Low Power Mode Save iPhone 6s iOS 9 Battery Life

Low Power Mode is a feature geared towards saving battery life in iOS, but it’s probably not a feature that you’ll necessarily want to keep enabled at all times. That said, data does support the fact that Low Power Mode results in significantly better battery life.

But instead of using Lowe Power Mode at all times, which takes the reigns to try to reduce battery usage by itself, you can manually configure your iPhone in such a way to optimize battery life.

Keep in mind that this list is subjective, and everything on it is optional. I wouldn’t expect any of you to apply all 12 of these suggestions. Instead, mix and match features that seem to work for you and your usage style and requirements. Read more to find out different ways you can save battery life on your iPhone 6s.

How to Improve iPhone Battery Life

Disable motion-enabled wallpaper

Go to Settings → Wallpaper → Choose New Wallpaper and select a Still wallpaper instead of a Dynamic of Live wallpaper.

Select Stills Wallpaper

Turn off background refresh

Go to Settings → General → Background App Refresh and disable the Background App Refresh Toggle.

Background App Refresh

Turn on auto brightness

Go to Settings → Display & Brightness, and enable Auto-Brightness.

Auto Brightness

Disable UI motion

Go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Reduce Motion, and toggle on the Reduce Motion switch.

Reduce Motion

Disable automatic mail fetch

Go to Settings → Mail → Accounts → Fetch New Data, and disable Push and select Manually for Fetch.

Mail Fetch

Disable Untethered Hey Siri

Go to Settings  → Siri, and disable Allow “Hey Siri.”

Hey Siri Off

Disable Siri Suggestions

Go to Settings → General → Spotlight Search, and disable the Siri Suggestions switch.

Siri Suggestions

Disable Location Services

Go to Settings → Privacy → Location Services, and disable the Location Services switch.

Location Services

Disable 4K Video

Go to Settings → Photos & Camera → Record Video, and select the 720p HD or 1080P HD option for 30 fps.

Disable 4K iPhone

Enable Auto-Lock for 30 Seconds

Go to Settings → Display & Brightness → Auto-Lock, and select 30 Seconds.

Auto-Lock 30 Seconds

Disable Automatic Downloads

Go to Settings → iTunes & App Stores, and disable all toggles under Automatic Downloads.

Disable Auto Updates

Enable Low Power Mode

Go to Settings → Battery and switch on Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode

As mentioned at the outset, when push comes to shove, you can always enable Low Power Mode and save lots of battery life without messing with a lot of different settings. Low Power Mode is an appealing option, because it allows you to enable many of the aforementioned settings with a single toggle. It also won’t touch things like Location Services, which some people may feel is a little on the extreme side of the battery saving mission.


You can always go to extremes when it comes to saving battery life. My goal was to try to keep the iPhone moderately useful despite my battery saving attempts. For that reason, you won’t see me disable things like Bluetooth, Cellular, enabling greyscale mode, etc. I’d like to save battery at times, but not at the expense of every feature on my iPhone.

What battery saving tips and tricks do you have? Please share them with us.

  • igobythisname

    cool, thanks for this post 😉

    • You’re very welcome.

      • igobythisname

        The 6S Plus (my new phone) is listed/rated for 40hrs of audio music playback… I’m barely getting 6-8hrs.. ugh!!! I imagine I’d have to put my phone in airplane mode, turn off the screen, and NOT use my Bluetooth headphones if I ever want to see close to 40hrs.. 🙁 this is just about the same as my 5S.. I was really looking forward to increased usage/battery capacity after the specs on the 6 Plus…. so far it’s just the same 🙁 🙁 🙁

      • Alan Bynum

        The battery gets better with time as the device learns your usage habits and adjusts. give it a little time.

      • I am

        Is that your gut feeling or has Apple mentioned this anywhere?

      • Martynet

        Actually I find Bluetooth headphones better for saving battery life, because they don’t need power from the iPhone.

      • DevXav

        Jeff could you run a battery test comparing i6, i6+, i6S and i6S+?

      • NoOne

        Your very colored, you need’s to go back to mexico or africa or mooslim or whatever discusting country you from,.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Lol too bad we have to disable some cool iOS 9 features just to save battery. If only Apple could’ve put more juice.

    • Yeah, but the point of this post is to show what’s possible. Like I said at the outset, don’t go and implement all 12 of these items at a time. Pick and choose your battles. Personally speaking, I don’t use any of these sans Low Power Mode, and I’m fine. Then again, I’ve been using an iPhone 6s Plus, which features better battery life.

      • I have the iPhone 6s Plus and the battery life is the best.

      • n0ahcruz3

        I agree with you jeff. Next time I upgrade im going for the Plus.

      • Guy

        What happen to the 6s?

      • I still have it, but I don’t think I like the smaller screen. I changed my mind.

      • RarestName

        Does it have noticeably poorer graphics as compared to the smaller variant?

      • Guy

        Same here my 6s is perfect for one handed use and surprisingly typing. For browsing media its lacking compare to my iPhone 6 Plus. Going to get the 6s Plus extremely soon.

      • James

        yeah i think a lot of people complaining about battery life have the 6 or 6s. the plus is way better for obvious reasons.

      • Daniel Sims

        I used some of the tips above and it has drastically improved my battery life. I get 2 days out of my iPhone 6s and it’s still only on 20% by then! (I listen to about 2hrs of music on soundcloud per day and watch plenty of YouTube)

      • Daniel Sims

        I also recommend not using your battery past 20% and don’t constantly top up battery as it affects the durability of the lithium-ion battery 🙂

  • Why don’t they turn off their phones. That’ll save more battery.

  • Dany Quirion

    Ive always been doing that.. But still compared to the 6 im gettibg much less battery life on the 6s, for exemple i watch 2 hours of video on wifi and lost more then 20% while with my iphone 6 i would lose at max 10% I mean i understand the battery is a bit smaller but it shouldnt change that much.

  • Dany Quirion

    Low power mode is a cool feature but it slows the phone by half, try doing a geek bench on low power mode the result will be sliced by 50% so theres no point of using a iphone 6s if you put it always in low powrr mode.. It would be the power equivalente of the 5s lol

    • When the 5s came out everyone raved about how powerful it is and used it with no problem. Shit ppl still use it. Doesn’t sound like a bad trade off.

  • askep3

    How much does having Bluetooth off really save on the iPhone 6s?

  • askep3

    How much does having Hey Siri off really save on the iPhone 6s?

  • johnsm

    Here’s what LPM does:

    No auto mail update
    Auto-lock in 30s
    Background App Refresh off
    Lower brightness
    Automatic downloads off (app update)
    Dynamic wallpapers off
    Perspective zoom off
    40% lower CPU performance

  • John²

    More like “how to make your iPhone 6s useless and look like crap.”

    • Robbie_G

      John this is only talking about saving battery life. It wont make the phone useless and crappy

  • Jake Platt

    Really informative post. A lot of good battery saving tips that I had forgotten about. I think most people could turn majority of these features off and not miss them.

  • Mullies

    My 6s went from 66% to 5% while I was asleep for seven hours… The 6 might lose 20%, but not 61!

    • James

      Then it must have been actively doing something while you were sleeping. That is not normal behavior for any iPhone.

      • Mullies

        What like though? I’ve done everything in this article, and even now while I’m just browsing the web it’s going down at a rate of 1% a minute…

      • James

        Hard to say without handling the phone myself. You’ve turned location services off? What about bluetooth? Do you have an Apple Watch or other bluetooth device paired with it?

      • Mullies

        I’ve turned off everything except location services because I use Citymapper a lot. No Bluetooth pairing. I’m not doing anything new, but it’s draining so much faster than the 6, I’m wondering if it’s faulty. I’m happy to have it on power save mode all the time necessary though.

      • James

        Location services can really drain your battery, especially if it’s actively using your location. You may need to adjust the location usage for that specific app in Settings, but even that might not help. I know there was an app that was kind of popular for tracking your fitness that stayed on all the time, even when it wasn’t open and it drained my battery like crazy, so I deleted it. You can always try an exchange, but it’s probably the app’s fault.

  • James

    shouldn’t these things be obvious to iDB readers? most of them, I’d want to keep enabled anyway and i’ll live with whatever that means for my battery life. fyi, i think turning on reduce motion also disabled live wallpapers, so that may be redundant. you might want to double check. I would, but i had to send my 6s plus back due to backlight issues.

  • LowEnd

    Hi want to ask how do you guys set your auto-brightness? Is it the best to activate it in a dark room then walk out in the light?

  • Robbie_G

    Thank Jeff, very helpful. Lovin my 6S and don’t want to have to get a new battery anytime soon

  • Dave.

    Does anybody know which drains the battery faster-pure white pixels or pure black on this type of screen? If I can save some juice simoly by changing the wallpaper, I’m all about that.

  • NoOne

    This sound’s liek some socialism, tell me what to do with MY hard earned second amenment right’s!