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Episode 103: A deep discussion about Apple Music, the race to the bottom in the App Store, El Capitan favorite features, content blockers, and much more.

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  • Steven Honey

    I used a Mophie battery case on the iPhone 6. like Cody said, it’s great not having to worry about wires. The case is big, but still smaller than the iPhone 6PLUS. I just tried the life proof battery case for the 6 and on day 3 a charging problem occurred. The phone started alternating between charging and not charging every second. Took the case back. Also didn’t like how big that life proof case was. It’s bigger than the Mophie.

    The iPhone 6s barely fits into my old Mophie case. Fits too tight I think. Guess they will be out with another for the s models soon.

  • Merman123

    Cody, you would rather use an iPhone 6s with a tiny screen and a bulky battery pack, than a 6s+ with a beautiful screen and excellent battery life all in one ? :/
    I wouldn’t be able to do all the stuff you guys do like manual fetch and low brightness etc. That’s too much compromise for a $1,000 phone. I guess it’s because you guys work from home, but I rely on fetch and push for everything on my phone throughout my day.

    I think you guys are underestimating the amount of money $1-$2 apps make in the App Store. It’s enough that if your remotely popular, you will make a good amount of money. Same thing with free apps. You guys seem to be under the impression that they are working for free. The thing here is about precedent. I’ve seen bigger apps receive bigger updates for free/far less. Jeff mentions why we feel entitled to updates. Well, part of purchasing an app is expected support. So when these guys come up with updates years apart , and milk the price , I could see why people are upset. I’m not going to sit here and say it’s wrong , but I can’t pretend like there’s no reason to complain.

    About the content blockers , ads and tracking is crap. No way around it. But I understand that they are necessary , so unless I’m paying you to not see ads, then I’m in no position to block something from the sites that I visit. So of course, iDB is white listed on my phone. The only ads that mess up for me on iDB are the ones in the bottom near the Disqus comments. Nothing I can’t deal with though. Especially if it means supporting you guys.

    • George

      I don’t see how people can compare computer software to a tiny app on a phone that doesn’t do much.