6s Plus vs 6s

As of today’s big launch announcement, Apple now has four really powerful smartphones in its lineup, not including the entry-level iPhone 5s. At the lower end of the totem poll, there’s the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. At the top of the lineup are the just-announced iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

How do all of these devices compare? What about things like battery life, size, and weight? In this comparison post, I’ll breakdown the differences between each of Apple’s iPhone offerings.


iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus Battery

First, lets consider what many people consider to be the most important factor–power and battery life. Unsurprisingly, the larger battery contained in both the 6 Plus and 6s Plus allows for increased battery life over their smaller siblings.

For example, the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus feature up to 24 hours of talk time over 3G, while the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s feature only 14 hours of talk time.

The same trend continues with standby time. The larger versions of Apple’s smartphone line get over two weeks of standby time on a single charge, while the more diminutive versions get up to 10 days max.

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 Battery

Again, similar patterns can be gleaned from Internet use over 3G, LTE, and Wi-Fi, with the 6 Plus and 6s Plus yielding 1-2 hours of additional performance.

The larger devices are capable of up to 14 hours of HD video playback and up to 80 hours of audio playback. The lesser-sized iPhone had 11 hours of video playback and 50 hours of audio playback.

There’s nothing really surprising about this report. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have more space for a larger battery. More battery = longer battery life. With this noted, comparisons between the two devices, the iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone 6 Plus, were exactly the same. That same thing can be said for comparisons between the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6.

Size and Weight

iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 6s

Now lets consider something that doesn’t get as much fanfare as battery life, but still very much matters in day to day usage—weight and dimensions.

Obviously, the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus are substantially larger and heavier than their smaller siblings, but lets break down the weight and size differences between both big devices and both smaller devices.

The new iPhone 6s Plus weighs 6.77 ounces. Last generation’s iPhone 6 Plus weights 6.07 ounces. So if we do the math on that…

((6.77-6.07)/6.07)*100 = 11.5% increase in weight.

When you’re talking about mere ounces, that’s not really a lot, but for a device that you hold all of the time, there’s bound to be somewhat of a noticeable difference, even if it’s as subtle as all get out.

Now let’s compare the iPhone 6s and the last-generation iPhone 6. The iPhone 6s weighs 5.04 ounces, and the iPhone 6 weighs 4.55 ounces. Again, let’s do the math…

((5.04-4.55)/4.55)*100 = 10.8% increase in weight.

Both devices feature roughly a 11% increase and weight when compared to the models that they replace.

When it comes to dimensions, things are a bit more imperceptible. There’s definitely a dimension increase with the new models, but they would probably go unnoticed by most.

The iPhone 6s Plus is 6.23 inches tall, while the last-generation iPhone 6 Plus is 6.22 inches tall. That makes for about a 0.2% difference in height. Again, nearly imperceptible, unless you happen to be a laser cut case maker.

iPhoen 6s vs 6 dimensions weight

Likewise, the width between the 6s Plus and 6 Plus is a small difference, just 0.3%.

Depth will be slightly more noticeable due to the device’s overall shallowness, yet it’s still a very small difference. The calculated depth percentage difference is about 3.4%.

You can expect the iPhone 6 versus iPhone 6s to yield similar results.

With these changes in dimensions in mind, it’s quite possible that your current iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus case won’t properly fit your new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. It might be able to squeeze in there, but if it’s a high quality case with super-precise schematics, then chances are it may have a problem, especially if it’s not made out of a flexible material like silicon.

What do you think bout the size and dimension comparisons between Apple’s next-gen and last-gen iPhones? Is there anything that particularly stands out to you?

  • Nathan

    The 5s is still a fast phone. I’m hesitating in updating to iOS 9 though.

    • It really is. The 5s was a stellar benchmark and truly ahead of its time. It still handles whatever I throw at mine.

      • Nathan

        Have you put iOS 9 on it yet?

      • eXoguti097

        I put iOS 9 on my iPad 2 and it runs smoothly. Also an earlier beta on my 5S, I say you have nothing to worry about.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        I have iOS 9 on my iPad 3. Still want the iPad Pro for all the new features and the pen. *pencil Laugh Out Loud

      • eXoguti097

        Lool it was intriguing until they showed the price of the pencil

      • Jake Platt

        I’ve had every iPhone since the 4 and the 5s was without question my favourite model. It was a truly exciting upgrade from the 5 as well. I can’t say the same about these new S models.

      • Ayush Rathi

        but the recent 8.4.1 update has taken a huge toll in battery life.
        except for the software update from 8.4 to 8.4.1, nothing else has changed on my 5s but the battery has taken a hit by upto 30% 🙁

    • askep3

      iOS 9 is the bug fix of the last few years of IOS, I thin you should upgrade since performance will be better (most likely)

      • Pulkit Maloo

        But Jailbreak !

    • adele hanks

      I am telling my self ip6 is faster than 5s but it’s not

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      iOS 9 is great, no problems

  • Sheyenne

    Does the new co-processor kick up the ram a decent amount?

  • TheDryChipper

    Here’s to hoping this rings true.

    Beyond that, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will get 2GB of RAM, giving performance an even bigger boost.

  • Sailor_V90

    While the iPad Pro and Apple TV are rememberable and engaging, the features of the iPhone 6s are less than stellar and are tragically forgettable. Having been realistic and honest with myself, I know majority of the time I will forget and dismiss the 3D Touch features. Reason being that with the time it takes to hold down my finger and use the shortcut features and do the specific gestures, I might as well just open the App and do the same thing. The upgraded camera is nice but not much more than that. With 4K pictures and a “Harry Potter” (Live Photos) shout out, I do feel though that the feature will eventually become bland. And I just the love battery changes! (<– sarcasm.) Wait was that all for the iPhone 6s? (<– sarcasm.) On a personal level I do not agree with their decision to continue the 16GB, especially with the 4K quality camera and the like. I feel it is a bit harsh and unsympathetic to implement features that will, no doubt, take up more space on an already confined space that will eventually strangle the consumer; but on the contrary, from a business aspect I do get it. Overall I personally was not "Wowed," I think ultimately what I will do is just upgrade my 5s to the 6 with 64GB and see what the iPhone 7 has to offer next year.

    • Merman123

      I disagree. I’d rather select an option prior to opening the app than having to fiddle with menus. I think you have to use it before judging it.

      • Sailor_V90

        I am not judging I am just being realistic with MYSELF. In knowing MYSELF and how I use MY phone, I know it is a feature I will eventually find annoying. For ME personally it is just easier to “Tap and Go,” rather than “Hold and Go”. But to each their own, just agree to disagree.

      • Shinonuke

        Let see if I can address your tap and go scenario.. With 3D touc, you can still tap and go. Example, you can lightly tap and go and get a menu. Or hard tap and go. Maybe you prefer a light tap to get the menu then wait for jailbreak solution. OR you know yourself and you’re stubborn for changes? I think it might benefit you to play with the iPhone 6s at an Apple Store and see for yourself. Merman123 was not sold on 3D touch at first but he saw the light now. Hopefully you can too. I am not upgrading this year for myself, but I will get the iPhone 6s for my wife because she takes more pictures.

    • QuarterSwede

      The keynote slides made it seem really slow because they were trying to show what was happening. However, when Federighi did the demo it was very quick and looked much more useful.

      • Sailor_V90

        You could be right, however knowing Apple, that was “Real Time” and most likely that will be an updated feature come iPhone 7; faster 3D Touch response or something to that effect. If they had slowed it down they would have said so. Also on their official site on the tutorial it seems as though you have to press down for awhile. As I said above, for ME personally it is just easier to “Tap and Go,” rather than “Hold and Go”. But who knows.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. Why use force touch for menus when it’ll take the same amount of time to just open the app? I’d rather it be used to adjust in-app settings or something else other than a shortcut or preview in an app.

      • Sailor_V90

        I just feel that majority people will find it redundant after awhile. I bet if you were to compare the two “Tap and Go” vs “Hold and Go” they would amount to the same time. Yeah it seems awesome at first, but after while I genuinely think most will find it repulsive.

    • Jake Platt

      I very much agree with this, mainly because I have the new MacBook and I forget that it even has force touch and never use it. I don’t see that to be any different on a phone.

      • Sailor_V90

        The Force Touch makes sense on the Watch and the iPad Pro, with the Apple Pencil and so forth, but to put Force Touch on the iPhone just seems pointless. Have people become that lazy that they need a frivolous shortcut that is just as timely? Yeah when they announced Force Touch on the trackpad, I did not get it either. After the glamour of a new feature fades, majority will eventually just go back to basics. In truth the new features could have been updates to iOS 9 rather then hardware updates, but hey what do I know lol ….

  • Greenery

    Is the 6sP any different from the 6s? Like what would I be missing out on? Aside from the bigger screen of course.

    • The battery life and the Cameras OIS is hardware instead of software.

    • Battery Life, and Optical Image Stabilization. That’s pretty much it.

      • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

        and 6s has a 720p display compared to the 6s Plus which has 1080p.. same difference as last year.

      • True forgot about that.

      • Joey Pants

        Full HD display too, no?

  • besrate hogsa

    I am gonna be testing ios 9 GM on my iPad mini A1432
    I was afraid apple might drop my model of iPad mini

  • Dante Arellano

    No 2mg of memory?

    • besrate hogsa

      what is mg?

      • Vince Reedy

        megagig lol

      • Anmol Malhotra


      • besrate hogsa

        Major General?

      • Pratik Parmar

        I guess he was trying to say MB of GB. 😀

      • besrate hogsa

        Humor! man
        I knew he was joking

      • Pratik Parmar

        Yep I got it 😛

    • Pulkit Maloo

      you mean gb ?

      • besrate hogsa

        we know that
        we were playing man

  • Joey

    So battery life and ram and protruding camera remain unchanged?

  • Greg Hao

    Given the tight fit of cases, even the minimal bump in physical size, cases for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus probably won’t fit their corresponding upgrade (6S & 6S Plus), right?

    • Niclas

      Probably not.

  • Andres

    Companies like Spigen have already introduced iPhone 6s cases but they haven’t taken into account the new measurements. Spigen has iphone 6s cases available on their website that says “compatable with iphone 6/6s”. should they be worried about this? their cases are made out of all different kinds of materials from hard plastics to softer TPU.

  • vadovado


  • ClaudieX X

    whats wrong with Apple that they always try to reduce the battery consumption but never to increase the time of use????