Disable Spotlight iOS 9

In iOS 9, Apple decided to allow users to be able to invoke Spotlight via two methods. The first method, the swipe down gesture on the Home screen, is the same invocation method employed in iOS 8. The second method, the swipe right on the first Home screen page, is a throwback gesture from older versions of iOS.

SpotlightBeGone is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to disable one, or both of the Spotlight gestures. If you’re simply not a fan of Spotlight, or if you don’t like a particular method for accessing it, then SpotlightBeGone is the tweak for you.

SpotlightBeGone Cydia

Once you install SpotlightBeGone, venture over to the stock Settings app where you’ll find the tweak’s preference panel. Inside the preferences, you’ll notice two switches. The first switch lets you disable the swipe down gesture, and the second switch lets you disable the alternate way of invoking Spotlight—swiping right on the first Home screen page.

Interestingly, both switches appear to be enabled upon launching the tweak’s preferences, but you’ll have to perform an additional respring to put them to work. Any changes made to the switches necessitate a respring as well.

SpotlightBeGone Preferences

I tested SpotlightBeGone, and it works just as advertised. That said, I find Spotlight in iOS 9 extremely useful—certainly much more useful than in previous iterations of iOS. I’d never consider outright disabling Spotlight, but I could see someone wanting to disable one of the invocation methods.

What are your thoughts on Spotlight in iOS 9? Would you consider using SpotlightBeGone?

  • Mark S

    This app immediately put me in safe mode and I only have alkaline installed. Good bye spotlightbegone.

    • Tony

      try refreshing cydia, it should work maybe then

    • Ahmed

      i have the same thing.

  • MrJohnBlaze

    i had like 7 tweaks going betterfivecolumn springboard,lockglyph,flipcontrolcenter, zepplin,alkaline etc.. all working fine then i noticed everytime i swiped left for spotlight my phone would safemode crash i had to take off like 8 tweaks to figure out it was winterboard that was safemode crashing my phone hopefully developers will have there ios 9 tweaks update in the next week or 2

  • Gravarty

    Great! This is one of the main tweaks that i use all the time.. Since iOS 3 😛

  • KarwanGhaffari

    good tweak i was wait for it thnx>-<

  • Jayy

    Anyone know how to get rid of that annoying app redirect notification that keeps popping up in my cydia every time I click a tweak???

  • Jamessmooth

    I can’t understand why someone would want to disable both spotlight views. It’s my go to!

    • osmang

      for me its annoying actually, especially swiping left on home screen 🙂

      • blu

        I can’t stand the swipe right, I was always accidentally going to it. The swipe down is OK, for the rare instances I use it it is easy to get to, but never accidentally gone to like it is with right swipe.

    • Blacklight: Retribution

      Not everyone likes Spotlight.

  • Adam

    it crashes with barrel !

  • TotallySerious

    I actually would find this tweak very useful, b/c I much prefer the swipe to the left for spotlight over the swipe down spotlight (dont ask me why)

  • Vic Levanh

    ip6s not work to me

    • rockdude094

      the get the s6

      • Vic Levanh

        You mean samsung? Nada

  • John

    Yes! I hated the thing to the left of the first home screen

  • mickey

    Excellent. Good for those of us that use spotlock (swipe right to sleep). Once it’s updated that is.

  • Dave Newcomb

    The developer has removed the settings 🙁

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    If I plan on updating to iOS 9, this will be the second tweak I install after Activator. I’m not even on iOS 9 and seeing this annoyance on the iPhones running iOS 9 in the Apple Stores just gave me a headache. Glad jailbreaks are still around to at least remove unwanted fluff from an OS creeping very close to the bloated side, if it’s not bloated already. Great job, Adam!

  • Spencer

    Works great! Thanks!

  • Xavier Gonzalez

    I downloaded spotlight be gone and then I deleted it and my spotlight isn’t working anymore please help.

  • Qhrstuvwxyz

    Here’s a thought, next time, explain to us where to find it and how to actually install it (like maybe list the nessessary repo we need to have install or have installed)…

    And to the guy saying it crashed his phone after swiping to it after installing the tweak. Why the hell would you try to use spotlight after installing something that is suppose to not allow the phone to do so???