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If you plan on picking up a new iPhone 6s, you should be aware that the price of AppleCare+ just received an increase.

AppleCare+ is an enhancement to the basic AppleCare coverage that every new iPhone comes standard with. With AppleCare+, customers extend their hardware repair coverage and complimentary phone support to two years, and add up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage. Accidental damage covers anything from water damage, to drops, or other follies.

To take advantage of the accidental damage coverage, customers are required to pay a deductible fee for each accident. This fee is on top of the initial AppleCare+ signup fee.

When AppleCare+ initially debuted back in 2011, the signup fee was $99 and it the per-accident fee was a mere $49 for each event incurred. But over the last four years, the fees have slowly risen to the levels that they are today…

New AppleCare Price

Here’s a breakdown of how the fees have risen over the years:


  • Initial fee: $99
  • Per-accident fee (deductible): $49
  • Out of pocket maximum: $197


  • Initial fee: $99
  • Per accident fee (deductible): $79
  • Out of pocket maximum: $257


  • Initial fee: $129
  • Per accident fee (deductible): $99
  • Out of pocket maximum: $327

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to sense a pattern here…

To be fair, the latest price increase is only for the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Older models still fall under the old 2013 era levels with a $79 per-accident fee and a $99 initial fee.

Should you get AppleCare+?

That’s a good question. When AppleCare+ had the $49 deductible, it was a no-brainer for me, but at $99 per accident, it’s a lot harder to justify, especially because I tend to take good care of my iPhone. I know that accidents happen, though, so I can understand why people may feel compelled to get the coverage.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you generally rough on your phones?
  • Do you keep your phone in a case?
  • Have you dropped your phone before and caused it significant damage?
  • If you did happen to break your phone, could you afford to pay the costs out of pocket?

I’ve never been a big case proponent, but the fact is they do protect your phones from damage. If you’re going to roll with a case and you’re generally good about treating your phone well, then you might want to consider putting that $129 in a bank for a rainy day. You can also use that $129 to invest in a nice case to protect your phone. Or you can always look into an extended warranty from a company like SquareTrade, as that tends to be cheaper than AppleCare+.

The nice thing about having an AppleCare+ extended coverage plan is peace of mind. You pretty much know that Apple is going to have replacement iPhones in stock, and you can usually get your phone replaced right on the spot if need be. If you like to use your iPhone sans case, I’d definitely consider having some sort of protection, and AppleCare+ is a good candidate even though it’s pretty expensive now.

  • iPleiades

    I never get it, because i never drop my phone, but this some straight bullshit for the people who do.

  • Amac25

    I have never had it, had iPhones since iPhone 4. I did pay for them to replace the back of the 4 once, then I realized how easy it was and felt dumb for paying for it.
    At the same time I use a case 99% of the time so that prevents damage from any drops I have had with the 5 and currently the 6.
    On a dif note I am thinkin if getting a 6s plus cause we have an upgrade available or I could wait until the 7. What r your thoughts people?

    • George

      The 4 was the easiest phone when it came to replacing the back 🙂

    • credulousgeek

      I’d recommend you to go for iPhone 6 Plus rather than 6s Plus unless you are a fan of 4K video shooting and 3D touch rest is upto you.

  • Merman123

    Still cheaper than AT&T’s mobile insurance deductibles.

    • Vince Reedy

      I believe squaretrade is even cheaper than applecare and you get 2 years for $99

      • Merman123

        Those third party insurances are not great. I had it on my ps3 and it was a nightmare. I ended up going with Sony’s insurance for my PS4.

      • Seba

        I have it for iPhone 6 which is my daughters phone. She dropped it one day so called Squaretrade and easy no issue warranty coverage. Highly recommend it.

      • asch3n

        Yeah man, I posted on the top level of this but honestly Squaretrade is a really legitimate site. I broke my iPad and had a check within a week for the full cost I paid for it. I use their warranties for every product except laptops (I prefer the manufacturer/apple’s warranty for those).

      • Seba

        That’s what I have now for my iPhone 6 Plus and will buy it for 6S plus 🙂

  • Lost_Fan

    According to the Apple Store App, AppleCare + is $129 for either 6s or 6s Plus.

    • You’re right. I must have been on an outdated page. Update to reflect the (even worse) pricing.

  • Axl Feliciano

    Yea I hear you I”m with T-Mobile pay $10 a month for insurance that includes the Jump2 program. It covers all that apple care dose and also theft & loss of your device so your carrier usually is better way to go for insur

  • Joonyaboy

    I had it once and it was a lifesaver. I’ve since gone without it and been lucky. Insurance can be a gamble.

  • :)

    Lol. Never got AppleCare for my iPhone, recently bought a MacBook Pro and got AppleCare but only on the last day of the 2 week return period and i only Paid £60 for it.

  • James G

    Never broken an iPhone, never hope to. I’ll pass.

    I did get it on my MacBook Pro though. It’s a lot lower of a % of total cost and provides piece of mind for a much pricier piece of hardware.

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I see a pattern. The phones get bigger and the repair cost increases. Why is this a big deal?

    • mrgerbik

      Its overpriced

  • Carlos B

    I’ve never bought AppleCare for my iPhone, and I’ve had every one since the first. Never damaged my phone except for my iPhone 6, I had to pay Apple to get the screen repaired which is still just as costly as AppleCare. In any other case it’s easy to just tell them that your phone is dropping calls etc. and they’ll replace it no questions asked w/ or w/o AppleCare.

  • Blip dude

    Never used it. When I got the iPhone 6 Plus, I saw no need for it and so far it’s been proving me right. Yeah sure I may have battery issues in the long run but surprisingly it cost $80 Battery + $36 Labor = $116 total to replace the battery so yeah, no real reason to use AppleCare.

  • asch3n

    I would highly recommend Squaretrade for an iPhone warranty to anyone. I had it for an iPad and I accidentally dropped it in water. Within one week of filing the claim and sending it in to them (free shipping and a supplied box) I had a check in hand for the full cost I paid for the iPad. Plus for $130 you can get a 3 year warranty instead of a 2 year like from Apple. Or a two year is just $99.