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Episode 124: More talk about how to protect yourself from malicious jailbreak tweaks. A look at a new app that helps you to identify if your jailbroken iPhone has been compromised.

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  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Had a little chat with Serenity Caldwell from iMore on Twitter, and it just annoys me how ill-informed / uninformed some people as tech-savvy as they may be about jailbreaking. She even went on to saying on the iMore Show that if one plans on jailbreaking that they should NOT connect their devices to the internet. That just shocked me that I heard that, she fails to realise that (A) those who got their credentials compromised are people who are careless and pirate tweaks and apps with no regard to their safety whatsoever, and (B) Changing your root and mobile password and not installing OpenSSH is a HUGE step in keeping your device and data safe from harms way. I remember there was a malware that went around during the Hong Kong protests of last year that compromised even non-jailbroken iPhones via installing a malicious enterprise cert. It’s just sad to see how people can be uninformed about the most basic things and can paint jailbreakers in such a negative light. Other than that, great episode guys!