinks because I would like some tweaks to customise the 3D Touch? It’s more of a reflection of how hollow the feature is in its basic form and highlights the fact that it needs a boost from the jailbreak community to fulfil its potential. While no one likes ‘one uppers’ as you put it, no one likes smart asses either.

      • zabrawn

        Morgan Freeman 1, Jake Platt 0

      • Morgan Freeman

        What was his reply? He couldn’t take the heat, apparently, and has left the kitchen. I was just having a bit of fun with the guy!

  • Jamie

    Could build some menu’s with activator with them shortcuts and assign the menu’s to corresponding apps. so when the app is short help the menu wold pop up too.

  • kickinghorse99

    Activator is awsome!

  • Laroja

    Wouldn’t it be easy to use forcy or reveal menu tweak for activating force touch menus than binding activator function for every single app?

    • Chris

      The point is you can use Activator to engage these shortcuts without needing the extra tweaks. For instance, being able to double press on the status bar anywhere to open the new tweet view in Tweetbot saves a lot of time.

  • Manos_Lourakis

    Even though i installed the latest version of Activator, when i restart (or force restart) my iPhone 5S, there are several blue screens.
    Do you know the reason why? Any of my tweaks contradict to Activator.

  • nino

    the “tap & hold” feature doesn’t work with “Forcy”…

    • JaeM1llz

      Yes it does, I’m using it right now.

  • JaeM1llz

    What’s the point? Just install Forcy and you’ll have all of the 3D Touch shortcuts assigned to all the apps immediately, instead of having to go into Activator and manually assign a single shortcut to each app.

    • nino

      I want to use the exact same function displayed in the .gif above. I can not do that with just using Forcy…