Fosmon mini bluetooth keyboard iphone 6

If you tend to type a lot on your iPhone 6, and not just texting your buddies for dinner plans, then you could probably use an external keyboard to help speed things up.

Fosmon makes a portable mini keyboard that is about as small as an iPhone 6 and comes with a trackpad and arrow keys. While the track pad is only useful for non-iOS products, the arrow keys provide a movable cursor while you type.

They keyboard is made from lightweight plastic materials and features backlit keys for typing in the dark. On the right side of the keyboard, there sits a trackpad and four directional arrow keys. The iOS operating system isn’t compatible with trackpads. However, the arrow keys make it possible for you to move your cursor around on text easily. So, if you notice a mistake in the sentence above, you can just arrow-up and fix it.

The device is designed for universal use and even has a software setup where you can choose which operating system you are using. This assigns specific functions to certain keys based on whether you are using iOS, Android, or Windows. Function keys provide actions for your iPhone, like the Home button, volume controls, and more.

Fosmon’s mini Bluetooth keyboard is available on Amazon for $22.

  • GMUSIK805 .

    I would use this with ATV

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  • nonchalont

    Not a bad price. I wonder how comfortable it would be holding that to type on.

  • momerathe

    Huh. I use a Mac Mini as a media centre – this could be a lot more convenient than my current standard wireless keyboard & trackpad combo which is a bit unwieldy for sofa use. Will it work with OSX?

    • Anonymous

      I have an atv, but i also use a mac mini to as a mesia hub. I use it becasue i like to play older game. So i run a buntch of emulators on it. =]

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    looking forward to motion sensor.

  • Anonymous

    I still perfer the remote app. Less cluter, an it still has a track pad and keyboard.

  • iPhoneWINS

    apple needs a proper game controller on par with the ps4

  • Jason B

    I noticed a mistake in the sentence above… 😉