OS X El Capitan

Keeping true to its promise, Apple today launched the OS X 10.11 El Capitan software update for the Mac. El Capitan has the same system requirements as Yosemite, meaning it should run on any Mac introduced in 2009 and later, and some models introduced in 2007 and 2008.

The software update offers several new headline features while packing in a bunch of under-the-hood refinements designed to make your Mac run faster and more efficiently than before.

If you don’t see the update in the Mac App Store’s Updates tab yet, give it a while as these things take time to propagate through the Interwebs. By the way, you can manually run a search for ‘El Capitan’ in the Mac App Store and install it from there.

You can upgrade your Mac to El Capitan by applying the free of charge OS X 10.11 software update through the Updates tab of the Mac App Store. The installer will launch automatically upon downloading in your Applications folder.

You can then copy the installer file to a thumb drive or external storage, or create a bootable El Capitan volume to install the operating system to multiple Macs and avoid having to re-download it on each machine individually.

Jeff has the full tutorial on preparing your Mac for OS X El Capitan.

In addition, you might want to consult these resources:

Over the course of the coming weeks and months, we will be posting numerous how-tos and tutorials covering El Capitan’s features.

So, will you make a jump to El Capitan?

  • ozerilker

    I cannot see any upgrade. Including Apple website.

    • Technocrz!

      It not comes as an upgrade you have to get it for free from Mac App Store

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        got it

      • ozerilker

        When I check it doesn’t exist on Mac AppStore too. That’s why I wrote this comment.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    Is there an update to the GM

    • I don’t think so at least I’m not seeing one so I’m guessing the final release is the same as the GM?

  • Not there for me as well :/ Guess I gotta wait more

  • Sailor_V90

    Time Goes By… So Slowly…

  • Kmoxstar

    If you go into the Mac app store and search El Capitan you can find it that way.

    • Sailor_V90

      Thank You Kind Ser! I am now downloading.

    • Jed K. Thomas

      Thanks bro, was looking all over for it.

    • Simon Moorhouse

      Thank you!!

  • Jakob


    • Sailor_V90

      I was at 27mins then all of sudden I went up to almost 5 hours 🙁

  • Tarek Al Shawi

    Worth it? I’m on Late 2013 MBP

    • Mike M. Powell

      Yeah it’s very smooth I got a Mid 2012 13″ MacBook Pro and it works smooth, and I just upgraded my moms newly (same as mine) and works just fine ^_^

  • Connecting Mac User 

    Yosemite has been pulled from the Mac App Store! El capitan loading..

  • webstylecenter

    Only getting: “A server with the specified hostname could not be found.”…

    • ravinigga


      • webstylecenter

        I got it downloading now, at 5MB p/s. After I changed my network settings to work with the following DNS settings: and – Maybe this helps for you as well.

      • ravinigga

        I heard server for eu are unavailable

  • xHeavyKevy

    It says it’s downloading but there’s no progress bar at all

    • AOGV

      Head over to the “purchases” tab on the Mac App Store and you’ll see all your download apps. There you will find the progress bar for OS X El Capitan