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Episode 128: Because Jeff abandoned Cody and Sebastien for a well-deserved break, the two are left on their own. This episode includes discussions about various pet peeves, waterproofing the iPhone 6s, the new YiSpecter malware, privacy, and the jailbreak drought which is currently affecting everyone.

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Show notes

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  • kemal

    So is there a jailbreak coming up or what?

  • SKElite777

    Apple should be intentionally making its phones more water resistant because of this new iPhone upgrade program.

  • Bybymax

    Hi there! Great and interesting Podcast, not bus Jeff wasn’t there 😉
    I liked your analogy Sébastien about the glass of water. I have to confess I usually shut all my apps to supposedly save battery. Thing is, some apps use localization when they’re on (waze for exple, or Maps etc). Thus, my question is : do they drain your battery (using localization non-stop) ? The analogy would be : you have your glass of water half full, but there is a straw in it and your kid sitting next to you is drinking from it while you’re watching TV 😉

    Any idea ?


    • But, if Maps/Waze/whatever is not actively running, meaning it is not providing you directions, then it is suspended. It’s not because Maps is in your app switcher that it is actively tracking your location. It is not. These apps are just tracking your location when being used. Makes sense?

  • Don Walker II

    Unless your car is off long enough to to get cold, you are saving gas by turning off for an extended period of time. Actually, even a cold start isn’t necessarily burning much more gas, and certainly not as much as leaving there car running for the time it would have been.

  • zabrawn

    i want to get the iPhone 6s, but I can’t live without a jailbreak
    I feel neglected by everyone including iDB, panic with me please

  • Louis12

    Anyone having issues with Lock+, kept putting my phone into safe mode.
    iPhone 6+ 64GB IOS 8.4