Spyder PowerShadow battery case iphone 6

There is nothing worse than spending the day out with the family, only to realize as the evening approaches that your iPhone 6s is running out of juice. You could risk getting a time-lapse of the sunset, but that might mean you won’t be able to get directions back to the hotel. What will you do?

With Spyder’s PowerShadow case, you won’t have to choose one or the other. The ultra slim case gives you 120 percent of your iPhone 6s’ battery life back while protecting from drops.

The case is made from rugged polycarbonate with a rubberized coating and a patented “Silver Seal” antimicrobial finish to keep the device from collecting bacteria. At 12.5mm and only three ounces, it is one of the thinnest battery cases on the market.

The 2750 mAh battery provides a 120 percent battery boost, and the case is unique in that, when connected to the PowerShadow Dock (sold separately) you can charge the case and your iPhone at the same time. You’ll never have to remove your iPhone from its battery case again.

The case is shock resistant and water resistant to protect your iPhone 6 from drops and spills. Buttons and ports are sealed behind retractable caps until you need to remove them for access.

Spyder’s PowerShadow i6 comes in champagne, black, white, and titanium. It is available on Amazon for $100.

  • johnm

    look up powersuit pro. It’s half the price and only 2mm thicker (14mm).

  • Ryan

    A. The fact that a dock can charge it is not unique, Mophie does that.
    B. How much did Spyder pay you guys for this review? I’m not saying it wasn’t a good review, or this isn’t a good product, but it’d be great to have some disclosure for transparency’s sake. We all know running a website isn’t free.

    • Slifur

      It’s none of your business tho..

    • John

      I asked them before apparently it’s only when it says sponsered in the title ie actaully being paid. But i think that the companies send in free stuff. The reviewers can then sell it for money afterwards i think or they can use it

  • redjazon

    I’m happy with my MiLi battery case.