Mountek nGroove mount

Nobody listens to CDs anymore, am I right? OK, I know that CDs are still the most popular form of physical music. However, if you’ve got 20GB of music right on your iPhone 6s, then you probably don’t have a binder full of CDs in your glove box. Which means you probably don’t use the CD player in your car very often.

Why not make use of that dusty old CD player by using it to mount your iPhone 6s? Mountek’s nGroove is a universal dashboard mount that fits into the CD player slot. So, it doesn’t get in the way of your air conditioner, it’s not using up valuable cup holder space, and it isn’t in your way when you are trying to see out of your windshield.

The mount has a thin plastic strip that slides into the CD player slot. Once inside, you can turn the adjustment knob, which expands the width of the plastic strip. After you’ve “opened” the plastic strip, it will be anchored inside the CD player.

The cradle, which is made out of plastic and has a foam lining, expands to fit most smartphones, including the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Squeeze together the expandable grips to secure your device in place. Press the quick-release button at the bottom to release the grips and remove your device.

The cradle rotates on a ball joint, so you can adjust your iPhone 6s in a variety of different positions. There is a platform on the bottom of the cradle that you can remove if you need to access your charging port. The platform is there for added security from potential slippage of your device.

Mountek’s nGroove universal CD slot mount is available on Amazon for $23. It has a four-out-of-five star rating from more than 4,400 reviews.

  • coLin

    I’m worried that if you break the CD player or scratch it, the resale value of the car goes down, but the holder is cool to have

    • Manuel Molina

      They won’t really know if it’s a lease. They won’t check it. But as a sell off, it def could kill the value because the plastic breaks in those players sometimes.

    • Dan

      Been using once in my car for years, CD still works fine.

  • Rob

    Are these product showcases things that iDB staff find useful, or are they just ads from sponsors? If so you should probably mention that somewhere.

    • These are products we find useful, interesting, original, or simply worth mentioning. This post is not a review, meaning we didn’t get to go hands on with the product. This post is not sponsored. We didn’t receive money from the maker of this product to talk about it. See our Disclosure page for more details

      Bottom line. If the post is a review, it usually is clearly labeled as such. If the post is sponsored, it is also clearly labeled as such.

      • Rob

        Cheers, Sebastien.

  • Roy Chang

    I owned this, and i loved it! very useful!

    • Definitely more useful than a CD player 🙂

  • what if you could plug any iphone into a lighting adaptor and a small rectangle of the windshield became your iphone screen? Maybe thats for iphone 12 and the Apple Car

  • Tim smith

    Off topic: does anyone know of a waterproof case for the 6s plus?

  • J3ff

    I’ve owned this phone holder for 3 years! Awesome product! My girlfriend has been using it and loves it aswell

  • M_Hawke

    For $73 bucks???!!!!! Yeah, it better be “seriously amazing.” *whew*