Leave it to Beats By Dre to come up with an in-ear headphone system that finally stays put whether you’re running, doing jumping jacks or any other physical activity. iBeats By Dre In-Ear Headphones are specially crafted to provide the highest quality sound with maximum comfort, as well as the iconic style that made Beats a household name. At a full 50% off, you won’t find a better bang for your buck – get them now for $49.

Enjoy the high-resolution sound you’ve come to expect from Beats By Dre, while savoring the deep bass, clean mids and fantastic highs, in an exclusive driver design and solid metal housing. The cable seems more durable than that of most earbuds, offering on-cable playback control, while the ControlTalk built-in mic allows for hands-free calling. Choose between multiple size ear-tips for a snug fit that’s perfect for your preferences.

Their unique design blocks out unwanted external noise, and the included ear-tips guarantee the perfect fit so you’re sure to get a whole lot more than bragging rights with your new headphones. Get them now with free shipping for $49.

  • Shadowelite123


  • Shingo

    is this bluetooth or not?

    • Cameron Nelms


  • Abhishek

    Will get beat earphones with iphone 7 !!

    • Gary LE

      For reals should be about time now that they acquire beats

  • Pj Hickey

    can i buy these even if I’m in the UK ?

  • Raph Ael

    Again just US…..

  • Matheus Lisboa

    These have a decent sound, but break way too easily… mine did in less than 2 months. I looked at some reviews and a lot of people shared the same experience

  • Sleetui

    I believe a typo is in the above advertisement/article. “specially crafted to provide the highest quality sound” is false. You mean the worse earphones ever made and are simply for style.

  • HL6k

    Yo I ordered this on Oct 4th and still haven’t got them