As has been rumored for quite some time now, Android Wear now officially supports iOS. In a blog post on the Official Google Blog entitled  “Android Wear now works with iPhones”, Google outlines the specifics behind the iOS compatibility.

Right now, only the LG Urbane, one of the latest Android Wear devices to hit retail, works with the latest update that’s rolling out to users throughout the day. Eventually, however, more Android Wear devices from Huawei, Asus, and Motorola will work.

Why would an iPhone user opt to use Android Wear over the Apple Watch? The most obvious use case is with those who already own Android Wear devices, because they carry an Android smartphone as well as an iPhone. Obviously, these users will be in the minority, but they do exist (see: me).

Google says that there are compelling reasons for using Android Wear, including:

  • Get your info at a glance: Check important info like phone calls, messages, and notifications from your favorite apps. Android Wear features always-on displays, so you’ll never have to move your wrist to wake up your watch.
  • Follow your fitness: Set fitness goals, and get daily and weekly views of your progress. Your watch automatically tracks walking and running, and even measures your heart rate.
  • Save time with smart help: Receive timely tips like when to leave for appointments, current traffic info, and flight status. Just say “Ok Google” to ask questions like “Is it going to rain in London tomorrow?” or create to-dos with “Remind me to pack an umbrella.”

Obviously the tight system integration that’s possible with an Apple Watch on iOS will trump that of an Android Wear device, so I’m curious to see how Google goes about pulling this off. One thing we know for sure: it’s not going to be anywhere close to the Apple Watch in terms of functionality due to the restrictions implemented on third-party Bluetooth devices. Think Pebble.

Unfortunately, I don’t own an LG Urbane, but I do look forward to checking it out in the future. No doubt we’ll see several YouTube videos pop up today highlighting the new compatibility. I’ll be sure to embed one of those as soon as they surface.

Android Wear will play nice with the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2+.

Do you own an Android Wear device? Would you consider buying an Android Wear smartwatch to use with you iPhone.

  • Now to ditch the remaining thought of getting the Apple Watch. I’d get an Android Wear device for sure now.
    Competition like this is great though, It will force Apple to up their game

    • Yes, but as stated, it can’t do 1/80th of the things that the Apple Watch can. So you’ll have to live with many limitations.

      • Merman123

        Yup. This just pretty much gives you a prettier pebble. Looks better than the pebble, but still limited in functions.

      • Hehehe “1/80th” 😀 xP

      • Yeah… But at this stage, what can you really do on a smart watch, Besides system notifications (which Android Wear should handle also) most of the implementations will be Application based. I love my iPhone but I use Gmail, Google Now, Google Calendar etc, I don’t really use iCloud’s features. I feel like if Google want to, they’d make their own app using Home Kit that will work with their OS.
        All the rest of the Apple Watch’s features are watch exclusive, it’s not really features shared from the phone.

      • :D

        I think I can live with just a 1.25% drop in functionality 😀

      • George

        Do you use all of those things Jeff?

      • coLin

        *and it’s an 1/80th of apple watch price haha

      • Niclas

        I just got to say, the AW is really sub par in my opinion. I have the 42mm sport edition.
        It has lousy battery, 50% of the time does not recognize the hand movement and stays off, slow as hell apps, boring watchfaces, slow UI, bad IOS integration… I guess I could go on and on here.

        I had a pebble steel before this and was so much more pleased with that.

    • UC_Reds

      At that point, why not get an Android phone to compliment the watch. Makes no sense to crossover for either operating system.

      • I’ve just bought the new Moto X and I don’t actually like it at all, it’s pretty close to cross stock Android but I just don’t feel it.
        Whereas Google have taken what’s good from Android and moved it Android Wear, Apple haven’t It’s like they’ve introduced a totally new device, separate from the iDevice line but kinda works with it.
        Meh, I don’t know, just my 2cents.

  • Jonathan

    and I JUST got my first Android Wear device Thursday. 😀

    • Merman123

      It seems only new devices will be compatible though.

      • Gerardo Castro

        The guys at the Verge just confirmed it works with the Moto 360 as well

      • Jonathan

        I have an LG G Watch and it works with it.

  • Merman123

    I like choices. This is good. With that said, I’ll stick to my beautiful Apple Watch.

  • iBanks


    • George


  • craig

    i think once apple release watch os 2 and devs can work deeper into the apple watch with apps this wont be much of a issue wanting to change unless you want to go with a different look.

  • nyangejr

    so this for pebble time

  • Chinch07

    I use a moto 360 for my Nexus 6 and my Apple Watch for my 6 plus. Was a bit bummed to hear the 360 won’t work with the iPhone because I’m a huge fan of its design but not only is Android wear limited compared to Watch OS but using Android wear with iOS is even more limited. If I didn’t want an Apple Watch I would probably go for Pebble Time over Android wear because at least you get more features to use with iOS and watch apps.

    • Benedict

      Moto 360 works with the iPhone.
      What limits of Android Wear exist compared to watchOS?

      • Chinch07

        According to 9to5Google the LG Watch Urbane is the only current Android wear watch that will work with the iPhone. All new watches in future should work. And a slew of features/apps aren’t on Android wear. Thats not a bad thing for everyone. How much do most people really want to do on such a small screen. but, for instance you can’t view photos in your library, use something like force touch, make and receive calls directly on the watch (I enjoy this on my Apple Watch compared to my 360), navigate the OS using a crown or physical control. Naviagting the Android Wear OS can be annoying like going through the menus. Reply to messages with audio messages, add compilations to a watch face without having to open up my phone or use feature rich apps like Fun Golf GPS.

      • Gerardo Castro

        As long as your 360 is on Android Wear 1.3, all you have to do is factory reset it and pair. Just finished doing that with the 360 I bought for my mom.

      • Benedict

        But what you mentioned are just limits when you use a Android Wear watch with iOS. Paired with an Android device, you can install all kinds of apps like games, photo viewers or even a launcher. I agree that it’s limited with iOS.

  • Rowan09

    So they wait until the Apple Watch is released to make this decision? It’s too late.

  • While it can’t do everything the Apple Watch can, I welcome the competition on the platform. That’ll benefit both parties.

  • Franklin Richards

    I’ll wait for Apple Watch 2 thanks.

  • So now you can get a steel Smartwatch with steel band for as little as 150 Bucks instead of 1000!

  • Scott Curry

    Competition breeds innovation. This opens up the market to many many new smartwatches…..and will drive Apple’s prices down….kinda

    • Mozaik

      Haha prices down , its been 8yrs and iPhone prices are still same. Apple never goes bottom for price war.

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      I would love to discuss the problem with you in depth

  • No watch for me #iPhone4S 🙁

  • M Boogie

    Yes, This is great news! When I switched to iOS, I was on the verge of tears when I sold my moto 360. I’m def getting the 2nd gen moto 360 now!

  • Guy

    More choices are always great

  • port87

    Now I’m really interested. I’m thinking about this long term… who knows maybe a jailbreak developer might find a way to access to 3rd party app support. The reason I’d buy android wear is because of the plethora of different devices. I’d rather have different watches for different events, one for work, one for parties etc. Though it lacks in functionality, future android wear devices will function the same, and if the google team keeps progressing on the software it will only get better. The apple watch is great, I just wish it had more choices other than a square box.

  • 5723alex .

    Android Wear iOS will work with previous Android Wear watches like the Moto 360 (which you can get for ~$80-100), after running firmware restore/updating to firmware 1.3. No need to wait/buy the new watches.

  • Tko

    My guess is Apple will probably find someway to “patch” the compatibility to Android…cause ya’know..they don’t like their products doing anything than what they tell it too. Aka every jailbreak tweak ever. (Ps. I know this isn’t a jailbreak tweak)

    • Niclas

      Nope they won’t.

  • Drocx

    older android wear watches works with it

  • Sean Burke

    My 360 works with my 6 Plus – Android Wear V1.3.0.21

  • Praba Yuwana

    is gear S2 compatible with this app?