Apple Watch rose gold sport hands on

On top of new bands, Apple announced two new anodized aluminum cases for the entry level Apple Watch yesterday: Gold, and Rose Gold. Armed with my best camera (that would be my iPhone 6), I visited my local Apple Store to see for myself what the new Apple Watch Sport cases look like. I must say I was a bit skeptical about how these finishes would look like on the aluminum version of the device, but after going hands on, I must say I am impressed. 

If anything, these two new anodized cases look better to me than their Edition counterparts that are priced at about 40 times the price. Have a look at the few pictures I snapped and tell me what you think. Keep in mind that these photos don’t really do the devices justice as they are more beautiful in person, at least in my humble opinion.

Note: click on each photo for full size image.

42mm Gold Aluminum Case with Midnight Blue Sport Band

As mentioned above, I would almost argue that the Gold Aluminum Apple Watch looks better than the Apple Watch Edition. It has this less shiny, and less “look at me” attitude. I’d also argue that this model is by far the most appealing one from the Sport collection.

Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Hands on 4

Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Hands on 3

Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Hands on 1

Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Hands on 6

Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Hands on 5

42mm Rose Gold Aluminum Case with Stone Sport Band

The Rose Gold finish looks gorgeous, but definitely more on the feminine side. It has a beautiful shine to it that accentuates the rose highlights depending on the light. If my wife didn’t already own a Stainless Steel Apple Watch, I have the feeling this would be the one she’d want.

Rose Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Hands on 7

Rose Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Hands on 6

Rose Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Hands on 5

Rose Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Hands on 9

Rose Gold Aluminum Apple Watch Hands on 8

Again, these photos don’t really do justice to these new additions to the Sport collection, but they might give you a better idea of what they look like than what you’ll see on Apple’s website.

What do you think?

  • nice look. I’m surprised you liked the Gold so much. How does it rate against stainless steel in your eyes?

    • Well, it’s a tough question because I feel it really depends on your style. I for example, wouldn’t be able to sport the Gold, but I can see how a well groomed man can totally pull it off. So if you ask me, I’ll still favor the Stainless Steel for myself, but both these new gold options are gorgeous. As I said, they actually look better than standard aluminum or the black aluminum (which to me looks cheap as hell).

      I feel like if you were two show all Sport versions to someone who doesn’t know anything about Apple Watch, they would tell you that Gold and Rose Gold are much more expensive than the two other versions.

  • Ralph Castro

    That Rose Gold with white band looks stunning

  • Chindavon

    I think the Laydeez will be all over that rose gold.

  • Merman123

    That first one would look sharp on best buy employees.

    Did you get a chance to check out the new space black stainless steel with sport band sebastien? I upgraded last week to the stainless steel but now I’m tempted to return it for the space black stainless steel which I always wanted.

    • I didn’t look at it today, but I had a good look at it last week on an Apple employee. As discussed on the last episode of Let’s Talk iOS, I’m glad I didn’t get the Space Black as it’s not as beautiful as I once thought it was. Just my opinion anyway

      • Merman123

        Great thanks. I did hear that part on LTiOS I thought maybe you got a better look at it today. Thanks!

        Great shots btw.

    • Christian

      Lol funny you say that, I work at Best Buy, just got the Gold Watch today. Didn’t think of how well it would blend with the blue.

    • Fanboy 

      Here you go. Definitely go for black stainless. Absolutely gorgeous, especially with the link bracelet on.

      • Merman123

        Hey thanks man! I went for it and I love it. It looks much better than the SS. I don’t know where sebastien got that it looked cheap haha

      • Fanboy 

        Sure does, did you get it with the link bracelet as well? Absolutely stunning, personally would not trade the space black not even for a free Watch Edition. I think the black on black looks the best.

  • Martynet

    I don’t know… I don’t think that any colour will make aluminum watch look great. It’s good enough for some running but for all day use I think the steel is the way to go. The pink with white band is perfect for Barbie 🙂

  • britt22

    In some pictures the rose gold looks more copper and some pictures it looks very pink (like in yours) more than a rose gold. Does the rose gold look pink in person?

  • PoppyParadise

    Woohoo! I’m thrilled they came out with a rose gold Apple Watch Sport. I really wanted a rose gold colored one when they first came out but couldn’t afford the Apple Watch Edition, so this is awesome for me. 🙂

  • Kateland Vu

    That rose Apple Watch in pic has white band instead of stone…