App Store Down

If you’re having problems downloading apps or installing updates from the App Store, you’re not alone. I am not able to download apps or install updates, and another colleague has verified the same. Also, if you check Apple’s system status page, you’ll see where the iTunes Store is experiencing issues.

This issue appears to be affecting iTunes Store, App Store, and Mac App Store purchases and updates. Best advice? Just be patient until Apple gets things resolved.

iTunes Store System Status

You can visit Apple’s system status page to keep an eye on all of its services. Once the iTunes Store issue is resolved, you should see the system status change from yellow to green. Note that this issue doesn’t appear to affect all users, as some of us on the iDB team are able to use the App Store with no problem.

A quick Twitter search shows that this issue is a real problem affecting numerous App Store users:

App Store Down Twitter Search

According to Apple’s system status, this issue has been occurring since at least 12:30PM EST. Here’s what Apple had to say on the matter:

Users are experiencing a problem with the service listed above. We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.

The iTunes Store includes the App Store, so it’s not just music or video purchases and downloads that are affected, App Store downloads and updates are affected as well.

Mac App Store Issue

The Mac App Store is affected as well

Once the issue has been resolved, we’ll be sure to update this post with the details. Are you being affected?

Update: The iTunes Store is back up now as of 3:20 EST.

  • ImGodlike

    Yes… “plist parsing error” while trying connect…

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Mine works fine, I just downloaded an app.

  • HfzD°

    Issues here for Singapore store.

  • Hydro Mac

    Same here on MAS. Wish Apple has stuck with direst downloads rather than is flaky procedure you have to use now to install apps on a Mac

  • JRDN

    Glad I’m not the only one

    • pegger1

      Well isn’t that nice of you. You’d rather bring everyone down with you, than take one for the team haha

  • xHnT

    Problems in polish appstore…

  • Rizan

    When i really need to download something it’s down!!!

  • Same here for Philippines app store. I hope it’s now fixed since I just woke up.