Forcy, the jailbreak tweak that does its very best to emulate the 3D Touch experience on older iPhones, is now available with a few new anticipated features. Version 1.0.1 of Forcy brings a new preference panel, which allows users to configure the way the tweak works.

The initial version of Forcy featured no such preferences, in fact, after installation, there were no options for configuring the experience at all. With the new preference option, users can disable Forcy outright, toggle haptic feedback, and enable a swap invoke method that allows for a more true 3D Touch-esque feeling.

Forcy 1.0.1

Forcy’s new preference panel

If you already have Forcy installed, then simply open Cydia and apply the update. If you’ve yet to try Forcy, you’ll automatically get the latest 1.0.1 version upon install. Remember, this is a free jailbreak tweak, so there’s really nothing to lose here by giving it a shot.

The new Haptic Feedback toggle provides vibration-motor-assisted feedback when enabled. Whenever you invoke Forcy on the Home screen, it’ll be accompanied by a short vibration, in an effort to emulate the haptics brought about by true 3D Touch. Since older iPhones lack the Taptic Engine found in the new iPhone 6s hardware, the effect isn’t as nice or as nuanced, but it’s better than nothing.

Watch our Forcy 1.0 video

Secondly, there’s a new Swap Invoke Method toggle. This toggle allows you to long press an app icon to invoke the 3D Touch menu, and reserves the swipe up gesture for invoking wiggle mode to edit apps.

This update is a huge update, and makes Forcy much more akin to true 3D Touch. If you own an older iOS device, I can highly recommend using it.

What do you think about the update?

  • There goes another reason to not get a 6S!

    • Scott

      Now if we can figure out how to get all other features of 3D like peek and swipe 🙂

      • Jonathan

        It’s being worked on, as far as I know.

      • Norbi Whitney

        UniversalForce has you covered. It’s still in beta and buggy, but it’s already pretty amazing.

      • Fajr A. Lodhi

        I tried it, cant seem to get the peek and pop feature working in the photos app 🙁

      • Norbi Whitney

        Do a medium-hold (between a tap and a longhold) and then move your finger down like a single pixel.
        It’s way too sensitive for now, and pops open if you descend just another few pixels.

      • Tony

        im waiting for it to be updated,
        1) to sensitive
        2) it seems to me that only one time the swipe down feature works
        3) it does not work with forcy nor does it with revealMenu

        Hopefully they will make it work perfectly.

      • Norbi Whitney

        too sensitive yes, 100% true.
        I’ve gotten used to it already and can consistently slide into the menus without popping.
        I have revealMenu installed and it causes no conflicts.

      • Cones1r

        What’s the repo for universalforce ?

    • Jonathan

      How about 2GB of RAM?

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        6/6Plus are powerful as well.

      • As a moderate user of my 6, I’ve never felt the need for 2GB of RAM.

      • Merman123

        Until you use an iPhone with 2GB of RAM … 🙂

      • With 1 GB of RAM it was the top selling phone on the planet before the 6S. That means people aren’t bothered as much as you are!

      • Merman123

        Well that mentality doesn’t translate with anything. That was only true because it was the best thing available at the time. Why did you buy the 6 if the 5S was a great seller ?

      • The amount of RAM in a phone does not influence my choice of a phone. I do feel the need of 2GB in my Air, but not in the phone. Simply because I do the heavy browsing etc all on the ipad.

      • Merman123

        It is much much more than heavy browsing that 2GB of ram influences. But ok, it is your setup and I shouldn’t have a say in it ! 🙂

      • Jake Platt

        It’s easy to say you don’t care about the extra ram now not having experienced an iPhone with it. But like any new iPhone features people claim they’re not fussed but once you have tried it you would struggle to go back. The 6s and the 6 are vastly different devices performance wise.

      • Manuel Molina

        I heard the 6S didn’t sell over the 6 on the first day release or pre-orders. Last year, apple mention the U.S. sales numbers only, but this year, they added other counties to stay that the 6S sold more than the 6.

      • It certainly isn’t selling as fast as the 6. Stocks are plenty everywhere and their supply chain has become super streamlined, they just started selling in India within less than a month of international release. So that tells you that stocks are aplenty. All this means that the 7 will break all existing records, next year!

      • Manuel Molina

        Yeah, that’s actually what I noticed. I remember how tough it was to get the 6Plus and the wait it took to find it in stores or in Apple at 5 Ave in the city. But the 6S I can order right now and have it held for me at this moment through Apple’s website. It’s also funny to say that after updating my phones each year from 3GS to 6Plus, I think the 7 is gonna be great and worth the year wait.

      • Tony

        Im waiting for watchdog pro support for iOS 9, i found 1GB RAMwas enough for running YouTube safari settings instagram in forced state, i had no lagg and still had RAM left, for me 1 is enough!

      • Blacklight: Retribution

        There is a big difference in speed between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus.

    • Manuel Molina

      A lot of the 6S features were capable of emulating, and I think that’s what made a lot of people hold off.

  • VWH

    Can this be installed on my mini?

    • Bradley Hines

      It’s compatible with all devices

      • Joey

        What about my iphone 4…?

      • Bradley Hines

        No it’s not compatible because you don’t have iOS 9.

  • Kenny NL

    Now…this could be really sweet if they’d use the native 3dtouch menu for 3rd party apps! Would definitely jailbreak my 6 plus.

    • Norbi Whitney

      They do

      • Kenny NL

        Really? So every app updated with 3D Touch support can be used with this tweak? I thought it only supports a few basic apps

      • Tony

        Try it on Instagram or Facebook, they work both. So YES, every app updated with 3D Touch support can be used with this tweak.

      • Norbi Whitney

        Can confirm that instagram, swarm, and dropbox have working menus.

  • IkillYou

    Will it work with ipad air 2

    • VWH

      Worked on my mini!

      • IkillYou

        will it seems like i cant open cydia after installing it,it crushes when i open it

  • VWH

    Works sweet on my mini! I apologize in advance. I want to jb my iphone 6 Plus and on beta 5 of 9.1. Same setup on my mini. I backed up and did a fresh install of 9.0.2 on the mini. When I tried to restore a backup on iTunes the error I got was the software was too old to restore from that backup. Forcing me to start from scratch. What did I do incorrectly? I thought backing up before downgrading would work. I want to jb my iPhone but I have so much stuff that its cumbersome to start over.

  • nvog

    Does it work only iOS 9, or we can install it on our 8.4 jailbreak devices as well ???

    • Marcel Herba

      iOS 9 only

  • Jtzll Fy Niaina

    I would’ve preferred the option to swipe down instead of up cause I feel that’s more convenient and also, why isn’t this tweak available for older iOS? like 8.4? cause the new jailbreak is obviously with a whole lot of bugs that I for one do not want to expirience.

    • Fajr A. Lodhi

      The quick actions code is embedded in ios 9 by Apple, Forcy just finds a way to emulate the 3D touch, so it wont work on ios 8.4

  • nonchalont

    This tweak works ok. Haptic feedback not working for me on my 5s.

    • Micaiah Martin

      Works on mine. Try checking the settings. Or reinstall

  • Christopher Shaun

    Upon trying to install using iOS 8.4 I’m met with a message saying modification cannot be made due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?? Thanks.

    • David Shores

      3D touch was implemented by Apple only on iOS9, and doesn’t exists in 8.4. The dev is just taking advantage of what’s already there and assigning an action to it for those of us with older devices.

  • David

    Doesn’t it feels laggy on 6 Plus?

    • Soran Ebrahim

      Yes, it’s laggy.