iPhone 6s vs 6s Plus OIS

We speculated about the difference between the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus when it comes to the lack of optical image stabilization in the former. We’ve even read first hand accounts of how much of a difference it makes.

But seeing is believing, and this new video really emphasizes the differences between taking video with the iPhone 6s, a device that lacks OIS, and the iPhone 6s Plus, which features OIS built in. If you plan on taking lots of handheld videos with your new iPhone, you don’t want to miss this.

The difference is painfully obvious. The shaky cam effect when trying to shoot handheld video with the iPhone 6s is the typical look that we see from nearly all smartphones these days. I find the effect to be nauseating, and as such, I always try to opt for a tripod or at least a monopod when shooting video with my phone.

Admittedly, most people won’t care about this, and some of you may have not even noticed it—that’s just how most videos shot from smartphones are these days. But the iPhone 6s Plus’ video footage is silky smooth, even when the camera man moves around, pans, tilts, etc. This side-by-side comparison really illustrates why having OIS is such a nice luxury for those shooting handheld.

The only problem is you have to give up something in order to get OIS, namely portability. If video is one of the most important things for you, then it’s probably a no brainer, you go with the 6s Plus, but I’m not sure if video is that important to me. Not to the point where I put up for another year with hand cramps due to the unwieldy form factor of the Plus model.

I’ve been known to change my mind every now and then, though.

Source: Giga Tech

  • William Melendez

    Cant wait for snowboarding season! I’ve noticed my videos were pretty good when I filmed it with my 6 plus last season. Although I’ll be using more of my new Go Pro I just bought.

    • therealjjohnson

      Took my hero 4 skiing and got some great footage. I was too scared to use my 6Plus. I think I’m going to use it this time though.

      • Matt Tanner

        You should really check out the Hitcase Pro for iPhone its a really awesome case that basically turns an iPhone into an action cam.

      • Mitchell Flores

        I only see them for the iPhone 6, no iPhone 6+

    • Peter

      That’s awesome! I have the GoPro Here 4 Black and I’ve been featured on GoPro’s Photo of the Day and as well as Mexico’s GoPro Instagram account. It’s a good camera!

  • therealjjohnson

    I would love to see a comparison video of the 6Plus next to the 6SPlus. I’m interested in if they made OIS better in the S model or does the 6S just not have digit stabilization like the 6 did. The difference wasn’t so pronounced the last go around.

    • I think the 6 Plus only had OIS for photos and not videos whereas the 6S Plus has OIS for both, but I might be wrong.

      • Rowan09

        Yes you are correct.

      • therealjjohnson

        I remember seeing a lot of video comparisons of the 6 vs 6Plus showing the difference in optical vs digital stabilization for video. Just went on YouTube to confirm. This confuses me…

  • GMUSIK805 .

    I will go for the 6S+

  • nirmitlamed

    This is what i hate about Apple. OIS can definitely be on iPhone 6s, but nooo its too “premium” feature for the smaller iPhone. I think blogs and news website should criticize Apple for not including iPhone 6s too.

    • That_Fruitarian

      You must hate every manufacturer in the world because they all do this.

      Ever compare a base model vehicle to its top of the line brethren?

      • George

        There should not be a difference in specs especially when your 5.5 inch phone is only for a certain user base.

      • That_Fruitarian

        Well, there is. Deal with it.

      • George


      • That_Fruitarian

        Ok but it still doesn’t have it. Lol

      • omakad

        You can hardly call iPhone 6s base model. It has everything 6s + has and I also think it needs to have ois. There is no excuse for this. If I’m buying 6s and spending $900 I want everything. $900 is not a base model. I was under impression 6s had it. Does anyone knows any reason why this isn’t included on 6s? Not everyone wants a phablet.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you i like pocketablity, and its a shame the i6s wont have it. However, it could be due to a lack of space. I guess the only way to know is find a youtube tradown video on an i6s/i6splus and see if there is space. If there is space they reall should give the i6s OIS because apple sells premuim phones.

      • That_Fruitarian

        If it had everything the 6s+ has, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. And it’s not in the 6s because Apple didn’t include it. Don’t like it? Too bad!

      • mrgerbik

        Dont like that someone dosent like it?
        Too bad.

        Apologists really are goofy…

      • That_Fruitarian

        I couldn’t care less what he likes. Anyhow, can’t wait to pick up my 6s+ tomorrow.

      • omakad

        I’m asking why not? I don’t see any real reason. My purchase decision is not based on money but only on the size of the device. I don’t want the phablet but I do want all the latest and greatest including ois. It’s kind of weird. It’s not like 6s + is meant for photography/videography crowd. They are indent oval in every other feature but that.

      • That_Fruitarian

        I’ve heard it’s due to the size constraints. I haven’t been able to verify this though.

      • omakad

        That would make sense. I really don’t see any other reason.

    • diggitydang

      Smaller size to work with… I’m no genius and don’t know what goes into making a phone or putting OIS in it, but as I am reading, the smaller size meant they had to compromise on some features. Battery being one… OIS being another. Am I misunderstanding? Is OIS like, not a space hog at ALL???

      • That_Fruitarian

        You’re not misunderstanding.

    • Ben Miller

      OIS needs room in the case, which there isn’t enough in the smaller 6s, and OIS also needs power, whichs drains the already small battery in the 6s even faster.

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  • Ben Miller

    Please keep in mind that the video stabilization on the iPhone 6s works much better while filming in Full HD.

    • diggitydang

      Can you explain this one more? I want the 6s – I have a 6+ now, but take videos of my kids and this seems like a feature I can’t live without… if the gap really isn’t that big, I’d be interested in knowing…

      • Ben Miller

        The software video stabilization uses the excess space on the sensor to stabilize the video. While recording 4K, there is less space available on the sensor for stabilizing the video.

      • diggitydang

        Ahhhh, sorry, I got it now. I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing!

  • August Brown

    I know I am probably in the minority but I can count on both my hands the amount of video I have shot on my 6+. Mostly just still photos.

    Which is another reason why I am choosing the 6s this year.

    • diggitydang

      You must not have small kids… 🙂

      I take videos ALL the time… (yeah, I’m that parent – sorry!)…

      • August Brown

        I actually do have a 3 year old. I take plenty of photos. But she moves too quick to be able to grab a good video. Besides, not to be that person but when I am playing around with her, the last thing I think about is grabbing my phone.

      • diggitydang

        Haha. I hear you, but moving too quickly is exactly why OIS is valuable… And not to turn this discussion into a parenting one instead of a tech one, but my kids LOVE watching old videos of themselves. They are totally fascinated with seeing younger versions of themselves and they will have that forever to look back on.

  • Troy

    Do you guys think that the 6S Plus is worth it for somebody with small hands? I don’t want to buy it and end up hating it afterwards

    • JB

      Do not buy if you have small hands. I have big hands and still use two hands to operate the phone out of its’ case.

      I didn’t end up hating it, I just learned to love it.

    • diggitydang

      I have a 6+ and average hands, and I hate the size… I would want to move down to the 6s, but now, reading all the differences, I can’t decide so I haven’t done ANYTHING.

      I think the ultimate question is whether you will use the phone one handed or not… I didn’t realize how much I use it one-handed until I got the 6+ and the amount of times I drop it (I never dropped it with my 5s).

      • kaliente

        I had same thoughts. I have 6+ and buying 6s seems downgrade at some point. The fact is that it is not! I were really struggling with the 5,5″ phone for a year. OIS and battery is not enough to convince me for more struggling. I am buying 6s 64GB and it’s going to be cheaper, which is important too.

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Upvote this if you mistaken OIS for iOS!

  • Joonyaboy

    I’m sold. But already got 6s, so I guess its the 7+ for me next year!

  • Chindavon

    Pretty dumb that the 6S doesn’t have OIS.

    • Shadowelite123

      It actually makes sense. Without OIS, the differences between the 6S and the + are down to battery life, size, and resolution. That for a lot of people is too little to justify a $100 price difference between the 2 phones.

      • Mike

        I also think its pretty dumb because if I am still paying like $700 they should include OIS or you will have to wait another year just for OIS. Plus not everyone wants a big screen or can’t hold one so they have to stick with the 6S. I feel like screen size, battery life, and resolution is fine to charge $100 more.

        For example samsung has s6 and s6+. Both are the same exact thing mostly with feature so one person isn’t gaining anything over the other person expect screen size and battery life.

      • stainlesssteel

        “Without OIS, the differences between the 6S and the + are down to battery life, size, and resolution…too little to justify a $100 price difference”

        Market research contradicts this–approx 20% of iPhone 6 sales in the US, and 36% in Asia, were the Plus (CNBC-What’s selling better: iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Ansuya Harjani 20 Nov 2014). It’s far more plausible the bigger screen alone, was sufficient to justify the $100 extra, rather than OIS.

        A more plausible explanation is that Apple is guessing the net profit of the plain 6 would go down, given OIS would necessitate a slightly higher price. I would argue this is wrong–i too would rather have OIS on the smaller plain 6, and pay maybe $10-20 more.

  • ZeRoLiMiT

    I do video all the time! but don’t move like that! For fast action I use my GoPro!

  • I would go for the iPhone 6s Plus but it’s too damn big! I am not going to have a tablet in my pocket.

  • Chris Chaffin

    The only problem is you have to give up something in order to get OIS, namely portability????? really?

    its not this

    • Shadowelite123

      I agree with you and Jeff the same. I can’t really say much since I’ve never owned a 6+ but from handling my dads 6+ while it was in a case, it’s really not that bad. I never really liked big phones but well when I had my HTC Desire 510, it’s 4.7 inch display grew on me. I’ll have to see when I go grab my iPhone 6S tomorrow. I’ll have to see how I’ll be able to handle both phones.

  • emmanuel fernandez

    I wonder how the 6Splus OIS compares with Instagrams Hyperlapse. I use Hyperlapse all the time, when saving, leave it at 1x (regular speed) and you get full sound and awesome steady video. I would always shoot with Hyperlapse, so i wonder how the new 6sPlus compares

  • Jamessmooth

    I don’t get the “portability” excuse for going with the 6s. I think the 6 plus is quite portable.

  • r1ckm4r2

    In all honesty you’ll have to see both videos side by side (like in the video) to notice it. If you’re not really into video with your phone as me it’s no big deal.

  • stainlesssteel

    “The shaky cam effect when trying to shoot handheld video with the iPhone 6s…nauseating…iPhone 6s Plus’ video footage is silky smooth…”

    Note the video comparison was for 4k video. At 1080p, digital image stabilization works much better on the plain 6s. See Ben Miller’s comment below: “video stabilization on the iPhone 6s works much better while filming in Full HD…The software video stabilization uses the excess space on the sensor to stabilize the video. While recording 4K, there is less space available on the sensor for stabilizing the video.”

    I have the plain 6, and I get much smoother 1080p video than this video comparison’s 4k video.