Sick of frayed, split or broken lightning chargers? Then grab the Titan Loop – a virtually indestructible, foldable and MFi certified charging cable. Whether it’s your iPhone or iPad, the Titan Loop lightning cable is a great deal at $19.99, at a great savings of 33% off. 

It’s not Valyrian steel, but it’s industrial strength steel, so it’s pretty close. It’s also loopable, allowing you to form it into shapes and attach them to your belt, bag, jeans or jacket. You’ll never be stuck for a cable ever again (because it will last a lifetime).

If you’re one of those people who gives their accessories a hard time, then the Titan Loop is the add on for you. It’s your chance to get your hands on it – delivered directly to your door – for for only $19.99.

  • f1ght3r

    Shame it’s only available in the US. Oh well, there’s better options out there anyways.

    • droid3000

      such as? i was just about to ask if we can get this another way if youre outside of the US