screen protector 3D Touch

Among the first question that popped up once 3D Touch was officially revealed was this: how well will 3D Touch work with screen protectors on the iPhone 6s? Fortunately, the answer to that question came around fairly quickly, but there’s nothing like trying it out for yourself.

The folks at Spigen sent over a few new accessories, and over the last few days, I’ve been putting its GLAS.tR SLIM tempered glass screen protector to the test. In the following video, I’ll show you the results of my testing.

I found that, as Apple stated, as long as the screen protector is 0.3mm thick or less, electrically conductive, and lacks air gaps, it should work well. The Spigen GLAS.tR worked perfectly fine and didn’t interfere with 3D Touch at all. I was able to do app icon 3D Touch gestures, and it even played nice with the App Switcher 3D Touch gesture.

As you guys probably know, I’ve never been big on screen protectors or cases in general, but I’m looking to do things a bit differently this time around. My iPhone 6 Plus is full of hairline screen scratches, and some are fairly deep. I’m not super particular when it comes to things like that, but I figured I’d give a screen protector a shot this time around.

iPhone 6 Plus hairline scratches

My iPhone 6 Plus with tons of hairline scratches

I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date, but I’m actually kind of digging this screen protector. I’m not too keen on the fact that it doesn’t extend all the way to the edge of the screen, but I think that’s the design Spigen was aiming for. Whatever the case may be, the design doesn’t interfere with the 3D Touch gestures in any way.

One of the main things that I hate about screen protectors is how difficult they can be to install. Since this is glass, however, it’s actually pretty easy to install correctly. As long as you properly clean the screen using the included tools to remove any dust, the screen protector sort of suctions itself on to the iPhone’s screen. There isn’t a lot of manual labor required to get the GLAS.tR on properly as long as you line it up right.

Spigen Glas.t R side profile

With the Spigen GLAS.tR installed

We’ll see how it goes, but for now, I’m keeping this screen protector on my iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. I know that sounds weird coming from me, but this is a new generation, and I’m ready to do things a bit differently than I have in the past.

You can pick up the GLAS.tR slim from Amazon for $7.99. What do you think? Would you consider using a screen protector on your iPhone 6s?

  • Nathan

    Zagg is the best. Their warranty is a blessing.

    • I’ll have to try them out. I really love how easy it is to install the Spigen though. As long as you do a good job cleaning the screen, and keep dust down, it pretty much just installs itself. Obviously you have to line it up right, but I didn’t find that to be too difficult.

      • Nathan

        Oh I forgot to specify — I use the Zagg GLASS protector. Lining up is the only thing you have to do with that screen protector too 😀

      • Jamessmooth

        Which phone do you have it for? I used the zagg hdx for my 6 plus and I absolutely loved it. I would say it’s the best screen protector I’ve ever used. This time around I wanted to be different and I bought the hd glass, but it’s still in the box cause I can’t pull the trigger lol.

      • Nathan

        iPhone 5s!

      • IMO The HDX > Glass.. No chips or cracks to worry about. I had the Zagg glass first btw.

      • James

        You’ve never used Zagg?? The invisibleshield is the best screen protector out there and if you just get the standard, non-glass clear version, you can hardly even tell it’s there. glass screen protectors are ugly and add bulk.

      • yes, quality tempered glass screen protector installs itself fleetly and no bubbles.

    • Jon K

      $25 is WAY too much for a glass protector. I had one in the past and it cracked, even if their warranty is good. You can get equally rated ones on Amazon 2 for $8 and they work just the same. For $25 I could get 6 and replace it ever 2 months just because.

      • Rowan09

        With Zagg you’re paying for the warranty and they are of great quality compared to the cheaper models.

      • disqus_dU4mke9o87

        Go to amazon or ebay, you can buy a good one for less than $8. Regardless of warranty, you replace them 3 times and they end up at $25.

      • James

        you get what you pay for, guys. once you replace your cheap protector 3 times, sure it’s the same cost, but then what about the 4th and 5th time? i’ve never used the zagg glass or any glass protector but i can testify to the fact that their non-glass protectors are far better than cheaper alternatives in terms of clarity, protection, and adhesiveness, and they come with a lifetime warranty.

      • Dan

        I agree. I’ve been using 3$ ones off of ebay for years, they do the job.

    • [RECØИ1]

      Indeed. I’ve used them for years and a $6 warranty to replace it anytime you want is nice to have.

    • f1ght3r

      I disagree. I’ve tried both brands, and spigen’ products are well made using higher quality materials. I can’t say the same about Zagg.

    • JayDee917

      I agree. There’s a Zagg sales kiosk at a mall near me. Whenever the screen protector starts to look scratched, discolored, or starts to peel up, I just take it there and they replace it for free on the spot – no questions asked.

      When I used to have a white iPhone 4/4s I would replace the screen protector monthly because it would start to get dirty. Great value.

  • WDETFitness

    I am using a Coolreall full coverage glass screen shield and 3D Touch works great and I have edge to edge coverage. You can’t even tell I have one on the phone.

  • coLin

    The glass on the new iPhones is more resistant to scratches so why won’t you risk? (I’m also a screen protector hater)

    Please do a Spigen wireless charger case review please!

    • I know… I’m just worried about it. The new iON-X Glass should technically prevent this, but I’m not so sure.

      • Firedomain

        Probably a good presumption. I stupidly reached behind my aquarium without thinking with my new Apple watch sport on & it rubbed against the painted wall… I was devastated to see a nice deep scratch in the Ion-X glass…. There goes the resale value :'(
        & to think I was considering putting a screen protector on it… If only…

      • DevXav

        Excellent choice Jeff

        I only didnt like the fact that the screen protector doesnt cover the screen corners..

        Also you didn’t mention if iphone 6 glass screen protectors will work with the 6s..

      • Joonyaboy

        I wouldn’t trust it. I was holding my dog and she scratched my Apple Watch with her claw.

    • Jon K

      That’s marketing talk. End of the day any type of glass is going to scratch so better safe than sorry for a few bucks.

    • n0ahcruz3

      haven’t watched the 6s 6s+ drop test?

      • coLin

        no, but I watched the scratch test instead. I think we’re talking about two separate things aren’t we? 🙂

      • n0ahcruz3

        Lol my bad ;-P

  • Jake Platt

    I have used screen protectors on every iPhone I’ve owned and the first thing I do when taking it out the box is put one on, even before switching it on. Its a simple preventative measure to avoid screen scratches and it enhances resale value having a completely scratch proof screen. I’ve tried a lot of brands and have found Belkin to be the best. They used to be expensive but with so much competition around in the market their iPhone accessories have come right down in price. I have one on my 6s and 3D Touch works 100% perfectly.

  • Al

    I had a glass screen protector for my 6 Plus, but after constantly putting my iPhone in my pocket.. the glass of the screen protector kinda chipped around the edges.

    This time around.. I’ve picked up the TechArmor Edge to Edge for my 6s Plus… Works perfectly with 3D Touch.

  • Checked out the review on Amazon and a lot of people are complaining that the screen protector doesn’t cover the whole display and it stops too soon before the curved edge.

    • Jake Platt

      This is because the protectors don’t adhere properly over a curved surface and eventually lift off, so reputable brands play it safe now and have the edge of the protector well clear of where the screen begins to curve. It was never a problem for iPhones in the past because they were square shaped so the protector went right to the edge. The early screen protectors for the iPhone 6 didn’t take this into account and went beyond the curve, which resulted in them not sticking down properly and lifting away over time. So any protector you get now will be well clear of the curved edge.

  • The_Kingfish

    Only 4 days out of the gate and your 6s Plus has scratches all over the screen? Damn @JeffBenjam:disqus you must be hard on phones. 🙂

    • The_Kingfish

      As for installing screen protectors, it’s very easy if you know how. The trick is, to lay it down first without peeling off any of the protective plastic and take a long piece of scotch tape and secure the long end of the protector to the long edge of the phone. Take your time and get it lined up and positioned just right no matter how long it takes. Then flip the protector off the phone so it’s attached by the long edge and wipe all the dust and fingerprints off the screen of the phone. Then peel off the bottom plastic and with one fluid motion, flip the screen protector back onto the phone. if you lined it up carefully with the plastic on and taped the long edge down you should have it lined up on the phone fairly perfectly and if you cleaned the screen of the phone with a microfiber cloth or the little cloth that comes with a lot of the screen protectors, there should be little to no dust or fingerprints under the protector. If there’s any bubbles, take a credit card or cardboard beer coaster from a bar and work them to the closest edge or opening (like around the home button or ear piece hole) until they disappear.

      I used to hate putting on screen protectors too, but a friend of mine who does vinyl decals on the sides of trucks and signs showed me the above tricks. Now I get them on usually on the first shot but sometimes on the rare occasion I need to toss the first protector and use the second one that comes in the package.

    • Rowan09

      No he made a mistake by putting 6s Plus as you can see in the picture he puts the correct version. The Zagg screen protectors are dummy proof. They have 2 tabs for you to hold while lining everything up.

      • The_Kingfish

        Usually the smiley face at the end denotes a hint of sarcasm. And I’ve tried Zagg. In the time it takes to line up the protector with the two tabs while the adhesive is exposed is time that dust can get stuck to it like a magnet. Taking your time and getting it all lined up with the plastic still on then taping the long edge secure means there’s only a split second where you peel off the plastic then do a quick flip. I’ve done dozens that way and everything lines up perfectly with zero dust problems. But if you like Zagg and the tabs method I say go for it. Whatever works I suppose, and that’s really all that matters, doesn’t it?

      • Rowan09

        Yeah I know but wasn’t sure. Yeah that’s all that matters.

  • RubbaNeck

    That’s the first thing I do before I even think about powering up the phone! Screen protectors are a must. Keeps resale value tip top as well.

    • neorich

      I totally agree. I bought a 6s yesterday.
      I won’t even leave the store without one fitted! :O)

      Apple now have these Belkin Gizmos that fit Screen Protectors flawlessly. The guy who served me said he wasn’t sure whether they still offered that service.

      I said I’d walk over the Shopping Centre and buy one from The Carphone Warehouse, where they would definitely fit one, whereupon, he immediately agreed to do one for me..

      I wish all manufacturers would follow OnePlus’s lead and send them out from the Factory with a basic Screen Protector fitted..and then the customer can decide whether they want to remove it and apply a “better” one, or not!

  • Ds

    has anyone been able to try a Zagg Luxe Glass screen protector? I’m interested in one but haven’t heard much about it other than what I can find on their website.

  • What’s the lifetime of a screen protector (how often should you change them?).

  • mickey

    I hate how glass protectors feel on the 6 design due to the curved edges. Edge swipes (tage/activator/back) feel so much smoother without one. Any cheap TRUE (not 2.5D) edge to edge protectors out there? The only ones I’ve seen run well over 40$. At that price I’d just use it naked and pay for the $100 screen replacement if the worst were to happen. Personally I could care less about surface scratches in the screen coating. As long as it’s not a real scratch that is visible with the screen on. Resale value only varies so much unless you’ve got significant cosmetic damage. I stopped caring for a few extra bucks after apple convinced me it was normal to pay close to a grand for a phone.

  • Antzboogie

    It’s better the protectors don’t go all the way to the edge of the iPhone sometimes because it peels off with tight slim cases the overlap the edges a little.

    • Penny Crumble

      Agree with you.. that’s why I never look for those edge to edge ones. Got a tempered glass from Jedi Shield that fits nicely to the bumper case I just bought for my iphone 6s.

  • nvog

    I surely hoped for someone creating a glass screen protector with a curved border so that all surface is covered and let the phone seem aesthetically good looking.

    Besides, with current glasses it seems (and feels) somehow awkward trying to swype on screen and your finger getting stuck on the edge of the glass protector…. I know, it’s more work and technical stuff to deal with upon manufacturing it, but the result would seem right and surely more complete.

    All in all, I always use s screen protector upon unboxing, but I try find the most “professional” one.

  • M_thoroughbred

    I had the Zagg glass screen protector and to be honest it’s a rip off (for me). I replaced it 3X and had to pay $11.99 each time for shipping and handling and I didn’t even drop my phone. I end it up getting one that costs $5 and to me it’s the same minus the price tag. I had the privacy Zagg glass screen protector it does look nice but I don’t think it’s worth it after going through 4 of them.

  • leart

    there’s no good point to invest on those expensive screen protectors, after 1-2 years no one will give a sh** about some hairline scratches, the device will loose value no mater what.. so enjoy your device till is the latest 🙂
    ps. I have iphone 4-4s without any single scratch or mark, does this make them more valuable ? no, all this care doesn’t worth at all

  • Jacque Miller

    Hey Jeff great article, I just got my first ever glass protector for my iPad Air 2 and loved it so much I just ordered one for my iPhone 6 plus! The brand I got was Anker, I got it off of amazon and the clarity is amazing and the install was so easy and it comes with a lifetime warranty. You should try one of theirs they are very affordable and great quality.

  • Iliya Motamedi

    hi Jeff are u still using protector ?
    any recommendation for 6s ?

    and do u use edge to edge type ?
    what u say about 6s screen compare to 5s , as not getting scratch ?

  • Dan Alexander

    I do the same thing. It’s pure insanity!