Apple Music ad The Weeknd image 001

Continuing its strong marketing push of Apple Music, a brand new Apple Music commercial debuted during last evening’s 2015 MTV Music Video Award ceremony. Consisting of a pair of videos running sixty seconds each, the ad features The Weeknd, a Canadian PBR&B singer, songwriter and record producer who is one of the most played artists on Beats 1 Radio.

The first video is right below.

The commercial follows The Weeknd as he listens to Beats 1 Radio and takes a backseat in a limo driven by actor John Travolta. Heading to an afterparty organized by MTV, the singer can be seen browsing through playlist on Apple Music.

The videos wrap up with the tagline “It’s all in your head. Create your own party. Unlimited music for $9.99.”

The new ads were not available on Apple’s official YouTube channel at the time of this writing, but were somewhat surprisingly posted to The Weeknd’s YouTube account.

Source: The Weekend

  • Christopher

    I thought that they were pretty good ads

  • Faisal

    Wondering why that crow on his head doesn’t fly away.

    • igobythisname


  • nyangejr

    the first ad, The Weeknd is super high while Travolta was talking to him. The 2nd ad superb, it all in my head.
    well Apple Music isn’t available in my country anyway

  • Dante Arellano

    Apple watttt? Music? Or rady both are pathetic

    • Dennis Cimmino

      “Or rady?” What language is that? And what are “Apple wattt(s)?” A stereo puts out watts – apple music is measured in bitrate.