Apple on Thursday posted a new iPhone 6s commercial, with a special focus on its new 3D Touch feature. During the ad, you hear a voiceover explain how Peek and Pop work, followed by a list of several things you can do with them.

In typical Apple fashion, most of the tasks covered by the voiceover are demonstrated by users on-screen. At one point we even see actor/singer Jamie Foxx, who uses 3D Touch in the Music app to access his just-released R&B album.

Apple of course released various ads and videos following the announcement of the iPhone 6s, but this is the first commercial for the handset we’ve seen since launch. Expect to see many more, though, as start to approach the holiday quarter.

What do you think of the new iPhone 6s ad?

Source: Apple

  • Chelu

    Jamie Foxx is hilarious.

  • rockdude094

    Id say its an honest commercial

  • Luke Per

    i love the “the only thing that’s changed is everything”

    • Linton Findlay

      Apart from the design

      • Newgunnerr

        actually the design changed too.

      • therealjjohnson

        You know he means how the phone looks. And you know this phone looks identical.

      • Maxim∑

        It has the letter S and a new color. New alloy is technically a design change too

      • therealjjohnson

        You think that the letter S on the back counts as a design change? 3 out of the 4 colors available are the same as the 6 so there is not change there depending on the model.

  • throttle clutch e brake

    “Umm, Hello?”

  • “Are you listening to your own song?”


  • J™

    it’s a cool new feature but very soon, or even now, any newer devices can have 3D touch installed if they are willing to jailbreak it so it’s not going to be such a big deal anymore.

    • Rahul312

      theres a big difference in 3D touch and jailbroken feature, it doesn’t have Taptic feedback, apart from that use 3D touch and you will know the difference.

      • J™

        i’m using 6S which have 3D touch
        i’ve yet to use any jailbreak 3D touch tweak yet but i read forcy has haptic feedback just like the stock feature

    • besrate hogsa

      3D TOUCH is overrated and it is a choice
      I avoid those jailbreak tweaks that mimic 3D touch because they are unnecessary
      Touch the stupid icon and go to your app
      No fuss

      • Rahul312

        Give it sometime time, once developers implement this feature into there apps 3D touch will be part of your daily activity on your iPhone 6S and later.

      • besrate hogsa

        3D touch a copy of sub menus that you can do inside the APP

        isn’t that what BlackBerry phones used to do

        when Steve Job introduced the 1st iPhone that was what others considered streamlined

        you touch the icon the app opens and you do your stuff


  • Benedict

    It’s a good commercial but only refers to a single new feature which is explained in detail excessively.

    • Xee

      There will be others coming that concentrate on other features.

  • Bruno Ribeiro

    New Apple’s sponsoring – Electro

  • Rahul312

    Nice feature but still best reason for me to upgrade is Faster processor and 2 GB ram.