Smsung Gear S2 rotating bezel teaser 001

Two days ago, Samsung officially unveiled its new smartwatch lineup: the Gear S2, Gear S2 classic and the Gear S2 with 3G connectivity.

The new lineup from Samsung appears to stack up surprisingly well against the Apple Watch: both smartwatches are premium built and feature easily changeable bands, sleek software, fitness and heart rate tracking and more.

But whereas the Apple Watch uses the Digital Crown for navigating its user interface, Samsung has opted for a rotating bezel that “gets better with every turn,” a feature seen on some traditional watches.

Coupled with “the revolutionary circular user interface,” as they’re calling the Gear S2’s Tizen operating system, the rotating bezel appears to be just as precise, novel and interesting as the Apple Watch’s rotating crown.

Samsung Mobile posted a new video today that highlights the rotating bezel as the revolutionary input method.

If you don’t see the video, watch in on YouTube.

As a quick recap, the Gear S2 watches feature a 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 360-by-360 pixels at 302 PPI. The Apple Watch has a 1.5-inch AMOLED display with a 312-by-390 pixel resolution at 326 PPI.

The Samsung wearable, however, outsmarts the Apple Watch’s 18-hour battery life with a stronger battery which should provide enough juice for up to three days of run time on a single charge, according to Samsung.

Check out Dom Esposito’s nicely done hands-on video below as it provides a decent comparison between the Gear S2 to the Apple Watch.

I must admit I was taken aback by the performance of Tizen software.

The Gear S2 family works with Android smartphones—downloadable Android apps are not supported as the devices run on Tizen—while the Apple Watch only works with iPhones.

Therefore, the choice between the two smartwatches will come down to people’s platform preference rather than the Digital Crown or the rotating bezel.

A live-stream of Samsung’s upcoming Gear S2 showcase presentation at the IFA show in Berlin can be found on YouTube.

What do you think about the rotating bezel on the Gear S2? Is it a better input method than the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown, do you think?

Source: YouTube

  • iPhoneWINS

    damn samsung won

    • Won what? Did their CEO get a medal or something?

      • Your Mother

        apply cream and wait for burning sensation to go away.

    • Your Mother

      they could have hit a grand slam had they made this compatible with iOS in addition to other Android phones.

      they could always do that later. they should also make it compatible with Android wear apps–then they would certainly win.

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    Their promos are starting to look a lot like Apple’s now

    • White Michael Jackson

      Damn samsung cant get points for anything huh?

      • Jason Baroni

        Oh, ok. Let’s share some points so they can stop crying.

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    I really don’t like the look of the “futuristic” one at all. And not huge on the classic either. Ill have to check them out when they come to best buy but, nothing really stands out here to me.

  • Jad Boukai

    I like it better than Apple’s Digital Crown. In all honesty, I thought this would be the obvious choices for Smart Watches. I was so surprised when all the previous smart watches I’ve seen haven’t implemented this idea.

    Honestly, this idea was made obvious for me when Ben 10 was on. His watch had a rotating bezel to let him control the interface. Maybe that’s why I like this style better, because it’s the first style I’ve seen on a watch (albeit an animated cartoon watch) and I’m used to it

  • FFF84

    In all honesty, that is the fist time a Samsung product surpass its apple compactor. So at end Samsung has learned something from all these copying 🙂

    • Dan

      Imo the Note > iPhone 6 Plus, and it came first 🙂

  • Dan

    Imo this is better implemented than the crown on the Apple watch. Well done Samsung.

    • Square display > Round display…

      • Dan

        That’s a matter of opinion 😉

      • Would it help if I said “In my opinion square displays are better than round displays” 🙂

        For one text can be distributed evenly on a square display it just looks odd reading paragraphs of text on a round display…

      • Dan

        That’s a good point. I just tend to like circular watches personally. Time will tell if the apps are well suited for the circular design. I really like the turning bezel though.

      • Anonymous

        You know samgsung did well on these watches. I wont get one, for obvious reasons. I do agree with reading text on a square display is the way to go. But when dealing out side of text everything on the apple watch is round and a round display would play nice. I’d actually be open to other smart watches. But my daily driver is for sure my apple watch.

      • Rotating bezel > Digital crown..

      • For a smart device yea, the square is much more useful.. IMO. When circular screend phone comes out that’s actually useful then we can debate about this more..

      • Dawid Dubanosow

        round screen is more impressive to me, and looks more impressive.

      • There’s a very good reason why your laptop, computer monitor or TV is either square or rectangular it just wouldn’t be as practical if it were round. A round smartwatch might look more impressive and aesthetically pleasing but in terms of practicality and functionality a square or rectangular display beats it all day long…

      • John

        Usually i hate Samsung but i like the round screen. Well done. But im hoping they don’t think they can pass off the bezal as an innovation. Which i have a feeling they think it is.

      • Dawid Dubanosow

        tv/pc serve other purpose. u don’t watch movies or make CAD projects on smartwatch, do u?

      • A smartwatch is just a scaled down computer. It’s not completely infeasible to do either of those things for one thing the Apple Watch can play videos and I’m sure most other smartwatches can to. You want the largest possible canvas to work with (without being too large) and a square or rectangular design offers this.

      • Dawid Dubanosow

        actually, i want my smartwatch to show me time, notifications, with option to respond by voice. for entertainment, and work i have 70′ tv, tablet phone and pc. i still dont see any purpose to have ugly square non traditional face of my clock, if i can have circular, normal clock with notifications and just a tiny bit of interaction with it. even if i had square screen, i wouldnt do any more then time, and notofications/respond with it.

      • Square displays are still capable of displaying circles…

        There’s so much more to a smart watch than “time” and “notifications”. Some of the things I use my Apple Watch for such as reading through emails and short news stories I’d rather not be doing from a circular display.

        In terms of aesthetics though I get where you’re coming from. We all like different things and if you think the square shape is ugly then making do with a circular watch seems preferable.

      • Dawid Dubanosow

        u imagine urself watching even 1min vid on apple watch screen? i dont. that would be top of idiotism.

      • u imagine urself watching even 1min vid on apple watch screen? i dont. that would be top of idiotism.

        Yes I do and I imagine I’m not alone here too. Something longer than a couple of minutes probably not but a short one minute video I’d probably quickly watch on my Apple Watch.

  • n0ahcruz3

    not bad, with 3 days battery life damn.. not bad at all.

    • Vince Reedy

      My apple watch gets through a full day and is still above 50%. I put mine on at 7am this morning and as of 4:30 it is at 74%. I keep the brightness at lowest setting which is plenty bright enough for me.

      I prefer square screen for smart watch and I like the digital crown better I think. Can operate with tip of finger effortlessly.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed my watch get about two days of battery life. Plus one work out with in that time. But workouts a battery hog.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Well Apple clearly stated that it last 18 hours on moderate usage but with some change of settings it will get past 24 hrs. Same thing with this one samsung said 3 days, however if somehow users change some settings it may past 3 days of usage. I prefer squares display too. But i’ll wait til this niche product matures then I’ll probably buy one.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    First the edge phones, now a rotating bezel… Impressive. See what happens when you quit copying exactly?

    • japplemusik

      Except there’s no point or use for the edge display

      • Bugs Bunnay

        you may be right, stock wise. I just like the look of it. the best looking paper weight if you may. it still drew my attention none the less.

      • Dawid Dubanosow

        it has no point. but, thats kind of showing what can they do, and where smartphones will eventually go. its like “look, we r so good we designed that phone, and it works, try beat us”

      • Your Mother

        except it isn’t a feature its a design and a damn sexy one at that.

    • Your Mother

      so give back all those Android features in iOS 7, 8 and the upcoming 9. tell apple to come up with something original.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        give back? patent it and maybe they’ll think about. and you should address it to apple directly. thank you for sharing your trivial concern tho.

  • Joonyaboy

    Seems cumbersome. I prefer the Digital Crown. But I will try this out and see in person

  • Bala

    know what? the bezel might seem interesting but it all about how well the design feels and works with the software. The digital crown is not used to change the glances (or I m nt sure if it can be made to work like that..but that’s not it is designed for)..I believe it was never made that way because u will never know how much to rotate the same to go to next thing..can u keep rotating the bezel without stopping and u arrive at end..or u have to stop in between..or what?? u see, how confusing it is.. it is not flowing design.. like the list flows using a digital crown..up and down..or smaller to bigger and vice versa..It matters in what software context the hardware works..both should enhance the capability of each other..The design process at apple goes with lots of thinking and not just to do something different from the world..
    The other thing to consider is the OS in samsung gear is different..not sure how many apps will be available on it for use..or was it designed for only as a watch and fitness many developers works on tizen?
    Apple Watch extends much more than just a watch..other day I saw a new app which can do web search on Apple watch itself..That’s what the great thing is.. developers become creative with what Apple offers beacuse all of their products now integrates seamlessly with the software..Now just imagine how a web search looks like on round screen.. 😀


  • Wolff

    If just i did’nt hate Samsung as much…. Got to admit, its pretty cool looking 🙂

  • Martynet

    The wheel might be a good idea but I still think that for design and functionality, rectangle design works much better than the circle. Circle design was created centuries ago and it works great for watch only devices. But for smartwatch, there is much more… the time is not the only feature… There is more I want to see when I look at the smartwatch display and it just feels more comfortable to display all these information on a rectangle screen I think.
    Look at the screenshot below I created from the video. See the difference? You just know exactly what are you looking at with apple watch. The informatin on Samsung’s screen feels a bit lost and squashed.

  • Micrones

    Actually great to see a lot of reasonable Apple fan boys giving credit to Samsung for a good product for once…..
    The point is most smartphone manufacturers are getting better with implementation of their product vision both in hardware and OS.
    Presently Iphone is not the only game in town when it comes to well built products and that is why competition is good for consumers.
    Android is getting better as it is.
    In a few years from now, Phone choices will really be down to how tied we are to the ecosystem and not based on OS or hardware or which platform is better

  • Greenhaze22

    “…downloadable android apps are not supported…” I was ready to call this one the winner and spend my money once released. But now….am I missing something in translation here?

  • S2 is not terrible. Let the competition begin; and it gets better for everybody

  • Dawid Dubanosow

    they just won the market of wearables. im sure about it. killed competition, with design, even apple imo, nice futures, as i can see screen is more than enough, looks like it works smooth, and battery life is ok according to what samsung said. win win, win…

  • Years ago I had this analogue watch that could be adjusted by rotating the bezel and at the time I thought it was a pretty neat idea. Now that Samsung has put it into their Gear series, it’s interesting to see what they can do with it.

    Just my personal opinions, I think the rotating bezel would be easier to control than the Digital Crown of Apple Watch simply because of its larger size, so you get a more fine-grained grip with it. The Digital Crown feels like it can easily slip between my fingers, which was something I noticed while testing it in store, although it feels really nice to press. In terms of watch shape, a rectangular screen would display text more practically although a round face feels more natural and aesthetically pleasing. I guess it comes down to either form or function preference to the user.

    I think Samsung did a good job with the Gear S2, if it supported my iPhone then I’d definitely give it a chance, though lack of support of Android apps is a concern since this limits its potential. Maybe an update in the future can add app compatibility?

    Just my two cents.

  • Nagy Bertalan

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