Apple Watch Ads YouTube

Apple has been quite consistent with its YouTube channel updates, as it tonight posts six new ads for the Apple Watch. This follows up last week’s Apple Music Guided Tour video series, which itself followed new iPhone videos.

Each of the videos showcases a specific facet of the Apple Watch, including navigation, messages, health tracking, and Apple Pay. The six spots, which all last for about 16 seconds, provide quick glimpses into what makes Apple Watch special. Watch all six videos, and let us know which one is your favorite.The six videos are as follows: Ride, Sing, Date, Train, Sprinkle, Cycle. You can watch them below. Or, if you prefer, simply head over to Apple’s YouTube channel.

I personally like the second video, entitled Sing. I thought that was a clever showcase of the speech-to-text capabilities of the Apple Watch. Which is your favorite?

  • Alexander Sundiev

    I do use Apple Watch for workouts for the most part, so 2/6 ads hit exactly the activities that I use the device with. I’m not sure how useful it would be with navigation while on a motorcycle/bicycle. Any thoughts?

    • Might be nice, but i don’t drive a bike and in my car the iPhone is doing this job perfectly

  • diggitydang

    I really like my watch but these ads are pretty crappy.

    • Čráìg $êqùéîrâ

      Same here.

    • These adds a crap, still no reason to buy a 500$ Gimmik…

    • jaysoncopes

      Absolutely the most disappointing ads I’ve seen from them in a while. They remind me of horrible 80’s-imitation ads

  • They should highlight notifications, shopping lists, telephone calls in bed… beautiful backgrounds, turning on lights….

    • Shopping lists are the only thing a watch can do better than an iphone, but I still prefer pen and postit

  • I like my Watch, but none of these stood out to me as really memorable. They don’t have the same appeal to me as some of Apple’s other ads lately have had. Maybe because I only use 2/6 of the features the ads show.

  • Phil Randle

    These are good small ads for commercials, a lot of Apple’s other ads are quite long so this is good for filling that gap. The girl with the ice cream one is pretty good and will appeal to parents.

  • Yeah Yeah Yeah – Jax Jones, what a great song!

  • Vanitas

    Anyone who buys Apple is supporting massive social injustice and supporting slave labor. Children are worked to death to put these trinkets together, it’s 2015 and you have access to the internet and still don’t know this? Wow..just wow.

    Why don’t you do without your useless gadget that stands in for a real brain and help save a life, or make the world a better place? It’s 2015 people. 2015.

  • Mike549

    Apple continues to fall further behind HTC, Sony and Samsung. All three of those companies are showing true innovation with their development of virtual reality headsets that pair with their smartphones. I just got finished watching a movie on Netflix with my Samsung Gear VR on a virtual 120″ screen, while sitting in my office in real life. Just a little taste of the future from Oculus, John Carmack, and Samsung. I remember when Apple used to innovate, but that was when Steve Jobs was at the helm. They now have a social justice warrior running things who cares more about pushing divisive social issues than innovating, while at the same time hypocritically using slave labor to manufacture Apple products. As for the Apple watch, Samsung is on their sixth watch, and the Gear S2 makes the Apple watch seem, frankly, embarrassing in comparison.