RevealMenu 2

There are now several tweaks that attempt to bring the iPhone 6s’ flagship feature to older devices. The latest such tweak is called RevealMenu, and it contains one particular feature that makes it unique when compared to some of the other 3D Touch-esque tweaks that I’ve tried.

RevealMenu allows users to long-press on an icon to invoke a 3D Touch-like overlay menu, but it also allows you to slide your finger directly to the menu without lifting your finger off the screen. In my opinion, that single gesture is what makes 3D Touch’s shortcut feature really shine. Many of the other 3D Touch-inspired tweaks didn’t allow you to do that, and that’s what makes RevealMenu worth checking out.

RevealMenu Cydia

Accessing shortcuts with a single gesture

Once installed, RevealMenu starts working immediately. There are no options to configure in the initial version, but it seems like the developer is planning to add additional features, such as haptic feedback, to the release.

Just like the recent Forcy update, RevealMenu offloads the process of getting into Home screen edit mode to a swipe-up gesture. This is because the normal method of venturing into edit mode—a long press on an app icon—is now occupied by RevealMenu’s 3D Touch-inspired functionality.

At this point in the juncture, Forcy is still the better tweak, but the fact that you can perform a single tap and swipe gesture to select the 3D Touch-esque shortcuts is what makes RevealMenu stand out.

RevealMenu is a free tweak available for download from the BigBoss repo. How do you think it stacks up to some of the other 3D Touch tweaks that we’ve seen thus far?

  • nonchalont

    Pretty neat. Keep the tweaks coming.

  • ahmed

    How do you delete apps then?

    • Chris

      Activator gesture?

      • Djabula

        the activator is not present on my phone.The tweak works without it.

    • Swipe up to invoke edit/wiggle mode.

      • TwoSim

        how about if i install apex?

      • Damian

        Then the universe collapses

      • Bruno Ribeiro

        kkkk good one

      • Chris Eko

        seriously though, what will happen? i am hesitate to update because of this…

      • Iskren Donev

        I too have plans to install Apex along with RevealMenu. My solution so far is to let RevealMenu handle the swipe up and hold gestures and limit Apex only to the swipe down gesture… hopefully it will work.

      • jalexcarter

        Why do you say Forcy is still the better tweak?

      • Djabula

        because it has “haptic” feedback i belive

      • Neil Dsouza

        You can download Hapticle tweak with RevealMenu, that works much better than Forcy..

      • Jeremiah

        Forcy made my springboard icons stick and non responsive everytime I went to use the device. I have a newer iPhone 5c. Once I switched to RevealMenu this problem went away completely. No problems so far with this one!

      • Joshua Castellano-Davila

        Lord, thank you so much. I kept going to safe mode just to uninstall apps.

    • jalexcarter

      You’re kidding right? It said how to right in the article

      • ahmed

        Well it wasn’t clear to me and the man who actually wrote the article didn’t mind the question and answered it, so maybe you could find something more useful to do with your time

    • Djabula

      put you finger on an icon and swipe up.the icons will start jigleing.

    • You swipe up as said in the article if you read -_-.

  • Jake Platt

    Jeff can you do a review for a new tweak called Shortcuts which brings the 3D Touch Quick Actions menu to other default and 3rd party apps. All us 6s owners are looking for a good reason to jailbreak!

    • Stayo

      Where can you get this tweak from?

  • Creatix

    You guys should really checkout UniversalForce it adds peek and pop to non 6S devices that are 64 bit

    • Hi

      Where can I find a feature list for UniversalForce?

    • Neel Nani

      I tried it and it’s Really Good… But it clashes with Forcy when Swap is enabled…

      • Creatix

        We are hoping to resolve these issues in a future update

      • Ds

        yeah it clashes really bad for me… like to the point where I’m about ready to just stick with revealmenu and see how well he incorporates peek and pop. I understand that this stuff will take time to iron out but it just gets annoying removing and installing every time the other comes out with a update.

    • VWH

      What repo is it on?

    • Kree Terry

      is there a user on twitter we can follow for updates on this?

    • Fajr A. Lodhi

      Why doesnt it work with 32 bit devices?

    • Dodgy Debjit

      Can’t find it in the default repos.

    • Nathan

      It’s too sensitive though. If you move one pixel length with your finger, peek goes to ‘pop’.

  • Forcy has haptics, which makes a big difference.

    • Ds

      revealmenu and Hapticle combined are way better than forcy. Hapticle adds haptic feedback and is a lot more subtle of a vibrate and has a settings to increase duration and intensity of the vibrate unlike forcy’s which in my opinion is way to over powering of a vibrate.

      • Lemerio P.

        Hapticle is in certain repo? I don’t see it by just a normal search in cydia.

      • Ds

        repo . fortysixandtwo . com (no spaces)

  • Arturo Polanco

    who will translate 25pp ?

  • Does somebody know a tweak that kill all background applications that works for iOs 9?

    • Chris

      At this point, there doesn’t appear to be any that work.

    • Manuel Molina

      Use smartclose by Ryan. It freezes apps in memory and saves you battery. Force Quitting apps that are in “background” hurts your battery.

      • Does it work with iOS 9?

      • Chris

        No, crashes the springboard.

    • Jeremiah

      Honestly I have Background App Refresh turned off on my phone. This eliminates the need for this tweak. Much better battery and phone performance as a result.

      • I have it too but I need a tweak like SmartClose or something like that.

  • Kenny NL

    Works great… Now Let’s combine all force touch tweaks and add a settings panel for whatever.

  • Rens

    You know when Apple thanks Jailbreakers fro discovering security flaws? They should do the same for when they put features in iOS for example they should thank Velox devs because they clearly got this whole idea straight from them

  • Supafly_Boy

    Enough of this halfhearted nonsense, if you want 3D Touch functionality just get a damn 6S and give it a rest already.

    • Chris

      Ever think that the cost of jailbreaking is cheaper than buying a brand new phone?

    • jzack

      Not everyone is rich as u are 🙂

    • Gregg

      Why would I ditch my gently used 6 from barely 12 months ago?… And be forced to renew a 2yr contract with my provider? No, I’ll jailbreak.

    • ClaudieX X

      A friend of mine just bought the 6s… then I showed my 6 with revealmenu and livephotos activated… he want to kill himself

  • Donovan

    Guess I will be updating then. Btw watch out when updating IconSupport, it resets the whole layout. (iPhone6 iOS 8.4), anyway, more reason to update and jailbreak again I guess.

  • lookHOWMADheis



    so many tweaks!! I want to jailbreak asap!! the problem is I am on IOS 9.1 beta. Need to restore back to IOS 9.0.2. but iTunes is not allowing me to transfer purchases (apps) to my mac. I don’t want to download all the apps again. Please help.!!

    • Emilio Bartning

      Same for me… but I did restore it, the jailbreak runs fine and I already downloaded everything and all my stuff is in place now, you should try, it worth it

    • Bruno Couto

      use itools

      • SHANTANU

        not working 🙁

  • Smeltn

    Forcy is coming up with the wiggle to delete to quickly for me now and is causing issues. I am so afraid I will delete an app now. It needs to be on a longer timer

  • rfow

    This one is working much better for me than Forcy. Both are really great tweaks right out of the gate though. Kudos to both Devs.

  • Manuel Molina

    I didn’t realize but you need iOS 9 for this. Is it worth updating my 6Plus from 8.3 to 9. Whatever? What do ya think?

    • lookHOWMADheis


  • Jeremiah

    Forcy is not as smooth on my iPhone 5c as RevealMenu. Very shotty springboard performance and page freezing. Once I switched to RevealMenu I stopped experiencing problems.

  • Jtzll Fy Niaina

    Why is t this available for older iOS? is my question? cause my jailbroken iPhone 6 is working perfectly right now, it’s by far the most stable and perfect jailbroken iPhone I’ve ever owned because I have 0 issues and everything works exactly the way I want it to; and that’s why I do not want to upgrade but I want to have this feature as well.

  • esco

    I cant find this tweak in the Bigboss source. What version is it?

  • straydum

    Long-touch coupled with the lack of options for temporary disabling makes it impossible to re-arrange apps.

  • The problem I had with Forcy is that even the slightest touch would invoke the edit mode, meaning I couldn’t launch any my apps from the home screen, even swiping between pages became a game of chance

  • rubeN

    Cool tweak. I wonder if they come out with the safari link peek

  • Mario Britten

    It doesn’t have that much features tbh. The only ones I constantly use are the ones u get when pressing the settings icon (restart, respring, power off and safe mode)
    The weather and stock shortcut is nice too, but I don’t use it too often.
    That said, there really isn’t a good reason to jailbreak your 6s (Plus) at the moment.

    • Jake Platt

      Yeah, I ended up downloading it to give it a try and it was pretty pointless besides the settings shortcuts

      • Mario Britten

        Hopefully there will be a tweak that let’s you customize every single shortcut. That would be huge

  • Damien Paepens

    Latest update of the Forcy tweak allows you to swipe up and select the options without lifting your finger.

  • Is there a bug in the browsers?(Safari and chrome is the same)
    “A problem occurred whit this website so it was reloaded”

    Anybody know why I’m getting this error?
    Please I love this tweak but I can’t use it