iPhone 6s Colors

As expected, iPhone 6s pre-orders began in the wee hours on Saturday morning. Like always, Apple’s latest iPhone proved to be a hot seller, and many of the models, especially the rose gold, are now on backorder.

All of us at iDB have our pre-orders in. What about you? Participate in our reader poll and help us tally some stats.

The iPhone 6s has been popular, but rumors have been swirling that Apple was able to get an extra jump on production, and as such, has plenty of inventory. If you’re quick, you may still be able to snag an iPhone of your type, storage, and color choice.

Although you may not initially see the specific model that you want as being in stock, with some research, it may be possible to score the exact type of phone you need and still get it on launch day, September 25th.

Please leave you vote in our polls embedded above, and leave a comment if you have anything else to add with regards to your pre-order.

  • 4pp1e

    I get 5S 32g and wondering if its worth upgrading to 6S ? r

  • I pre ordered the iPhone 6s 64gb Space Gray model. I’m upgrading from my iPhone 5 that I’ve been using for two years now.

  • Jonathan Ayavar

    I would like new color with black bezels. Every color apple has comes with a white bezel except for the Space Gray (iPods and iPhones). We should get a Space Gray, Dark Space Gray and something else. It should be 50/50.

  • Corey Moore

    I picked up the 64 GB 6S in Gold 🙂