Magic Mouse 2

As soon as I saw the location of the Lightning port for recharging Apple’s new Magic Mouse 2, I knew that a mini outrage was imminent. It took a while, but I guess everyone’s Magic Mouse 2 finally arrived in the mail. Thus, let the outrage commence!

Did Apple commit a design faux pas by placing a Lightning port on the bottom of the mouse, rendering it useless while the device is charging? Is it really that big of a deal?

As I tried to explain in my review, the Magic Mouse 2’s charging location isn’t a big deal, because it literally takes 60 seconds to recharge the mouse in order to obtain a full hour’s worth of use. 60 seconds, people. If you’ve read this entire post up until this point, your Magic Mouse 2 could have been charged for another hour’s worth of use.

My review of the Magic Mouse 2

I get why Apple decided to place the charging port on the bottom of the mouse. There simply wasn’t enough room to place it on the front of the mouse and still maintain the current design. For me, the Magic Mouse has a perfect design; I simply love this thing. I know that the design of the Magic Mouse can spur a whole additional debate, so I won’t even go there.

The only other logical place where Apple could have put a charging port is on the front tip of the mouse, and as noted, that simply wouldn’t work with the current design. It couldn’t have put a port on the side of the mouse, or on the rear of the mouse, either. So what’s the next logical location? The bottom.

Magic Mouse 2 front

A charging port on the front of the mouse would have meant a different design

Despite the outrage, the bottom of the Magic Mouse 2 is the only place that a charging port makes sense. Either Apple would have had to change the design of its mouse, or it could keep the design and put the Lightning port on the bottom. I think Apple Made the right decision.

And that’s not to mention how the overall feel of the mouse would change with a cord being tethered to it. The Magic Mouse was designed from the ground up with wireless in mind. Having a cord sticking out of it while using it may alter the balance and feel of the tracking. Apple likely tested out a tethered scenario. Apple tests all sorts of possibilities in its labs, so to think that it simply overlooked the possibility of tethered usage while charging probably isn’t correct.

Does it look a little odd to have a lightning cable sticking out of the bottom of your Magic Mouse 2 while it’s charging? Yes, and I’m not going to even pretend it doesn’t. It looks downright strange. Is it the huge inconvenience that many are making it out to be? Not at all. In real world usage, you’ll rarely, if ever, run into an issue where the charging location of the Magic Mouse severely interrupts your workflow. It’s simply not going to happen.

MouseDock magic Mouse

It’s fun to make fun of the Lightning port location, but it’s not that serious

It’s not a big deal, folks. Yes, it’s humorous to make fun of, just because of the ironic position of the charging port, even I’ve noted that. It’s also fun to think about how “easy” it would have been for Apple to just put the Lightning port on the front of the mouse and maintain usability while charging. But the reality of the situation just doesn’t support that plan.

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    Love that last picture! Great shot Jeff!

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  • Stephen Hagans

    Still kind of annoying… Any amount of time that I’m required to not use my mouse is time I could be working. Whereas simply located the port in the front fixes this issue. 8 min for 8 hours isn’t horrible but why put any barriers in place that IMHO could be avoided with a design change.

    • seems like apple didn’t want to change the design of the magic mouse. thats all. i like it, just like jeff ^^

      • Stephen Hagans

        You like the mouse or the port location? I like the mouse… It’s the port location that’s wonky and non Apple like.

      • John

        Yes, this design is brilliant! Infact, they should have used it for the
        trackpad and keyboard. Then everytime i need to charge it i can flip the
        gigantic thing around YAY

    • That_Fruitarian

      This really annoys you? Like seriously?

      • Devin

        Why would this not be annoying? Lol a big deal? Definitely not. Annoying? Yes. Apple is constantly changing design. Weird they chose not to put effort into something so simple.

      • Christopher

        Only problem is… imagine the amount of dust that collects in the port after wiggling it around all day.

    • Seems like in order to avoid issues you just gotta be a step ahead and keep it charged at all times. If it drops to like 25% plug it in when you’re not using it.

    • ready1take1

      But a quick charge of this mouse is quicker than finding 2 double a batteries.

  • Bangali

    Why could’t they put it on the side?

    • balderoine

      Cause your fingers would get in the way of the lightning cable and that’s really not an intended way to use it so why bother.

  • That_Fruitarian

    These things are hardly ever an issue. Apple fans can be some of the most ridiculous people.

    • Rupinder

      When you pay a “premium” price for such a device, you expect it to be pretty premium. Yeah, it’s on the side, so what, but would you want a MacBooks charger to be placed on the bottom, even if a 60-second charge got you an hours worth of use? Oh, and while the price of it increased an extra $100?

      • That_Fruitarian

        I wouldn’t give a hoot where a charger is placed on a product I’m not buying. 🙂

      • Christopher

        Actually… I wouldn’t mind if the MacBook charger port was at the bottom… 60seconds for a full hour use? sign me up! I’d trade the awkward position for fast charging any day.

    • John

      Yes, this design is brilliant! Infact, they should have used it for the
      trackpad and keyboard. Then everytime i need to charge it i can flip the
      gigantic thing around and leave it like that

  • Joey_Z

    Pretty sure Apple wants people to put this mouse on a dock, reminds me the Razer Mamba. Otherwise, it looks like a dead bug while charging up side down.

    • John

      Yes, this design is brilliant! Infact, they should have used it for the
      trackpad and keyboard. Then everytime i need to charge it i can flip the
      gigantic thing around and leave it like that YAY.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    I’d like to see a teardown of it to prove you’re right or wrong.

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    Apple… Stop! Think! It’s becoming a stupid ass company now at days. ugh if the iPhone 7 is a bust then i’m swathing to LG.

    • Swath away!

      • That_Fruitarian



      Why lg? Just curious I personally think thier software is sub par compared to other companies.

      • Dan

        The LG G4 is actually one of the best android phone out there. Their OS/skin is very light (compared to Touchwiz). They also have a great camera/display and removable battery and micro sd.

        PS. The price great too when compared to Samsung/iPhone. I’m actually waiting for the LG V10.

      • Jonathan Hernandez

        They have the best cameras and a good design for their phones. Galaxy’s how ever just looks like my current phone and I just want something different. Completely different if my iPhone stops working to a point that I can’t fix it anymore.

  • FrankJL

    But it is that serious. Big picture apple is refusing to be extremely efficient and functional over looks. The tis stupid. the mouse is a very needed tool not a fashion accessory.

    Tools just need to be extremely efficient. iF MICROSOFT OR ANYBODY ELSE would have done this YOU and everybody else in the mac blog sphere would making fun of it.

    just like the stupid idea to have a pencil charge at the bottom of the iPad pro lol
    extremely idiotic ideologies on form. nOT THE APPLE you expect

    • Micrones

      I agree.
      It is a big deal considering how it impedes your workflow, if you are on a tight deadline…. the few minutes it takes to charge your mouse is very critical to your productivity.
      It is quite silly when people say it is not, Frankly i would not expect Apple to make such a weird design choice considering how much they pay attention to detail…. That was not thought through properly. Again THINGS ARE CHANGING AT APPLE GRADUALLY.
      And if it was any other OEM, most people will be up in arms bashing them.

      • John

        Yes, this design is brilliant! Infact, they should have used it for the
        trackpad and keyboard. Then everytime i need to charge it i can flip the
        gigantic thing around and leave it like that YAY..

  • iPhoneWINS

    terrible choice

  • 5723alex .

    iPhone 7 will have its Lightning port on the back ?

    • Guest 0

      only an idiot would do that, and it wouldent be big enough,,,

  • To be honest I don’t understand why it is a big deal the amount of time that it would take to charge it enough would take way less time than to go find a AA battery somewhere in your drawers.

    • Micrones

      it is a big deal as it affects your workflow especially if you are on a deadline or on a time sensitive task. The few minutes it takes to charge matters

      • Well look at the alternative of the last model. If your on a deadline and the battery dies you will be frantically looking for a AA battery to replace it. Then you have to open up the mouse which is difficult enough and then take out the old battery and put the new one in and then make sure you connect to bluetooth alright again. In that amount of time you could have charged your mouse by just taking the lighting connector that you usually use for your iPhone and plug in your mouse.

  • lookHOWMADheis


  • rubeN

    They should have made it inductive charging on this the keyboard and trackpad.

  • M_Hawke

    Nice looking mouse. Stupid decision. No, it is not serious. But yes, it is serious. It all depends on your deadline and if your mouse goes dead. Could be a very stressful moment. Great looks are terrific. Functionality is more important, though, and should be top priority. I can still use my Logitech Performance MX while it is charging. It’s still a pretty good looking mouse.

    • Morgan Freeman

      But 60 seconds of charging gets you 60 minutes of use. If you’re cutting it that close to your deadline that you can’t spare 60 seconds, then you should recheck your priorities. As I was taught- If you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late. Don’t set yourself up for failure, M_Hawke.

      • M_Hawke

        Hey, Mr. Freeman, the lecture is not necessary. Real life happens. Power to you if you are so prepared, wish I was. Those of us who go through the torture called grad school while raising a family and working know that Real Life happens. Don’t need any holier-than-thou types to be preaching about “checking priorities.”

      • CtKiDd78

        People always wanting to make excuses for Apple. If it’s a design flaw or a bad decision, it’s just that doesn’t matter what company makes it. We are still paying top dollar for all these devices.

      • M_Hawke

        Yep. +1

      • Morgan Freeman

        But I’m right, you know.

      • M_Hawke

        LOL no, you are not correct.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Yes, I am.

      • M_Hawke

        LOL elementary kids game you’re now playing. So funny.

      • Morgan Freeman

        I am right, and you are wrong. Sorry. You need to prioritize your life, son. If sixty seconds of waiting for your dead mouse to charge causes you so much grief in the future, then come back and I’ll be glad to say I was wrong. Until then, plug the damn thing in on Friday before you leave your cubicle and you’ll be good to go the next week. How difficult is that? Did you want Apple to invent some other means of power so you’d never have to waste so much of your precious time again? Holy cow. 60 seconds will get you an hour of usage, if it comes down to the wire.. 60 seconds. One minute. That’s nothing.

      • M_Hawke

        LOL grow up.

      • M_Hawke

        ROFL I am done with your childish nanny nanny boo boo back and forth on this. Here–I’ll even appeal to your ego: Yes, you are right! I am wrong! Thank you, oh Wise One, for your enlightenment. Have a great night and a continuance of your great and what must be a near-perfect life. LOLOL

      • Morgan Freeman

        Perhaps it is you who should ‘grow up’ and be proactive about keeping your mouse charged, as well as giving yourself some leeway before a deadline just in case your mouse dies or something else happens. If you set everything up so that you are never early, and always living in crisis mode down to the last second, you are setting yourself up for failure. Be an adult. Be early. Being early is good. Being on time is good. Being late because you haven’t set up proper safeguards is called bad planning. There is no use in you arguing this point with me, because no matter how you try to spin it- you know damn well I am right, and so does everyone else reading this.

  • Gagandeep Gill

    I love the design and I don’t think its a biggie to have port underneath. However, Apple could have retained the same design and could have made it usable while charging by putting the port at the either side of the mouse.

  • Noe padilla

    Wireless mousepad charger?

  • ready1take1

    Totally agree Jeff. Thank you for this.

  • John

    THis is still a big deal, since when i charge my mouse, it’s position is messed up and if i leave it there it could damage the cable becasue it would bend at a weird angle. I really can’t see why the didn’t take a bit out of the fron or raise it a bit, everything solved. A minute used charging is a minute wasted

  • John

    Yes, this design is brilliant! Infact, they should have used it for the trackpad and keyboard. Then everytime i need to charge it i can flip the gigantic thing around and leave it like that YAY

  • John

    Yes, this design is brilliant! Infact, they should have used it for the
    trackpad and keyboard. Then everytime i need to charge it i can flip the
    gigantic thing around and leave it like that YAY

  • John

    Maybe the iphone 7 will have the port on the back aswell.

  • Harsh Sac

    So I don’t own a Magic Mouse, not do have I ever used one, but why not the side?
    A port there could definitely work…, if it was on the left, you could even use it while it’s charging…
    The side is plain enough for them to shove a small port up there!

  • -= J$@ =-

    Can you stick one of those qi charging stickers on it…hook up a qi charging pad & throw it on there when ur not using it!

  • Daniel Waske

    So what happens if you keep recharging your dead Magic Mouse just a little over and over again so you can use it for another hour? Exactly, the Li-Ion battery degrades a lot quicker than usual, which is never a good thing…

  • QwertyMcGibblets

    A little design chance to put the connector on the front would have been easy and such a common sense thing to do.

    It is pretty stupid to place it on the bottom which does render it useless while recharging. I have the Mobee wireless charging kit for the original Magic Mouse. Very convenient, I always sit my mouse back on the pad after use and the mouse stays charged.

    I don’t get the whole Apple apologist mentality that Apple can do no wrong. This is a stupid design on their end.

  • Someone

    I still find it rather an annoyance. What if you were battling in an intense game and the mouse died out? Having to charge for even a minute would ruin the gaming experience. I don’t think Apple designed it correctly.