International travelers know it takes more than a passport to successfully prepare for an overseas trip, especially if you plan to pack items that require electricity – and it’s a safe bet to say that includes just about everyone.

Few travel inconveniences more frustrating than getting to a country only to discover your plug will not work, which of course means your computer, phone, electric shaver, camera, tablet, etc. are all but useless. You could buy an expensive adapter from the tourist traps once you’re there, or you can plan ahead and save the power headaches with the FosPower International AC & USB Charger, now just $14.99.

Every international traveler needs a plug adaptor to ensure the prongs on your device can fit into the sockets where you are. With adapter capabilities reaching more than 150 countries and two USB ports for additional charging options. the FosPower International AC & USB Charger supports a maximum output of 3.1 amps and a built-in 6-amp 250-volt safety fuse for good measure.

The charger keeps your devices charged wherever you go, with a conveniently built-in blue LED charging indicator to help identify when the adapter is ready to be used. Save yourself a world of travel charging headaches with a full 50% discount on the FosPower International AC & USB Charger, now just $14.99.