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One of the new features in iOS 9 is a new app linking structure. This allows you to navigate back to the originating app that linked you via a handy breadcrumb link in the upper left-hand corner of the status bar. Some people hate it, most love it, but I think all can agree that it’s a little awkward at times.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could dismiss the breadcrumb link once you’ve arrived at a destination, and had no intentions of going back? BreadcrumbsAway is a new jailbreak tweak that lets you do just that. It allows users to dismiss breadcrumb links and regain the full status bar view in iOS 9.

Once BreadcrumbsAway is installed, it’s simply a matter of opening an app link, and swiping left on the breadcrumb in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. When you do so, the link will disappear, and you’ll regain the ability to view your iPhone’s cellular signal and Wi-Fi signal.

Make no mistake about it, I love iOS 9’s new linking mechanics. But I’ve come to realize that you don’t always need or have a desire to go back to the original destination. For times like this, it’s nice to be able to simply dismiss a breadcrumb link that you don’t need.

BreadcrumbsAway is an excellent jailbreak tweak that everyone who’s jailbroken on iOS 9 should try. It’s available for free on the BigBoss repo, and has no options to configure upon installation.

What do you think about BreadcrumbsAway?

  • raulortiz318

    I think a nicer solution would be to have a time out on the UI. If a user stays in the forwarded app for a set time (a minute say), the UI should return to normal as its pretty certain the user is going to stay there. Hopefully Apple implements this in a point release to iOS 9.

    • Interesting solution. I’m not sure about it, but it’s hard to find too many real world faults with said approach.



  • Hi


  • ClaudieX X

    but why breadcrumb links is a problem? it uses unused space of the status bar… so you loose nothing by having it… it hurts only because it’s there?

    • Rodney Coleman

      First world problems lol

      • That_Fruitarian

        Lol… True!!

    • It doesn’t use unused space; it supplants both the cellular and Wi-Fi signal indicators.

      • M_thoroughbred

        it may not be unused space but the tweak is pretty much unecessary and pointless imo. wouldn’t have wasted my time in even featuring this tweak in an article lol.

      • :)

        Long live freedom, I do care about the tweak.

    • ClaudieX X

      it’s like.. my eyes !!! my eyes !!! are burning !!! please helpppp !!… ( (DISMISS tweak gesture)
      Ohhh yea…. i can’t believe i have survived such horrendous moment…
      Let me see my Mobile Operator name in peace !!! and my signal dots TOO!!!

      • Overboard.

      • Mickey

        Except some of us use protean or opennotifier and rearrange the notification/status bar icons and clock. Personally I have my clock and date on the far left with everything else on the right.

      • ClaudieX X

        Good point!, can’t re arrange breadcrumb?

      • Mickey

        I don’t see the option in protean. BUT the tweak breadcrumbsarrow seems to put an arrow (or app name if enabled) there without overlapping status bar elements. Good option for those that like the breadcrumbs but don’t want it to block anything. I don’t actually use the dismiss tweak since I have that same gesture assigned to calendar since iOS 3. Muscle memory is ingrained 🙂


      I paid 400$ I should get to make something go away it I don’t want it their.

      • Mark Ellis

        No, you paid $400 for what Apple had to offer

  • Rodney Coleman

    I like that feature. Takes away from having to use the home button all the time.

  • czarczarczar

    Great tweak, I find that link annoying at least 50% of the time as well , I’m used to using Virtual Home button to invoke the multitask we if I wanna go back to whatever app I was using but half the time I don’t even need to go back to that app .

  • I don’t know if it’s my phone, but every time I tap an app, it goes into wiggle mode, that’s annoying. I had to restart my phone.

  • Jayy


  • TwinSon

    On the topic of Jailbreak, anyone having trouble downloading Pangu? Ive tried to download it a few different times and I keep getting a network error but everything appears to be fine on my end.

  • Linton Findlay

    Useful tweak, can be irritating if signal or wifi is being temperamental and trying to load something

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Why would I get rid of it, it’s one of the best features they’ve had

  • mmarcell

    Hi guys, sorry for the offtopic reaction but i’m really desperate for an answer. I tried to update my iOS from 8.3 (with jailbreak) to 9.0.2 and now after the restore, the phone is stuck at the apple logo and keeps vibrating every 5 seconds. I’ve tried to restore the iPhone several times tried the volume + button (which didn’t work at all). I am currently stuck and helpless. I tried DFU mode reset and everything. Can anybody help me please.

    • ClaudieX X

      when you have a little time… try to install a tweak…

      • mmarcell

        Sorry, i don’t understand it..

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        He’s being sarcastic, due to the fact that you have a considerably large tweaks list. It’s no surprise that your iPhone ran into problems, you have way too many tweaks to even count. Appsync and Appcake alone are usual culprits to major issues. Also, never ever update your device WITH the jailbreak already on it, not only will you lose the jailbreak but you’ll likely cause major stability issues thereafter. You have to completely restore and start over and have junk files taking up space that you can’t get rid of. At this point you have no other options but to restore to iOS 9.1 (9.0.2 which was the latest jailbreakable iOS is no longer signed) and start over and wait patiently for the next jailbreak which no one knows when will happen. If you do/did manage to boot your device successfully with your jailbreak still intact, then go ahead and install Cydia Impactor, it’ll allow you to restore your device on the SAME firmware you’re currently on and you’ll be able to jailbreak again. Otherwise, suck it up and restore to iOS 9.1. No other alternatives. Word of advice, don’t install way too many tweaks and keep away from pirated tweaks and those that offer to crack apps so you can get them for free…just don’t, ever. And never ever click “Update” or “Erase All Settings” on an already jailbroken device, restore and start over.

    • rockdude094

      I’m sure that one of the tweaks data is causing an error at boot up, I would recommend setting it up as a new iPhone after restore and manually restore your data from iCloud and other sources.

      • mmarcell

        Is there really no other option, thanks for the help. This will be my last option then, but rather this than nothing..

  • rockdude094

    I like simple tweaks like this one. I’d like to see a tweak that changes the ugly yellow power saving icon into the default battery icon, so that it looks like the system is operating normally

  • MaRz Franco

    So kinda unrelated: Siri doesn’t work on iphone6 anymore after Jailbreak. Anyone have this issue?

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Hamza does it again. It’s these unassuming and nuance tweaks like these that will always make jailbreaking appealing. Apple ought to learn a thing or two from him!