Apple September 2015 event invite graphics

Following Apple’s action-packed media event yesterday which saw introductions of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones with 3D Display technology, the new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, the much improved Apple TV and more, both Sony and Samsung took to social media to poke fun of Apple’s latest innovation.

As you may have guessed, Samsung especially took swipes at Apple’s stylus, which isn’t surprising given Steve Jobs’ famous “If you see a stylus, they blew it” quote and the fact the Galaxy maker pioneered stylus-enhanced phablets with its Note lineup.

“Ummm… S-Pen #SoundsFamiliar,” reads one of the tweets.

Another tweet plays on Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ invite graphics, saying “Siri, what do you think of the Galaxy S6 Edge?”

Samsung also took jabs at Apple Music and its generous three-month trial period by highlighting its partnership with Google which gives Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge buyers “six months of free streaming instead of three.”

The company then tweeted out an image of a store display asking “Are you suffering from Post Traumatic Key-Note DIsorder?”

Lastly, this tweet reads, “It’s clear… No one’s reigning on our parade tonight.”

Wrapping up, Sony tweeted out Apple’s invite graphics which features the tagline “Hey Sir, give us a hint” and added a message of its own amusingly using the binary code “01000111 01100001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101111 01101110 00101110” which converted to text reads “Game on.”

In another tweet, Sony sang praise to its own Xperia Z5 smartphone which has up to two days of battery life and features a 23-megapixel camera with 4K video capture and 4K screen, the world’s first consumer smartphone with a screen that sharp.

Sony followed that up with another tweet to drive the message home.

And lastly, Sony’s most recent tweet suggests that it’s high time iPhone owners switched to the new Xperia smartphone.

What’s your take on these taunts?

Are these tweets legitimate bashing of a competitor or do they paint Sony and Samsung as petulant and desperate companies, do you think?

  • That_Fruitarian

    They’re just having fun I presume. I think deep down Samsung and Sony have other issues to worry about.

    • Yeah it’s an acute case of ‘dontforgetaboutus’

      • ericesque

        Or perhaps, ‘tellmeimpretty’

      • Yep. The marketing people at Apple’s competitors wouldn’t be doing their jobs properly if they weren’t constantly reminding us that they exist.

  • Oh so sorry sony, yo have Android.. No switch for me.. Nice devices though. They should stop being lazy and have their own proprietary OS like they used to, Id definitely get and n95

    • Alberto Espinal

      Same here Jay, they can come out with the killer phone but if it has android its a no no for me, IOS its clean, easy and beautiful, it works and now with 2gb of ram uuuuiii boy ain’t nobody stopping us, I can’t wait for the benchmarks and speed comparison, this thing is going to smoke the hell out of 10gb of ram or whatever Android phones have!!

      • simmerkatt

        If only that was true.

  • Chris Longden

    It’s always nice to see companies use another companies products to attempt to sell more of there own…

    If they spent the time they use to mock apple then maybe they would compete better with them, after all you don’t see apple doing this kind of marketing blasting samsung/sony.

    • Chindavon

      You’re going to see “I’m a Mac” lame ducks trolling you in 3…2…1…

      • Nothing better to do besides bring up the old long gone past lol.

      • Chindavon

        Oh, I forgot, there’s also going to be the, …but but Steve Jobs said…

      • Yup, you know they love those SJ quotes the most.

      • ericesque

        They ran those ads for 4 years. Apple produced 66 of them. The last airing Oct 2009.

        6 years is hardly the old long gone past.

        I’m not endorsing Samsung or Sony here. Clearly they’re both incapable of bringing the appropriate tone and levity to their ads. But like it or not, Apple popularized comparison ads with that campaign. Largely because they were so good at them.

      • Yes the old Apple did, you’re right about that. Sure they have the same name now but it is truly a different company today.

      • Chris Longden

        Credit where it’s due i guess on digging that one up… ha!

        But since that campaign, has apple done anything like that – let alone for the iphone – no, for the iphone they dont have to.

      • dan lavender

        I think your memory needs to be refreshed.. Latest ad “if its not an iPhone its not an iPhone” hmmm pretty sure that’s a sly dig at all phones that are not an iPhone as it suggests. Fanboys are so short minded. I’ve at least had both and like ios but not enough to give up my freedom. #sorryapple #neverlookedback

  • Chindavon

    Lol. Of course those losers are panicking.

  • Chindavon

    When you’re a company that immediately and consistently do these things, it’s a glaring admission of their insecurity.

  • Chris

    They still don’t have anything better to do? Last I checked Samsung had their worst quarter earnings for their mobile division, maybe they should focus more on how to make money rather than continuing with their same old boring tactics.

    On another note, the iPhone 6S (128GB) in Australia actually costs less than the S6 Edge and offers more elegant features and better hardware overall without the distraction of a stupid pen that can break by inserting it the wrong way.

    • Vince Reedy

      Samsung should really think about shrinking their attack budget to make up for lost profits

  • Chindavon

    Haha. What a bunch of insecure losers.

  • Merman123

    Sales speak louder than these ads.

    • Darn I was just typing this.. Expect trolls to say something about brainwashing and sheeps though..

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Oh no, he’s right even if there’s a big war on popularity, it’s the numbers that matter in the end. In this generation its not about who looks better but how much they make.

  • askep3

    “It’s clear… No one’s reigning on our parade tonight.”

    Haha sure… We’ll see about that when the iPhone 6s sells more in the first day (plus ore orders) than the s6, s6 edge, and s6 edge plus have sold in like the last three months.

  • askep3

    Sony actually has nice arguments to back up their insults, battery life is a real problem on iPhones 🙁

    • iFlasher

      Just purchase a Mini Power Bank that enter in your pocket… You never are going to bother about battery in any device again… (At least in my case)

      • askep3

        I have an anker battery pack, but I’m just comparing the phones base battery.

      • George

        You carry a power bank in your pocket at all times? Do you wear baggy pants or something lol.

      • iFlasher

        No, lol. There are very slim and small power banks that you can carry in your pocket or bag without any problem. I use one from iLuv that fit perfect in my pocket, obviously it doesn’t give a lot of power because of size, but is sufficient for have my phone two days without need of a wall 🙂

      • George

        I have some that are like lipstick size they give you a full charge

  • askep3

    Is the iPad pro the only device other than the galaxy note phones and tablets that has a stylus?

    • Nope there’s loads of devices. In recent times the Surface Pro (probably a direct competitor to the iPad Pro) has one and if you look back through history tons of phones and PDAs (remember them?) have styluses. Calling a competitor out for using a stylus is as pointless as pointless gets.

      • askep3


        I asked that question just to point out that there’s so many other devices and Apple isn’t copying, it wasn’t a serious question. It’s the same as saying Apple copied Samsung when they made the iPhone screens larger :/

      • Thoughts

        Only thing is the Apple Pencil is a long way from being a stylus

      • askep3

        That’s true, I didn’t even think of that, Apple pencil is like a detailed device that captures all the movements of the hand and stuff, isn’t the S-Pen just a stylus with a button?

  • Saskia R

    i’ll be honest. I love Apple. While im a little exited over the keynote it didn’t blow me away. I am still rocking my iphone 5. i won’t upgrade until apple makes wireless charging. by then there will be so many improvements that it will be worth it! i know android has had these things but i love how elegant apple is. anything else i want can be achieved by jailbreaking. thats all (I am buying a new ipad this year (still have the ipad 2) I would have liked if they would have added this years new processor to the mini…

    • Wade Mason

      Why? Of all things, why is wireless charging your deal breaker? You do realize how stupid it is as a feature, right? You can’t use your device as it charges. You still have to use a wire when in the car or at work, or even just in a different room than your charger. Extra chargers cost money, and if we’re talking about Apple, that’s like $79.

      Wireless charging is just a gimmick, and a stupid one at that, IMHO. I don’t think Apple is interested in it at all. You might be waiting quite a while.

      • ic0dex

        Seriously why the hell is everyone head over heals for wireless charging, it so stupid. When I go to bed I use my 2M lighting cable thats next to my bed. I go over all my social media, read the news and reddit. You limit yourself to what you can do while you charge your device. No lets say the wiresless charging was done over the air and had a radius of 10-15ft that would have been awesome. You placing your device on a different device just so it can charge is like having a 5″ charging cable attached to it.

    • TJ

      So you’re not upgrading your phone simply because the iPhone doesn’t have wireless charging? Hardly seems a good enough reason to hold off upgrading, I certainly wouldn’t put wireless charging at the top of the list of must have features. You still have to plug in some sort of cable to a wireless charging pad or connector, so why not plug in a Lightning cable and use that as normal.

      When true wireless power is available then I’ll be looking for that to charge my iPhone, but I don’t really see the point in the current crop of wireless charging methods.

  • Chris Longden

    S-pen… well yeah i guess the apple pencil is the same in a way.

    Apple wouldn’t dream of having an accessory like that unless it was for a purpose… you don’t need a stylus for an iPhone/Mac/iPad/iPad mini….. for the iPad Pro it’s makes sense as it’s meant for professionals and creatives…

    • ravinigga

      Yes iPad pro is more for productivity. And normal iPad people don’t work in big company’s.

    • Erik

      Wow you are the first person that I saw on the internet since the end of that event that understands the Apple Pencil… thank you very much <3

  • Lol how salty can all of these bozos get. Their combined sales can’t topple Apple yet!

  • Saskia R

    Here my top 5 things i would like for next year. iPhone wise
    5. A nicer box(while the current one is nice i loved the old style pre iPhone 6, as well as new wallpapers
    4. a split screen multitasking for iphone
    3.Better Camera(Come on many people care about megapixels and i know they could squeeze more in while keeping the image crisp…) not a big fan of the protruding camera
    2.Longer Battery Life

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      But real wireless charging, not just a stand where you can’t use your phone

  • :D

    How professional…
    If anything, this puts most people off buying their products.

  • Christopher

    Funny isn’t Scamsung having its worst mobile year in earnings?

  • InfinitePlusOne


  • Joe

    I left the iPhone 6 to go back to Android. It’s still just too boring for me, but I do give Apple props for the “3D” touch. It could be a game changer for mobile phones going forward. The “pencil”? Not so much..

    • ic0dex

      Whats borring about it?

      • Okada San

        Not having the ability to endlessly tweak your home screen, add space hogging widgets, change your lock screen 18 times a day, rearrange pages, customize icons every other week, and generally waste all hours of the day playing with it instead of using it.

  • Hey Samsung.. how about talking about all those people your laying off!

  • Nanda Kishore

    Free publicity for Apple.

    Courtesy – Samsung and Sony

  • igorsky

    Sony and Samsung are still making phones? Cool!

    • TJ

      For now lol Sony have said they may get out the phone business, time will tell.

  • Marlena Millare

    Last time I checked  ‘s mobile division didn’t report 7 quarters of lost sales. Also I didn’t see  creating a promotion for Samsung users to try iPhone for 30 days begging for customers.  advertises with class they don’t spend millions being petty they promote their products and allow the consumers to make that decision on what works.

  • Marlena Millare

    Last time I checked  didn’t Report the last of their 7 quarters declining in sales.

  • John Robinson

    All android phone phones should just be renamed Franken-droids. Most android phone just mash up as much as they can into one device regardless of the problems that will come from it. iPhone are made with one phone in mind everything is worked to seamlessly work together. The os is made just for this phone and it works that is why iPhone have made it as far as they have now. I truly believe that iPhone users will agree with this. For this reason is why iPhone users have a very hard time switching to other devices.

  • Franklin Richards

    It’s nice to have a sense of humor facing their inevitable demise.

  • L J

    Free publicity is still free right, even if negative. It’s only human nature to bash something or someone you deem a threat or is better than you.

  • dudeimmexican


  • Kevin Guzman

    These posts from Samsung and Sony seem to desperate.

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    -Hello I’m an iPhone
    +And I’m an Android Phone
    -I just launched my 6s version

  • JulianZH

    look at all those jealous tweets haha

  • Anonymous

    I thought sony game on was funny. And yet still classy. Samsung Steve jobs qoute is irrelevant. Todays apple is different and in my own oppion better or at lest a different apple. Im not bashing steve jobs when i say that but simply apple has taken on a better UI and functionality with Tim Cook. But apple has nock android in there most recent events. So apple usnt much better. However i do think ad bashing is lame. Twitter taunts eh.

  • Joonyaboy

    Slightly desperate. You’re supposed to pretend your competitors are so insignificant that they arne’t worth mentioning. if anything they are bring more attention to Apple.

  • David Terminal Illness Loro


  • ravinigga

    This funny for me but iPhone can also up to 2 days or more i not heavy user so. And Google music meh not big library. And higher Mp on camera is not always better.

  • iDude

    The power of iOS makes Apple hold back the features that is already available on Android devices. If only Android is as much as stable, i wouldn’t be an apple fan.

  • Dante Arellano

    So does samesung and Sony trying to get apples users or what? Im telling ya samesum thats no the fuckking way whata idiot!!!

  • PJ

    Sounds like the crying of defeat … again. And who is Sony again?

  • Cristian B

    Meh this is typical of samsung but sony? That’s new.

  • Daryl Little-Italy Junnila

    New S6 and S6 Edge+ are discounted a min of $200 credit all carriers and T-Mobile is adding another $80 to move Samsungs Flagship! Been on teh market six months or less Mic Drop

  • Mark Tesch

    Every single time… #waste

  • Raj Jetvana

    Sony and Samsung are just jealous of Apple , Apple always say “We have created better” and other companies just compares to Apple like “We have something thats not in iPhone” , sorry Samsung and Sony but deep down u r little sad..

  • Chris Longden

    Hmmm, has apple done anything like this for the iphone…. or actually anything like this since… no, they learned there lesson…

  • As much as I hate companies that insult each other, Samsung joking about the new stylus is hilarious.

  • Sudara Madushan

    haha they are for fun i assume. Apple seems so professional, why don’t they poke fun at Samsung as well? Perhaps “The only thing nobody copies from us is how to treat the customers”!