apple pencil inside

Following its announcement of the long-rumored iPad Pro, Apple introduced two new accessories for the 12.9-inch tablet. The first is the keyboard, which you can read about here, and the second is a stylus accessory that the company is calling the ‘Apple Pencil.’

Apple used a traditional Jony Ive-voiceover video to unveil the Pencil, with the newly-appointed Chief Design Officer saying “Apple Pencil is designed to look and feel like a familiar tool. Highly responsive sensors built into Pencil can sense pressure, tilt, and stroke.”

pencil 1

pencil 2

The stylus’ precision accuracy gives you the ability to touch a single pixel, and Apple says it can be used simultaneously with your finger on the display. Its built-in battery can “last for hours,” and you charge it by simply plugging it into the iPad Pro’s Lightning connector.

The Apple Pencil will cost $99, and will be available alongside the iPad Pro sometime in November.

  • Chuck Finley

    “It’s like we said on the iPad, if you see a stylus, they blew it. In multitasking, if you see a task manager… they blew it. Users shouldn’t ever have to think about it.”

    – Steve Jobs

    Though to be fair, I am quite interested in seeing how good this stylus actually is.

    • Disqus

      Is no one allowed to change anything anymore? Or are we all required to make one decision and stick with it till we die?

      • Chuck Finley

        It was posted as a tongue in cheek joke. Try this new thing called lightening up.

        If you’d actually tried concentrating for more than two seconds and read the rest of the comment you might have got the point.

      • Disqus

        I read the whole comment and understood your point. Perhaps it is you who should lighten up. 🙂

      • Chuck Finley

        “NO U” is rarely a good comeback.

      • askep3

        Well Steve Jobs had passed away… So they are free to change their decisions

      • Disqus

        Anyone can change their decision at any time they want. Even if they are still alive.

        When I was a child, I wanted to be an astronaut…and thought I’d never change my mind. Well… I changed my mind when I grew up and now I’m a rocket scientist. Maybe I’m the only person who has made a different decision before I died. Apparently it’s that rare.

      • :D

        Hah – you took the easy route!

      • Bugs Bunnay

        yea I remember when I was a kid I said I wanted to be a pimp.

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      thats why apple didn’t call it a stylus lol

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    I love how everyone in the audience laughed when it was showed that its called Apple pencil

  • Apple pencil is the stupidest name coined for an apple device ever. Even Apple stylus would’ve sounded good.

  • Joonyaboy

    Apple Stick

    • Disqus

      Apple Phallus.

  • Judge

    Apple can we just have a BT mouse already there are alot of nice 3rd party keyboard cases for ipad but I still have to touchthe screen. Stop this pen stuff i

  • M_Hawke

    “Apple Pencil” why not “Apple Pen”? “Apple Stylus” sounds better. How about “Apple Quill?” Well, silliness stuff aside, glad to see that Apple finally caught up after 15 or so years.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    watched the video. holy shat. top that Samsung.

  • Ds

    I’m actually pretty interested in seeing how well this would work with the 6+/6+S… granted it’s probably best suited for iPads still would be neat to use on a iPhone since FiftyThree just updated their app Paper to work on iPhones.

  • kevinkee

    I take it this is not as simple as it look. It seems to have pressure sensor, auto screen detect, multi ink selection, multi brush option, angle detector, auto smooth writing, auto font selection, etc.