Dropbox joins the onslaught of app updates today, following Apple’s release of iOS 9. The new version of the cloud-based storage provider’s iOS client is labeled 4.0, and it brings about a number of improvements, including support for some of iOS 9’s new features.

Folks with the new Dropbox app on iOS 9 will see Dropbox files in Spotlight search results. This includes recently used files, plus any marked for offline access, and a quick tap will open them in-app. Additionally, any Dropbox link you tap on will open within the app.

Here’s the full change log:

  • Search from Spotlight to find files you’ve viewed recently or saved for offline access
  • Links shared with you open directly in the app
  • General iOS 9 compatibility
  • Uploaded photos and videos are now grouped together in Recents
  • Easily get to file and folder actions, or view the location or full name, through the new action menu
  • Favorites are now known as Offline files – this feature still works the same as before, keeping the files you’ve marked for offline access up to date

According to Dropbox’s blog, the app update also brings about support for 3D Touch, which debuts in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus next week. The developers say users will be able to take advantage of Peek and Pop features on both the Home screen and from inside the app.

If you’re interested, you can find Dropbox in the App Store for free. It works on iPhone and iPad, and includes 2GB of free storage.


  • Damian

    Oh boy 2gb of space
    They loosing the game at this point

    • In terms of performance Dropbox is the best cloud storage service in my opinion. They are the only cloud storage service I’ve used that has consistently worked across multiple platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile devices) and has good file synchronisation that can deal with things such as conflicts and symlinks…

      • Damian

        I agree with you but…good performance can’t justify the tiny entry level space. For any novice or expert a 2gb is simply not good enough

      • miras

        OneDrive from Microsoft

      • OneDrive from Microsoft is the absolute opposite of stable. There’s a file size limit and it chokes at the sight of a large filename. There’s also no Linux client and their Mac app is extremely buggy and so is the Windows client.

  • basilis

    Nevertheless spotlight search does not work at all. Its not just buggy, its actually not functional at all. I cannot understand why did they advertise it.