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Following the release of iOS 9.1 beta 1 to developers, Apple on Thursday seeded the first beta of iOS 9.1 to public testers. The software is available either over-the-air, for those running the latest iOS 9 beta, or via Apple’s Beta Software Program website.

As announced yesterday, iOS 9.1 will bring about new features for the just-announced iPad Pro, such as support for Apple’s new Smart Keyboard and Pencil accessories. The update also includes support for Unicode 8, which will add several new emoji.

Keep in mind that Apple hasn’t released iOS 9 to the public yet, as it’s been in beta since it was introduced in June. The company did release a GM version of the software yesterday, though, and announced that it will be officially available on September 16.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with things, iOS 9 includes a number of reliability and performance improvements, as well as new features. Among those features are Apple’s new News app, enhanced Siri and Maps, and new productivity tools for iPad.

  • HamptonWalley

    iphone 5 is smoother and faster as with ios 9 beta 3 earlier

    • Kyle

      Yes I can confirm. Not aas smooth as my 6 on 8.4 jb, but iPad 3 and iPhone 5 made good steps in the right direction with iOS 9! And 9.1 is like a dream…

  • DrQuack32

    Did you guys update yesterday’s post around changes from beta 5 to GM?

    • Frank Thrashmetal

      Yes, my iPhone 6 running ios 9 GM , I’m Not Developer 😉

      • DrQuack32

        Er… Ok. Not what I was asking there. I was looking for changes between GM and beta 5

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        How is it running for you when comparing to iOS 8.4?

  • Dany Quirion

    Is the battery life better than ios 9 GM because its horrible

    • Kyle

      Everything is better!

      • Dany Quirion

        so you had issues with ios 9 GM too?

      • jaysoncopes

        I’ve been having problems since the last iOS 9 Public Beta release. I sure hope the battery life has improved!!

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Apple is on fire with these beta releases

  • Juan Genao

    If I install beta 9.1 on the phone im using now and keep doing Icloud backups, will I be able to restore if I get the new phone in a month

    • Kyle

      Yes, but only if you update the new 6s (Plus) to 9.1 first.

      • Juan Genao

        I noticed that also, Icloud backup is not working. So yes, I’m doing iTunes backup.

      • Gary le

        Im on 9.0 pub beta on my air ii and i cant backup over air! So only way is from itunes?

      • jaymin makadia

        icloud backup is working with ios 9.1 public beta, cheers….. tried it.

    • Chris Wagers

      Yes if you upgrade the OS on the phone you get in a month to iOS 9.1 you can restore it. If you stay running iOS 9 and want to try to wait on a jailbreak then no I don’t think you will be able to restore because you can’t restore backups to an older OS. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s correct.

  • Mattoligy

    Can it not be installed ota? Not showing for me!

  • Dri

    What happened to the swipe gestures on the keyboard. It worked fine in the first beta


      Yes exactly I’m on 9 GM and seems it’s removed:/

      • John


    • John

      Who knows. You’ll need to ask apple but it was removed after the first beta, not working OK for me though.