iPhone 6C concept Martin Hajek 006

Ahead of Apple’s big unveiling tomorrow, 3D artist Martin Hajek has posted a batch of sexy concept renderings which imagine Apple’s rumored iPhone 6c and a next-generation Apple TV with iPhone 6 and Apple Watch design cues plus iOS 9-powered UI.

Contrary to the rumors, Apple won’t be unveiling the iPhone 6c tomorrow after all though some tipsters claim the device is coming in time for Thanksgiving.

iPhone 6c concept

With iPhone 6-like design and rumored features such as an A8 chip, NFC, Touch ID and Apple Pay, the iPhone 6c should eventually help streamline Apple’s lineup with consistent design and certain key features shared across various screen sizes.

iPhone 6C concept Martin Hajek 002

“Size does matter, but a smaller iPhone 6s… Now that would be interesting,” Hajek said.

iPhone 6C concept Martin Hajek 003

In addition to the rumored late-2015 release date, some supply chain sources have cautioned against expecting the iPhone 6c this year, saying the device is being readied for a 2016 release.

iPhone 6C concept Martin Hajek 007

Next-gen Apple TV hardware

For this concept Hajek has teamed up with fellow 3D designer Andrew Ambrosino who helped imagine a much sleeker Apple TV borrowing design cues from both the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch.

Apple TV fourth generation concept Martin Hajek teaser 001

Apple TV fourth generation concept Martin Hajek 014

As for the next Apple TV’s rumored remote with a touchpad and built-in microphone for Siri voice control, the designers have especially put an emphasis on gaming so they imagined a remote with controls on both sides.

“How about that Apple TV gaming rumour you ask? Just flip the remote over and game on,” they wrote.

Apple TV fourth generation concept Martin Hajek 005

Apple TV fourth generation concept Martin Hajek 013

Apple TV fourth generation concept Martin Hajek 008

I’ll admit his vision appeals to my inner gamer though I’m just not so sure about that glowing Apple logo…

Apple TV fourth generation concept Martin Hajek 001

Apple TV fourth generation concept Martin Hajek 006

Next-gen Apple TV interface

According to people briefed on Apple’s plans, the next Apple TV runs iOS 9 with a dedicated App Store with downloadable apps and games and a totally revamped user interface.

Apple TV fourth generation concept Andrew Ambrosino 001

The new Apple TV experience would start with an iOS 9-like Lock and Home screen. As shown above and bellow, the revamped Home screen would show the date/time and feature a configurable background.

Apple TV fourth generation concept Andrew Ambrosino 002

This is what browsing an Apple TV App Store with downloadable apps and games would look like in the designers’ vision.

Apple TV fourth generation concept Andrew Ambrosino 006

Notice the Daily Show with John Stewart running as you’re browsing the App Store? That’s because the next Apple TV is said to include an iPad-inspired picture-in-picture feature allowing you to watch live television as you browse the device.

Apple TV fourth generation concept Andrew Ambrosino 010

And here are Apple Watch-like Glances on a big screen TV. “Swipe up on the new touchpad remote for glances,” reads the description.

Apple TV fourth generation concept Andrew Ambrosino 003

“Swipe left and right through multiple glances. Press to enter the full app.” If you swiped the glances down, you would be taken back to the Home screen.

And of course, as the next Apple TV is said to run iOS 9, tentpole features should include stuff like Siri voice control, Proactive and Universal Search.

Apple TV fourth generation concept Andrew Ambrosino 007

“Press the new search button and you’re presented with Siri,” they explain. “Before you search, Siri shows you ‘Proactive’, the new iOS 9 feature that suggests relevant next steps.”

Apple TV fourth generation concept Andrew Ambrosino 008

At any rate, these concepts are quite compelling as the current Apple TV interface overwhelms users with Home screen icons and is a big mess when it comes to efficient navigation.

Apple TV fourth generation concept Andrew Ambrosino 011

How do you like these concept images so far?

Source: Martin Hajek, Andrew Ambrosino

  • Max Delsid

    Wow, the Apple TV concepts are great! I have my doubts about a smaller iPhone 6c though.

  • Jason Baroni

    That Apple TV looks like a giant Apple Watch LOL

  • lou111

    Yeah, that shiny Apple logo when you watching a movie in a dark room…

    • Tyler Smith

      its honestly no different than a phone or anything else of the sort while you are watching a movie.

      • White Michael Jackson

        No. You can lock the screen. Light is gone.

    • :D

      You could cover it up with blue tac or something

  • Dalton

    I just bout a 55″ Curved samsung 4k at the begging of August. It is the first (and only) samsung product I own. I love apple. But if this next gen Apple TV doesn’t support 4k, I will have to buy the new Samsung 4k streamer they just announced :/.

    • Anonymous

      How do you like the curved screen? Are they a good veiw from a angle or only view from dead centered? Ive been on templating whether to get a curved screen or flat.

      • Dalton

        I was actually against the curved (hated them actually) when I was looking for my new TV. My friend had convinced me to try one… I’ve never been happier. I was really worried about the viewing angle, especially with gaming. But almost every viewing angle is the same.. or better. The viewing angle starts to get distorted I’d say around 70-75 degrees. I would definitely recommend the curved 🙂

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I love the UI set for the atv4. But i cant see apple making the apple tv with a glow. With there trend i think a space grey, silver, and gold would be there trend. But once again that UI is beautiful. If iphone 6c would have better hard ware id go with it. I do like the pocket ability of a smaller screen. But this may be due to the fact i almost always have my ipad or macbook pro with me.

  • Now if Apple doesn’t release something this nice tomorrow I’ll be dissapointed…

  • nyangejr

    That remote

    • Rob_Huska

      It’s too busy, apple wouldn’t have that many buttons and a touch screen as well. Dislike.

      • Ed

        Rob: It’s supposed to be a controller for gaming also. It’s hard to use a remote that you have to look at to find the right buttons, like if the remote was to only be touch-screen.

  • QuarterSwede

    The Apple TV UI concept is fantastic. I’m mean, probably the best concept I’ve seen. It’s absolutely commercially viable unlike a lot of amateur designs we tend to see.

    • Scott

      Turns out Apple should have copied this design…Their UI is awful

      • QuarterSwede

        I really like the new UI. The layered approach works as well. It doesn’t surprise me that they didn’t ditch the app home screen paradigm. It’s consistent across iOS.

      • Scott

        The artist who did the Apple TV concept had a better UI in my opinion

  • SteveJay

    Honestly I think that those concepts are made by someone who is obviously very skilled in 3D but poorly skilled in design. He simple grabbed some Apple designs from different products and tried to mix them together. And those Apple Logo “leds” are ugly and senseless. When we talk about TV stuff… It’s a huge distraction… imagine that on the night while watching a movie…!?…

  • Logan

    10/10 would buy new ATV if it looked that good. I currently have an ATV3… somewhere.